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Skin Care: My Favorite Moisturisers, Creams, Lotions and Other Potions This Winter!

  My Top Creams & Moisturizers This Winter My dresser is a mess... My cupboard is a mess... My bed is not made... My kitchen feels cold and sterile... My laundry basket is full... All this because of no sun... Come winters and the winter sun just doesn't do it for me any more... Without the Sun I am irritable, lethargic to the point of being a sloth, my house becomes a mess and my skin and hair just go for a toss! I feel lifeless without the sun and so the pati calls me "jadoo", you know of the Koi Mil Gaya Fame... Ummm yeah... No surprise there!

Hydrating Or Moisturising: Difference And What Should You Go For?

The Difference Between Hydrating And Moisturising... Very often, while I am reading reviews (yes I read lots of reviews written by other bloggers!) of skincare products, I come across two terms... Hydrating and Mositurising... Of course some use it interchangeably, some use it randomly and a handful of them use it in the right context. Due to the sudden outbursts in using these terms on beauty blogs, I started inculcating them in my writing as well... But last night I had a dream... Errr... Yes I dream of ISLM... So anyways, I dreamt that I was

REVIEW: The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion

Review Of The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Lotion...

REVIEW: Bath & Body Works Cashmere Glow Body Lotion

Of Shimmering Vanilla, Golden Peaches & Cashmere Musk...

REVIEW: AuraVedic Ritual Cleansing Ubtan Mask with Sandal & Saffron

Post By: Manu During my childhood days, I remember how my mother helped me keep my skin perfect and glowing! All thanks to my mother for taking those efforts to prepare this ‘MAGIC’ called ‘UBTAN’ J . She churned sandalwood sticks to get a paste, added a little turmeric, some portion of gram flour powder, a pinch of neem powder and dry fenugreek leaves. Wooow! And there it was! My ‘MAGIC’ to have glowing and healthy skin. Siiigghhhhh! What do I do now?? We are married, away from our angel mothers, getting busier in lives, who has the time to buy the stuff first and then prepare it? And then the confusion created by ‘n’ number of options out there as a proxy to our mother’s ‘MAGIC’. However, I came across this excellent product ‘Cleansing Ubtan Mask – Sandal Saffron’ and voila! It brought back old childhood memories! ‘Cleansing Ubtan Mask – Sandal Saffron’ is a face mask powder perfect for getting a smooth and glowing skin. This is extremely helpful for a dull s

REVIEW: The Body Shop Body Butter Duo In Macadamia

I am a Body Butter and a Body Lotion wh*re and nothing, just nothing in this world can make me happier than a new tub of Body Butter :) So when I saw a 25% off discount on TBS Body Butter Duos, I had to get myself one... There were a lot of options fragrance wise but I ended up picking up Macadamia because it had the most subtle and a unique scent... The Body Butter Duos from TBS are exactly what they are called. The tub is divided into two and has a basic body butter for normal areas and has a thick, creamy butter for super dry areas... Macadamia nut as such is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3, B12, which make them naturally a boon for one's skin. It has a subtle nutty smell that tends to bend towards citrus-y. I love how it smells and have never smelled anything like it before... Nope it is not a beautiful, feminine smell but more of a quirky smell that is comforting at the same time! I speak in contrasts I know but I am not sure how else to describ

Cosmedic... A Dermatologists' Take on Cosmetics...

Ever wished if whatever products you are using on your face and body were actually recommended by dermatologists? Better still, wish they were formulated and "created" by dermatologists themselves? If yes, then fret no more... Your wait is over... I was lucky enough to be contacted by Cosmedic, which is the cosmeceutical division of Future Skin... They sent me some information brochures and some products for me to try out... I have been trying them out since a week now and am quite impressed with them. Dunno if you all have been able to see any marked improvements on my skin since the past week or so :) I will be reviewing the products one by one... This is just going to be an introductory post though... Cosmedic is founded by dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia who is a Columbia University graduate and a United States trained M.D, specializing in Dermatology. She is also American Board Certified with a further degree in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Lohia is a member of

REVIEW: Vivel 3-in-1 Face Wash+Scrub

OMG I feel like I am doing a product review after ages and yup it has been a while hasn't it :) Thanks to all of you, who missed and actually wrote to me saying so :) It is mails like these that make my hobby of being a beauty blogger all the more special :) Thank you! Today, I shall be reviewing Vivel's 3-in-1 Face Wash+Scrub for soft, clear and glowing skin. It is supposed to be "All Skin Types" and "For Everyday Use". It contains jojoba beads, which are nothing but Jojoba esters created by complete hydrogenation of Jojoba oils. The oils are used as emollients and the esters or the beads are used for exfoliation. Vivel Face wash+scrub is actually what is it called. It has these exfoliating jojoba beads floating in a face wash. The exfoliating beads are just right, they are not at all harsh and neither do they dissolve in water very fast. I loved the product as a scrub. It does have a strong fragrance but it isn't unbearable or synthetic smelling.

REVIEW: The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter

Hellllloooooo everyone... It feels like a decade that I posted on ISLM (yup I do love a bit of exaggeration here and there :P) and it feels awesome to be back :) I plan to review TBS Spice Vanilla Body Butter and I know it has been reviewed like 27,836 times on the beauty blogosphere already but aren't you a tad bit curious about my take on it? ;) Spiced Vanilla is a beautifully rich vanilla scented body butter that isn't too sweet. It smells more like a cinnamon doughnut than anything else ;) Its a perfect fragrance for the colder months though and because of the richness of its fragrance I cannot see myself using it in warmer weather... For summers I prefer fruity fragrances like Peach body butter, mango body butter and satsuma body butter... For winters I am loving Spiced Vanilla :) Though the tub does not specify any skin type, this particular one is suiting my dry skin to the Tee. Just a layer and my skin feels all smooth and pampered. Its fragrance stays on for like

REVIEW: The Body Shop Apricot and Basil 100% Biodegradable Shower Gel

Yes yes yes, I hauled and TBS and now TBS reviews are the kind of posts that you will be literally bombarded with :P Today it is The Body Shop Apricot and Basil 100% Biodegradable Shower Gel from the Earth Lovers Collection... True to it's name, it sure is a treasured collection for Earth Lovers because of it being 100% biodegradable. It is sulphates and paraben free and if you are still not happy then let me tell you that the bottle of the shower gel is made out of 100% recycled plastic... Now this sure should be a great way of celebrating The World Environment Day ! Ha ha :) The light green semi transparent bottle itself looks really pretty and feminine and the interesting combinations that TBS has come up with where core ingredients are concerned and simply so attractive! Apricot and Basil in a shower gel... Now who could have thought of that? It's pure genius :) The shower gel lathers up really well and a small amount goes a long way without a doubt! And that's

REVIEW: Johnson's Baby Lotion on Adult Skin

I am itching to do some makeup EOTDs and LOTDs since a while now but with guests at home I am not getting any time... So for a while you guys are stuck with me doing reviews. Not that my reviews do not need much efforts but as compared to EOTDs and LOTDs, reviews are a little bit less demanding where time constraints are concerned... Don't you agree? :) Today I shall be reviewing the Johnson's baby lotion and before you raise your eye brows and say to yourself "WTF" let me make it absolutely clear that I bought it when I was out of a moisturiser and needed one pronto! This was the only one available and so I just bought it. I figured if it was good for babies, how could it be bad for me? The truth? Read on ;) Johnson's Baby Lotion is Clinically proven to be mild and mild it sure is. It has a soft and soothing fragrance, which I love. Once applied it gets absorbed really fast and does not leave a residual oiliness or greasiness. It would be perfect for normal

REVIEW: Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Day Cream with SPF 20

Nope! I am not trying to get fair ;) I like my complexion the way it is, if I could I would have tried to become more "Orange" in pati's words. If you are wondering what Orange is then pati calls complexions of actresses like Eva Mendez, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Rihanna as Orange and well that is my favorite skin tone... Ha ha... You have got to hear pati and I talking... We have our own "language" for everything and we refer to things in our own code language LOL... It's like when we were in school and all the girls used to use the "P" language... Ok so how many of you know about the "P" language? I have changed 13 schools in my life and I have come to realise that the much coveted "P" language was used only in convent schools... Yup! I swear it was like that :D I think I am digressing... Coming back to my quest to not become fair... Now you all will say that I am contradicting myself when I say that I don't want to b

REVIEW: Parachute Advansed Body Lotion with 100% Natural Moisturisers

Waiting and receiving PR packages with sample products for review is always exciting and thrilling for me cause what is being sent is to some extent always a surprise. But receiving the package from Marico India with samples of Parachute Advansed Body Lotion surpassed all expectations and thrilled me to the core. Not only were they extra courteous in their correspondence, the package that they sent truly made me special and pampered :) The Peach Box :) So what is it that I am all gushing about you ask. Well first off, honestly I expected a sample bottle (trial size) but in turn I received a peach colored "huge" box wrapped in peach satin ribbon with a bow et al. Well now listen... When I opened the box, it contained peach colored scented candles, a CD of 50 love songs and chocolates!!!!! yay yay yay! And two huge bottles of body lotion, one for dry skin and one for All Seasons :D yipppeee dooo.. I am in body lotion heaven :) The goodies in the Box :) Ok so

Reader Request: My Skincare Regime (Dry Skin)

With the advent of Winters in most parts of the country, skin care has become a major cause of interest for everyone of us. Cold weather brings in the problem of dryness especially for beauties with dry skin and I guess this is the perfect time for me to indulge in reader requests regarding my skin care regime. ISLM I have always maintained is a purely make-up and beauty blog but with ISLM readers increasing asking for my skin care regime especially Kanika Justa of and Beena of Beauty And Everything Else , I have finally given in and am doing a post about my daily skin care routine. Now I think is the right time to warn you guys about the fact that this post will ONLY be about Dry Skin care cause well I have very dry skin :) Now whats really funny is that I don't really do anything special and neither do I really follow any kind of a set routine except for EXFOLIATING and MOISTURISING :) So anyways, the products that I use on a daily basis are here

Skin Care for Winters: Part I

Many of us face a problem of dry skin and the condition tends to get worse in the Winters when the humidity is low. This gives rise to itchy skin, "stretchy" skin and sometimes in severe cases leading to "cuts". I live in Pune, which isn't really known for it's cold winters. It's almost as if the winters just pass us by and it's time for Spring again! But you see, there is a problem… Cold or no cold my skin starts getting stretchy and tight just as October starts to roll in… It's as if my skin "wakes up when September ends"… ooh! now that sounded clever ;) Anyways, after a period of research and experimentation, I have finally discovered the perfect combination of products that have now become my favorites in helping me combat extreme dryness during winters… My skin just loves them and they in turn pamper my skin to bits :D You see there is so much love here ;) The products that I want to tell you guys about can be categorized into