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LOTD: Quick Glowing Makeup Look for Rushed Monday Mornings

LOTD: Quick Glowing Makeup Look for Rushed Monday Mornings My relationship with Mondays can best described as complicated. It's complicated without a doubt. I want to hate Mondays because my Instagram and Facebook feeds tell me to, you know the blah blah about Monday Blues and all that jazz but my mind tells another story :) I find Mondays to be full of hope, hope of new things to come, changes, hope of a productive week at work and a hope of getting time to clean my house... Nonetheless, my Mondays are always rushed! I invariably sleep late the night before, I snooze my alarm in the morning for more times than is healthy, you get the drift... And hence when I am finally done with my shower and other necessary morning rituals, I get almost no time to do my makeup... So I take shortcuts that I decided to share with you all today and if you have dry skin and oily lids like me, you might even incorporate it in your rushed Monday Morning makeup rituals ;)

Get Ready With Me (GRWM): Neutral & Natural Makeup Look

  Get Ready With Me (GRWM): Neutral & Natural Makeup Look Very often than not I am tempted to wear a  full face of makeup to work. but everytime I do that I feel conscious, I feel a little too made up for work or worse I feel as if everyone's judging me for wearing makeup. I work in IT and well women in IT in India don't really wear much makeup. I am not saying that I am judged by my colleagues, they probably don't even realise that I am wearing makeup (I work in a team of only guys and well they really don't realise the difference between concealed and non-concelaed under eyes). But I can't help but feel a little conscious.

LOTD: Soft Daytime Makeup Look

  LOTD: Soft Daytime Makeup Look Saturday is my favorite day of the week... It has the freshness of the start of a weekend and also has the promise of another day after it before the rigmarole of the new week starts... Saturday is when I take a leisurely bath, wear makeup to my heart's content and get ready for a relaxing, aimless day...

LOTD: Nude/Neutral Makeup Look

    LOTD: Nude/Neutral Makeup Look Anks (of rightly put in a comment on an earlier LOTD post of mine, Only a true Makeup Addict will do a 'look' before heading out to buy aata, arhar ki daal, lobiya, tori and kaddu! Even if jest, the statement makes sense and says a lot about what my priorities are :)

LOTD: My Current Everyday Makeup Look

  LOTD: My Current Everyday Makeup Look I have been keeping pretty busy lately, work especially has been crazy and then there is this pledge I took to renew Handlooms Of India with full vigour (it was getting sidelined) and then now there is Gulabi-Pink :) I am just dabbling with a lot of things lately hoping to find something that I might want to finally settle with...

LOTD: Natural and Glowing Party Makeup

  LOTD: Natural and Glowing Party Makeup One *generally* always tends to associate brighter colors and louder makeup with parties and functions while relegating natural looking makeup to everyday work makeup. I used to be under a similar impression. However, since some time now I have come to realise that natural looking makeup can be as gorgeous and as dressy as any bright makeup and with this post, I try to illustrate the same!

The Week That Was (LOTD & Tutorial): I Am So Loving Nudes & Neutrals...

The Week That Was: My Regular Makeup From Last Week... Ladies... I have had the most fabulous weekend ever all thanks to Lakme for arranging a superb session of  makeup masterclass  with Natasha Nischol and Sarah-Jane Dias and of course to my amazing and uber-cool fashion blogger friend Abhilasha of  LookingGoodFeelingFab   who personally knows  Sneha Arora  (yup the designer!) and hence got us some front row seats for her show at the  Lakme Fashion Week . But more about it later...

Experiments: Another Go At Neutral Makeup & My Struggles With My Canon Ixus...

    My Experiments With My Canon Ixus 255 HS And Neutral Makeup You know what is the most frustrating thing that can happen to a beauty blogger? At least to me? Take all the time in the world to choose an outfit, accessories, do your makeup that actually turns out beautiful and then your camera fails you! Yes it simply fails you... The worst part? It even tricks you!

Celebrity Makeup: Deepika Padukone

She totally rocks this look... Nothing absolutely nothing would I want to change about this look of hers... She looks absolutely stunning and Extra Brownie Points  to her for *not* opting for a Red or a Maroon lippy, which would have been the popular choice... What do you think of her look? Image Source1 Image Source 2

TUTORIAL: Easy Everyday Eye Brightening Makeup

You know the time when you have a major presentation at office first thing in the morning and you need to be look really presentable, alert and well awake at the least... But you and your friends decide on a whim to go party all night and come home all sloshed that forces you to wake all groggy, hungover and well disheveled... Sound familiar? It sure is the story of my life... But I worry not and I urge you my friends to not fret too cause I have the ultimate trick in my kitty that not only sees you through your presentation but also gets you second glances for how naturally gorgeous and glowy you look ;) Yes of course coffee does the trick to some extent but I what I really am hinting here is more "cosmetic" in nature ;) Yup! Ladies please welcome the Eye Highlighter :) Now here's a pic with the aforementioned makeup on me that took me like 3 minutes to do... Notice how fresh I look after putting in 10 hours at work, half an hour of gym and an hour of cooking dinne

READER QUERY: Tips For Natural Looking Makeup

Hi Samyukta, Thankyou for your response ! I am a make-up fan, however, don’t like patchy/loud makeup..After seeing your nude make-up, I’ve fallen in love with it and would be keen to learn the techniques…Also, would like an advice on whether it will suit me & what best colours could go with my complexion...I would appreciate if I could be one of the selective few to understand this style from you J Regards Reshma Suri Thank you Reshma for your kind words :) I am so glad you liked my nude/natural makeup look and would like to try it out for yourself too :) I feel honored... Here are a few looks of mine in neutral/nude makeup... If you observe all these looks closely, you'll notice a pattern... Glowing skin, defined lips and healthy glossy lips. So we're gonna see how we can achieve that today... Now before I start with various techniques and pointers to achieve a flawless natural lool here is a list of tools and products that we shall be n

Reader Query: Light Makeup for an Indian Wedding

Jayde asks, Hey Samyukta, I've got my brother's wedding coming up and I'm not a big fan of heavy make-up and only ever use nivea lipbalm on my lips. But one of my Bhabhi's (sister-in-laws) decided that we are all going to get dolled up!  I have incredibly fair indian skin and have been burdened with quite thin lips. I want quite a natural look rather than walking in looking like a clown, so no typically bright colours. What natural colours and make up brands would you recommend to enhance my lips?   P.S.  Yeah, I live in the UK unfortunately. We are mixed race - my mum was Spanish and my Dad is Indian Gujarati. However, my dad's features turned out to be more dominant, so I have deep dark brown curly hair and brown eyes with fair skin. My brother will be having a traditional Gujarati wedding ceremony based in London, so what would you advise? Nothing too bright? I'll be wearing a turquoise Saree if that helps in any way .. 

READER QUERY: Some Simple and Natural Looking Make-Up Ideas

Rupali asks, Hello ma'am, This is Rupali.. a computer science lecturer at an engineering college. I visited ur blog today..its really wonderful.. thanx for all the info that u've provided there.. u r doing a gr8 job. i think i would be regular reader of ur blog now:) Actually i needed some help.. this week my would be in-laws r coming to see me for the first time..and i want to present the best of mine in front of them. but the problem is i dont even know the abcd of makeup. can u just help me out in doing makeup which makes me look no less than my would be husband, who's a handsome guy staying in johaanesburg?? one thing to point out here is that the makeup should be as natural as possible, i.e. light, sober, not gaudy. my skin type is oily & wheatish . To keep it clean i use besan-haldi, lemon juice & aloe vera extract. looking forward to your response.. thanx & regards Hey Rupali... First off congratulations on such a happy occasion :) Secon

Makeup Trends for Summer 2011

With a warm good bye to the winters and a cheery Aloha to the summers, it is that time of the year when new trends in make-up are set and thus followed! Ramps all over are either ablaze with various pops of color or are seen serene and calm in nude looks (strictly make-up!)... This contrast in trends is forecasted to be a lot of fun this season and will give one a lot of scope to experiment and play around with colors! Yay! What FUN! So listing out the trends for the upcoming season: BOLD LIPS Now this isn’t really a new trend! Bold lips have been doing the rounds on the fashion circuit for quite sometime now and they still have another season to stay! Colors that are most in vogue this summer are bright reds, bright pinks and bright berries. The keyword here is bright and with neutral eyes and cheeks you are all set to go! BRIGHT EYES Dior chose to add a lot of attention to the eyes of the models and thus opted for bright colored eye shadows in the fashion week. This tren