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Is It Christmas Yet?

Makeup Look & LOTD: Is It Christmas Yet?
If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I have recently switched jobs and I have been really busy the past week getting the hang of things at my new workplace. A new team, new teammates, new friends and well new work altogether has kept me busy and I have really missed blogging...


With so many award ceremonies and Red carpet looks I couldn't help but sigh and wish that I could get not to walk the Red carpet but actually do make-up for some those celebs... Not that I am a pro or anything but then a girl can wish now can't she? :) So rather than squashing my dream and dismissing it to some corner of my brain, I decided to do a red carpet makeup for myself. Now see I do not really do outfit posts, ok sometimes but I am not really cut out to choose a classy outfit, style it and then pose in it. I am just happy doing make-up for a make believe outfit :) And so I have just concentrated on the make-up imagining that I am wearing a pale taupe-gold fitted sheath dress, with its pencil skirt going till just below my knee and a really sexy pair of RED loubs! :D How's that for imagination?

So my make-up to match it is a soft Taupe smokey eyes with my "signature" Red lips :)

Here's the look :)

Products Used:
1. The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minera…

(My First) Video Tutorial: Old Hollywood Glamour Look

Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me immense pleasure to announce to you all my first ever Video Tutorial :) Of course it wouldn't have been possible without all of your encouragement and support and most importantly Bidisha's who gave me the much needed pep talk last night and took me out of my rut. Thank you Bidisha :) and I dedicate my this video to you :) mmmuuuaaahhhh...

People, do check out my YT video and please do subscribe to my channel :)

I am of course embedding the video here, but of course you can see it directly on youtube as well at the following link:

Hope you guys like it :) And yes comments please... Pretty Please? :)

P.S. I have used the word "basically" a lot of times! >:-o

Mixing foundations: The way out

There have been times when I go out looking for a foundation that matches my skin tone, only to find that the range I am coveting doesn't really stock on the shade that matches me :( So what does one do during such times? Yes of course, the obvious way out would be to check out another brand or range that stocks your shade... But you see I prefer sticking to the brand or range I want and customize the already available shades to suit my skin tone ;) well yes... all I do is I buy one shade lighter than my skin tone and one shade darker and just mix them in the right proportions and VOILA! I am ready with a shade closest to my skin tone! :D Simple isn't it?

Well I stumbled upon this genius of an idea when I bought myself the Maxfactor second skin foundation in GOLDEN and found it to be a shade lighter for my complexion. So, when I went back to the counter and bought a shade darker i.e. BRONE, I realized that the correct shade for me was lying in the middle of the two shades tha…