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REVIEW: Oriflame The One Illuskin Foundation

REVIEW: Oriflame The One Illuskin Foundation
So many of you would know that I am taking life easy nowadays, am on my winter break and well am just simply chilling :) Of course the first two days were total bliss and then on the third day I started feeling fidgety and now I want to just do something other than simply lazing around the house...

REVIEW: Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara

Review Of Oriflame Hyper Stretch Mascara
Guest Post By: Shabby
Oriflame is a brand I have been using for very long. I have no attraction towards them but I cannot stop ogling at their new brochures too. So in the January brochure I saw a new mascara being launched at a good rate. I had just finished my Hyper Curl mascara and was on the verge of buying another one. So I simply could not control myself from getting this one.

REVIEW: Oriflame Overnight Moisturising Foot Cream With Avocado & AloeVera

Happy Feet!

Mixing Lipsticks to get new Lipsticks!

Today for a change, when I was craving for some new makeup, instead of buying some I actually MADE some! OMFG you heard it right! I MADE SOME NEW MAKEUP! LOL! :D Ok trust it wasn't really rocket science and it's not something I invented myself! The recipe to mix and make new lipsticks has been doing the rounds of the blogosphere for quite some time now. It's just that I finally got around doing something constructive... Well yes it partly because of the fact that it is the end of month and I am desperately waiting for my new paycheck to go out shopping :P Ah! the struggles in life I tell you! ;)
So anyways, what did I mix and how did I mix and what did I finally get? OK! first I sorted out the required and not required lipsticks that I have been stashing since quite sometime now and that's exactly how I came across the two likely candidates ripe for my experiment ;) Ta da... Ladies and gentlemen please meet MAYBELLINE Colorsensational in ICED ORCHID and Oriflame SEDUCT…

LOTD: Pink and Purple :)

Heylo ladies... I have been so busy lately with my wedding preparations that I am unable to give any time to my blog and it is almost in a state of neglect :( I keep promising myself that I will sure take some time out everyday for this but Alas! So anyways, I totally made myself promise now that I'll make my posts more frequent! Wish me luck! :P

Anyways, today I did a random LOTD and EOTD and no I did not touch my Coastal Scents 88 Palette :P I know there's a world outside the palette too, rather now that I am using my Coastal Scents palette so extensively I have realized that it doesn't have a lot of colors :( LOL! Making a woman difficult is extremely difficult na? Ha ha ha...

So well here's the LOTD...

Hope you guys liked the look! :D

READER QUERY: Loose Powders and Mascaras

Hey guys... Sharmi has a few doubts and would like some help from all of us...
Her queries are as follows:

1. I have hypersensitive oily skin. I am thinking to buy Oriflame Loose Powder in Medium shade. Does it give a good coverage?
2. I wear specs. I have small scare eyelashes. I want to wear mascara. Last time I used, I had experience falling of lashes. Could you refer me a excellent mascara.
3.Do you have any ideas how I can have thick eye lashes naturally?

1. Oriflame loose powder is a good option if you have oily skin. I have always felt that loose powder is a better option than compact and Oriflame products are know to never cause any reactions to the skin :) Oriflame as such offers two kinds of loose powders--- Giordani Gold Mineral loose powder and Oriflame Air Soft Powder. Both give excellent coverage. The Giordani Gold Mineral loose powder comes in "light" and "medium" shades and has an applicator puff with it. The Air soft powder on the other …

EOTD using Oriflame Visions Customizable palette for eye shadows

Hey guys... I recently came across this awesome deal in the Oriflame catalog. It said that on a purchase of three eye shadows I could get an empty palette free. The shadows thus purchased could be fit into the empty palette container and carried out. The palette also comes with a free two sided sponge applicator.

Some images to give you an idea :D

So, today in order to try these colors out, I went a bot overboard and came up with this EOTD :D

Hope you guys liked it :D

REVIEW: ORIFLAME Visions Soul Mates Eye Shadow Duo

I have been always a loyal fan of Oriflame and have always loved their creams and perfumes. The fragrances that they offer in perfumes as well as creams are the best I have ever come across... Anyways, just recently I have started using their eye shadows and I haven't been let down as yet :D

Today I shall be reviewing Oriflame Visions Soul Mates Eye Shadow Duo, which is a request from one of my lovely blogger friend Bulbul... She had asked me to review these eye shadows in one of her comments for my post on Purple Smokey eyes Look ...

So here goes...
Today I'll be reviewing shades in Romeo and Juliet and Adam and Eve...
Adam & Eve: Green and Blue
Romeo & Juliet: Beige and Green

I like the cute packaging in transparent acrylic with silver lettering saying "Visions Soul Mates Eye Shadow". It has a flip top and the embossed design on the shadow is also extremely cute and attractive. The container is extremely sleek and look like discs. They can be carr…

Eye Makeup for Diwali: Smokey Golden Eyes

Hey everyone... First of all, here's wishing you all a very Happy Deepavali :) Hope you have all had a very joyful and a fun Diwali... Mine was awesome and I would like to share a few pics of the eye make-up I had done for today's festivities... So here I go... Excuse my unruly eye brows though! LOL...

The products I used for this look are:
maXfactor kajal: BlackELF liquid Eye Liner: blackELF Brightening Shadow: #03 Drama L'Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro: Azur BlondeOriflame Air Soft Powder The procedure is as follows:
1. First, I readied my lids for make-up by dusting loose powder on them. For this I used the Oriflame Air Soft Powder.
2. Next, I applied my kajal thickly on the lower water line and the upper lash line.
3. Then, using the darkest shade in the Drama quad of the ELF shadow, I blended the kajal thus applied in order to achieve a soft look. Do note that the I extended the shadow till the crease.
4. Then, I applied the Golden shade ffrom the L'Oreal trio and ap…

Eye Make-up for Diwali: Golden & Blue Look

With Diwali just a couple of days away, we are all gearing up to look our best for the festival of lights. New clothes, new make-up… It's like you are in paradise :D

The first look that I have tried out for this Diwali look series is a blue and golden eye makeup look.

The products that I have used for this are:
1. L'Oreal Paris ColorAppeal Trio Pro eye shadow: Azur Blonde
2. maXfactor kajal: black
3. ELF liquid eyeliner: black
4. Oriflame Air soft Powder
5. Revlon Waterproof Mascara

The steps are as follows:
1. First, I prepared the base of my eye makeup by dusting some Oriflame Air Soft powder over my lids and also under my eyes. This will delay creasing due to oily lids.
2. Next, I apply the golden shade of shadow over the whole of my lids.
3. Then, taking the midnight blue shadow, I blended it with the golden shadow on the outer 2/3 of my lids. Blending is important here as it will give a finished and a smokey appearance.
4. Then using an angled liner brush and dipping it …

Oriflame, Lotus, FabIndia and maXfactor made my Day

Hola! This week has been extremely lucky for me and I have got to share my makeup haul with you guys! Like I said in my previous post I was out shopping with Sucharita for her wedding when I picked up a few goodies for myself as well… And as luck would have it just yesterday my Oriflame consultant delivered the products I had ordered for last month :P And then my sister who was in an awesome mood because of getting her first salary this month gifted me something. So all in all it has been a great week for me so far ;)
So, here I go! Lemme list it out for you… Lotus Color Dew Nail Enamel – 920 Rose PetalLotus Lip Balm – Cherry flavormaXfactor KOHL Pencil – 020 BlackFabIndia SeaBuckThorn MoisturizerOriflame SunCare Photostable Sun Lotion- SPF10Oriflame Visions Quick Dry Nail Polish – Silver Pink, Crushed DamsonOriflame Visions Quick Dry Top Coat Oriflame Visions Soul Mates Eye Shadow – Adam & EvePhew! Now that was quite a Haul Huh? :D I was try…

REVIEW: ORIFLAME Visions Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow

I have always been scared of foundations and hence have always steered clear of them. They scare me, they intimidate me and they totally make me want to run for my life! I am a sucker for natural looking skin and hence I could never get myself to put a mask on my face and go around town. But... yes there is a but ;) But there came a day when my friend who is a consultant with Oriflame showed me one of her catalogues. Oooooohhh... The yummy looking Visions Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow was on discount! and it looked so tempting and so so sinful in that catalogue that I just couldn't stop myself from buying it. Phew! and there went my resolution to be a smart make-up shopper out of the window! Anyways, now that I had bought, I had to get it to some use. So, first I tried the traditional method of using it as a foundation all over my face and well I have to give in and tell you honestly that it was good! It was more than good. It felt light, did not have the powdery/matte effect that l…