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Heylo girls :) I am all excited today cause i went all out and shopped a lot!!! :D

My haul looks something like this...

Stuff that I bought are as follows:
1. Maybelline WaterShine PURE B24
2. Maybelline Colorama Nail Paint CORAL CHIC
3. L'Oreal Quad Pro Dark Eyes
4. Garnier Body Cocoon
5. Vega Eye Shadow Brush
6. Maybelline Eye Studio --- Pink
7. Transparent pouch to hold my make-up
8. Fenny Bath Gloves
9. Flower shaped paper soap

I just so enjoyed shopping today and I am so in love with every of my purchase :)

Ok, I got my first lipstick today :) Yay!!! It's a Maybelline Watershine Lippy in PURE (B24)...
It looks something like this...

Am loving all Pink this season, so I went ahead and got myself this Quad from L'Oreal with these really pretty and dreamy shadows in various shades of Pink :)

 Also, I got this really cute transparent pouch to carry all my cosmetics :D

I also got these pretty paper soaps in shape of flowers in baby pink... They smell like strawberry and it…

CRY FOR HELP: I wanna do Lippies NOW!

I have always been an "eye girl" but now am kinda getting drawn towards lippies as well... I guess I am growing up ;)

Well I wanna start with light pinks, nudes and corals... Dunno which ones should I go for though :'(

Any suggestions ladies??? Help me out here!

READER QUERY: Loose Powders and Mascaras

Hey guys... Sharmi has a few doubts and would like some help from all of us...
Her queries are as follows:

1. I have hypersensitive oily skin. I am thinking to buy Oriflame Loose Powder in Medium shade. Does it give a good coverage?
2. I wear specs. I have small scare eyelashes. I want to wear mascara. Last time I used, I had experience falling of lashes. Could you refer me a excellent mascara.
3.Do you have any ideas how I can have thick eye lashes naturally?

1. Oriflame loose powder is a good option if you have oily skin. I have always felt that loose powder is a better option than compact and Oriflame products are know to never cause any reactions to the skin :) Oriflame as such offers two kinds of loose powders--- Giordani Gold Mineral loose powder and Oriflame Air Soft Powder. Both give excellent coverage. The Giordani Gold Mineral loose powder comes in "light" and "medium" shades and has an applicator puff with it. The Air soft powder on the other …

REVIEW: Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea EDP

I am gradually starting to become this fragrance junkie and I am so loving it :P

My latest purchase is Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea EDP and all I can say for it is that I have fallen head over heals for it. It smells fresh, it smell sweet and it smells yummy. It is subtle, understated and yet so elegant that one just cannot not fall for it.

The bottle is sleek and the green color that it has is really pretty. I have so found my Elixir...

The fragrance reminds me of a mixture of Green tea and chilled iced tea :) It is an extremely refreshing scent :) It is a must buy!!!

Another Weekend Shopping Haul

Heylo people... I went for another of my shopping sprees this weekend and I ended up buying things that I don't really need but got tempted to buy :P yeah i know! As usual... LOL...
So, anyways my haul is as follows:

Ok, so let me list them out for you...
1. Oriflame Savannah Sensual Hand and Body cream
2. Oriflame Lip Spa
3. Oriflame waterproof Top Coat
4. Giordani Gold Body Cream
5. maXfactor eye shadow: Rose Petal
6. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDP

Let me describe each of these products for you now...

This was like a new product featured in Oriflame's last month's catalogue and I wasn't really keen on purchasing it, but I totally got tempted to buy by seeing a high introductory discount on it and well I never regretted it... :)
Its fragrance is just mind blowing... Its so yummy that you just want to go on using it for like ever! Consistency-wise the cream rocks big time and for my skin it's like what an oasis is to the…


Hey guys.. Encouraged by your enthusiastic response, I am so psyched that I decided to do this look and share it with you guys yet again...

The look is something like this:

The products I used to get this look:
1. Oriflame Peach Me Perfect Foundation
2. Oriflame Visions Soul Mates Eye Shadow: Adam & Eve
3. maXfactor eye shadow: Rose Petal
4. Maybelline Mousse Blush: Peach Stain
5. Bonbelle Lip gloss
6. maXfactor kajal
7. ELF liquid liner
8. Revlon waterproof mascara

I know I know the pattern on the eyes are getting pretty similar... uffff!!! what's got to my creativity!!! I'll think of something new next :)

EOTD again ;)

Hello... I have been really busy with work this week and hence am not getting time to spend some quality hours at my blog... But I did look today and thought that I might just share it with u guys :)

Hoping you guys like it :*

Since, the eye seemed pretty dramatic, I left the rest of the face bare :)