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REVIEW: The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

This I am guessing is the most awaited reviews of all. I have been receiving review requests for this TBS BB Cream since so long that I simply caved in and got down to the business of reviewing it for you guys only :)
Before I start, let me tell you that I LOVE IT! I think this says it all and you may want to skip reading through what follows... But still humor me, be kind to me and indulge me and read my review ;)

After the let down by Maybelline's BB Cream, I was quite wary of trying another BB Cream but the TBS junkie that I am, I had to get this All-In-One BB Cream when I came to know that they had launched it recently and it was supposed to be more apt for Indian skin tones than the previous BB cream TBS had come out with... Now ideally my shade is 02, but they were out of stock and I came home with shade 03 and it still suits me! Yes girls, it adapts to your complexion!!! It's just fabulous!

I am not sure how would it suit Oily skinned beauties though cause my super dry…

♥ Outfit Post For Diwali NIght ♥

I celebrated Diwali in Delhi with my in-laws and when am with the in-laws it means a lot of dressing up and decking up in jewellery...

Here's what I wore for the Diwali evening and Kali Pujo...

Outfit Breakup
1. Suit: Part of my wedding trousseau given by my in-laws, designed by my sister-in-law
2. Jutti: Embroidered, Lajpat Nagar Market
3. Gold Jhumkis: PNG Jewellers, Laxmi Road, Pune

Makeup Breakup
1. TBS All-In-One BB Cream
2. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia
3. Colorbar True Gloss in Vintage Rose
4. Maybelline Gel LIner
5. Colorbar Precision Liquid Eye LIner
6. MAC  Fast Zoom Lash Mascara

#MetallicNails #F/W2012

Now Vogue and Grazia have only been harping on how huge metallic nails are this season... Now I for one do like to look at glossy magazine pages strewn with metallic nail polish laden hands and nails but when it comes to my own manicures that I need to sport everyday, I generally prefer my brights and that too no metal. So how does one strike a balance between the trending nail fad and one's fav (and comfortable) manicure habit?

I kinda found a way in between :P and am quite happy with the result :D

Nail Colors Used
1. Faces Nail Paint in Barbie Pink
2. Revlon Nail Polish in Peacock Blue

Face of the Day and an Announcement...

Hola chicas :)
This is my regular makeup that I do for office... And the breakdown follows...

Makeup Breakdown
1. No base
2. Maybelline Gel Liner on lower lashline
3. Colorbar Precision Waterproof liquid Liner
4. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Creme Cup 1
5. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia

From the pictures it is evident that I am wearing a suit to office today... Would you like me to do an outfit post for it? Do I hear a yes? Oh yes I do and that's exactly why I have done it already not here but somewhere else... This brings me to my announcement... I have started a new blog, which is a sister to ISLM and it's called
                 I Simply Love TO Dress Up

I did have a blog called I Simply Love Dress Up but I have renamed it to I SImply Love TO Dress Up :)
Here's the link to it...

Hope you all support it as much as you have supported ISLM all this while :)

Outfit Post: Am wearing Oxblood :D (and a hair cut update!)

Hola chicas! :D The past weekend was one of the best I have had in a long time :) Why? Am not so sure but I have a strong inkling that it was because of the fact that it was a perfect blend of shopping, updating my fashion quotient, learning to cook a new dish, Diwali cleaning, meeting close friends and getting a makeover :) I'll go about each one in detail...

Lemme start with some retail healing. I absolutely abhor the phrase "retail therapy" as it has become too jaded and over-used. So much so that people going for grocery shopping also label the experience as retail therapy! No offense here but seriously any shopping or "buying" experience cannot be termed as retail therapy you know! Come on look it up... HINT: If you are always retail therapy-ing then you are a patient of chronic depression! And we know that at least us in the beauty blogging world are not depressed :)
So anyways, I actually went to the mall to exchange shirt for the Pati and well I return…

Outfit Post: Karwachauth 2012 :)

Oh yeah baby, I kept the Mother-Of-All-Fasts yesterday and emerged triumphant ;) All of you by now probably know that I am half Manipuri and half bengali but married to a Punjabi... So even though culturally Karwachauth is an alien concept for me from my parents' side, this is a major occasion on my in-laws side. However, parents both mine and his insisted I not keep the fast, I still did... Why? Well, I did have a couple of reasons but the main one apart from a full day of dieting was that I thought I should don the pati vrata mode in full regalia at least once a year ;) 
For those of you who don't under about Karwachauth, it is a custom followed by Hindu women in Northern and Western India, where they fast from daybreak to after sunset without even a sip of water. They finally break their fast after viewing the moon through a sieve. Now Bollywood movies have glorified and dramatized Karwachauth especially the Karan Johar and Yash Chopra productions, so much so that it has n…

Reader Query: CTM products for Combination Skin

Nafisa asks,
hi i have a combination skin and with two kids around i hardly have any time for skin care. but ur skin just made me sit back and think that i really DO need sometime out for my skin . plz do suggest some good exfoliators any thing related to it. i use cetaphil cleansing lotion as my face wash coz my skin gets really bad after a regular face wash and thats it no moisturiser coz of my dry cheeks and oily t help....

I myself have super dry skin and hence I have presented Nafisa's questions in an open forum, so that any of the readers who have experience with Combination skin can help her out :)

I Said YES To Color... L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Black Cherry

As you all know I had ranted last week about how I had decided to get my hair colored and the factors that led me to make this decision. If not, then go ahead and check out this post of mine HERE :) Plus it helped that the L'Oreal people sent me some quizzes that helped me decide what shade would look best on me and further provided me with the color that I asked for :) My quiz revealed that the shade Black Cherry would look good on me and voila I received it at my doorstep :)

So how do I feel about it? Well. for starters, their claim of no Ammonia and it being a conditioning color is totally up to the mark! My hair was soft after application and it still is. I have seen colors that make one's hair all rough and dull but not this color! It made my hair all shiny and bouncy and well yeah voluminous! I really like Volume in my hair and it made my hair all that and more :) Even the fragrance of the product was pleasant and not at all pungent like many other hair colors!

Another …

REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Color In Cherry Kiss

Before Maybelline launched it, I never ever wushed for Baby Soft Lips. I mean come on! I have wished for Angelina Jolie Lips, Soft Lips, Kissable Lips but who ever thought of Baby Soft Lips? I know right! Ha ha :D

But then am a beauty blogger, am I not... And I am a girl... The moment they launched it in India, I had to have it and so I got myself the Color version in Cherry Kiss :D

Its basically a regular lip balm in stick form with a really mild Cherry flavor and a almost non-existent reddish tint. I like it cause it is super moisturising, makes my lips all shiny and does not have a strong fragrance :) To be honest, it is quite addictive you know! You just want to go on re-applying it :)

But if you want to compare it to other lip balms, it isn't anything extra-ordinary... I mean its good but nothing about it makes it stand apart from other good lip balms...

The only con that I find with this product is that the diameter of the "stick" is a bit too big for my thin lips…

Simple Ways To Keep Yourself Updated With The Happenings At ISLM :)

This you could say is like one of the most blatant self promotion post of mine ;) But then you could also say that it is my way of ensuring that all my readers get to be updated with the latest happenings ISLM behind the scenes :P

You could all of the below, if haven't already done! :D

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Celebrity Makeup: Madhuri Dixit

I have never been a fan of Madhuri Dixit. Yeah I know weird and stuff but I have somehow never took to her. I have always found her looking older (read matured) than her co-stars, her looks have always been dated, her outfits are super OTT and blingey for my liking and I absolutely hate her hair. But I haven't said a word cause she is like this diva of the 90's and has made a lot of hearts and well other anatomical parts flutter with her "acting" and dancing and well some say even her smile. So let's leave it at that.

But when I came across this look of hers, I could not control myself from posting about it...

There is just nothing I like about the look here... From the mis-matched lipstick shade to OTT bronzing to one wash of Orange (?) eye shadow, nothing works for me or rather for her...
Trying to match your eye shadow with your outfit is one of the biggest mistakes one can ever do and well the Indian mauve-brown lippy isn't helping her case either...