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NOTD: Lakme 9 to 5 Long Wear Nail Color Oak Room

Review of Lakme 9-5 Long Wear Nail Color Oak Room Guest Post By: Pallavi

Lakme seems is on a roller coaster these days. They have been coming up with many great products which are affordable as well as superb in performance.
They have launched a 9-5 range specifically for office ladies. Under this they have come up with gorgeous lipsticks which made lipgloss girl like me to use lipsticks. They have also come up with 15 amazing nail paint shades which seem to be tailor made for office goers. 

NOTD: Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Paint in All That Glitters

Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Paint in All That Glitters
Maybelline had struck jackpot when it launched its Color Show range of nail enamels... Bright hues, quick drying, pretty packaging and extremely comfortable to the pocket were some features that made Maybelline Color Show Nail Enamels a huge hit with everyone... We were all bust getting ourselves gorgeous shades after shades and filling up our vanity drawers when Maybelline shocked us (pleasantly) once again... With Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Enamels...

NOTD: Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish in Fiesty Fuschia

Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish in Fiesty Fuschia on my Nails!
Isn't it always so much fun to experiment with colors, to lose yourself in the rainbow of shades that we can see, to fancy any hue that is possible to create? Red on the lips, purple on the nails, Orange on your cheeks, Teal on your eyes, am sure most of you have done it all...

This brings me to the discussion about Nail Polishes and how nail paint shades have evolved over the years and through the generations. I distinctly remember my mum having a limited set of shades, mostly maroons, purples and chocolate browns. A little variation here and there and that's about the color palette that women, 3 decades ago were content with...

REVIEW & NOTD: Maxfactor Nailfinity Disco Pink & Maybelline Colorama Marinho

Mini Review of Maxfactor Disco Pink & Maybelline Colorama Marinho

Guest Post By: Manu
I believe Mix-n-Match does add some spice to your life from the boring monotony. For a person like me, blue and pink adds brightness, why? Blue being “his” favorite and Pink being mine :P I know pretty cheesy reasoning, but for me this be it . 

REVIEW: L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis Nail Paint in Flaming Sunset

Review of L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis (L'Or Sunset Collection) in Flaming Sunset
The only talked about Nail Paints in town at the moment are the L'Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis Nail Paints that are a special edition and have been launched as a part of the L'Or Sunset Collection for Cannes 2013. They come in a variety of shades (4/5 I think) and I got myself the shade in Flaming Sunset.
Let's go on to see how they fared and if they are worth all the hype!

PREVIEW: Revlon Royal Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Paint

Revlon Royal Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Paint
Guest Post By: Manu
Recently, when Suma “the” Sharma (yes that is how we address each other) came up with her favorite brands for products, I knew we would definitely share the favoritism for nail paints brand. Colorbar it was, for us, to take away the title for ‘Best Nail Paints’!  But we don’t swear buying all the products from our favorites. Do we? I am pretty sure you know the feeling, when you are dying to get that particular shade but you are not able to get it – SIIGH!

NOTD: Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Paint in Showgirl Chic

Shimmery, Glittery Nails...
All that glitters is not always Gold! It could be Silver too ;) And looking at my nails right now, I know it could as well be Turquoise shimmer too ;)

ISLM Rants: What Color Are You Craving To Wear On Your Nails Now?

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!
How much ever we rant and clarify and scream on top of our voices that we do not follow trends blindly, there is always something that subconsciously creeps into our everyday choices that conforms with the latest trends and makes us a follower as well...

REVIEW: OPI Nail Varnish In Vampsterdam

A Vamp In Amsterdam?

NOTD: Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat In Disco Gold

There is good bling and then there is BAD BLING... Everyone of us has had those moments when we have been surrounded by the bad bling so much so that all you wanted to do was either throw up or run away to the hills... I know I have! But then there are those good blings too that are subtle and make you want to sing and dance and welcome the festive season with lots of pomp and splendor :)

If you like the good bling, then you must must must check out the new launches from Colorbar... They are the Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat. Available in two shades Retro Silver and Retro Gold, they add a little dazzle to your nails and brigs out the fashionista in you...

It costs INR 350/- for 15 ml.

Available at all Colorbar exclusive stores.

Do you think I should get the Silver one too ;)

P.S. Product sent by PR for consideration. However, my review is honest and is in no way biased.

NOTD: Revlon Peacock Blue

One week of a taupe shade on my nails and now am back to brights ;) But keeping in mind that it is F/W 2012, I got myself this deep shade of Peacock blue from Revlon...
You like?

NOTD: Bourjois 10 days Nail Enamel in Shade No 23

Aren't you bored of brights and neons and glitters already? I know I am... Since the past 2-3 seasons, the Nail trends have been repeating themselves, calling themselves different each time but actually being the same ol' same ol'... Hence imagine my excitement when I spotted this Taupey-greenish-grey shade at the Bourjois counter at Kunchal's in Delhi... I just had to have it! :P

It costs a freaking INR 380/-

But it looks so classy and DIFFERENT!

How do you like this off-beat shade?

NOTD with Maybelline Colorama - Coral Chic

Hey guys... Today's NOTD is with the helpof the Colorama nail enamel i bought over the weekend.
The shade is called Coral Chic and it is a beautiful coral shade. It has these really tiny golden flakes, which are like almost negligible yet let their presence felt :)

Here you go...

It doesn't really have very good coverage but the shades in this range are just FABULOUS!!! :D

REVIEW: Lotus Color Dew Nail Enamel

As asked by Mehak (from PeachesNBlush), I am reviewing The Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel in this post. Like I had said in my previous post this was the first time I was trying Lotus, so I was pretty skeptical and hence bought only one shade in 920-Rose Petal. Actually, I had been attracted by the nail polish bottle with its long and slender form that stood out from other brands in the store.

The bottle is really attractive and long. It has a long brush applicator, which actually makes the task of applying nail polish very simple 

The enamel as such has a very “liquidy” consistency and if you don’t remove the excess polish from the brush, it could just flow freely onto your fingers. But once you have managed to get the right amount on your brush, the enamel application becomes a dream… Even though it is quite thin in viscosity, two coats of the polish are enough for a smooth, glossy and a long lasting finish.

Now comes the part where I describe the part about how my nails look …