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Maybelline Color Show Lipstick In Choco Latte Review and Swatches!

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick In Choco Latte Review and Swatches! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello munchkins! So after about 4 months with ISLM and its readers, who all can actually claim to know me or say that they know the writer behind all those desi-toned posts? So if you just thought that oh yes, she is the mad woman who is in love with her nude lipsticks; girl I love you! Like, seriously, I just fell in love with you, and ofcourse, with one more nude lipstick from the house of maybelline! You knew that was coming, right?

L'Oreal La Vie En Rose Moist Matte Lipstick Liya's Delicate Rose Review And Swatches!

L'Oreal La Vie En Rose Moist Matte Lipstick Liya's Delicate Rose Review And Swatches! ISLM Writer: Nimisha After the humungous success of the 'Pure Reds' collection,  L’Oreal Paris had come out with the 'Exclusive Pinks'. Having already heard about their launch in the international markets, I was waiting with crossed fingers for their launch in India. So, the other day when I was shopping around with one of friend's, I insisted on finally getting my hands on them at the L’Oreal Paris counter to finally check it out.

Maybelline Color Sensational POW 4 Lipstick Review and Swatches!

Maybelline Color Sensational POW 4 Lipstick Review and Swatches! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello girlies! If we ask which lip colour category are you, nudes, pinks or reds; I don't know about you but I will scream pink at the top of my lungs! Maybelline as a drugstore brand is loved by one and all equally, and its color sensational range is a household favourite all around the world! The whole pink-lipstick lover society went crazy when maybelline launched its POW range, and so did we! Very recently i finished my first tube of POW 4 which reminded me of how madly I love this little pink gem, and hence the repurchase and a brand new review!

Maybelline Color Show Velvet Matte Lipstick In Rock The Coral Review and Swatches!

Maybelline Color Show Velvet Matte Lipstick In Rock The Coral Review and Swatches! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello my munchkins! How is everyone doing? With the changing weather here in Delhi, I had not been keeping well as off late! And you can only imagine how hard it can be for a lazy bum like me to accomodate college, studies, theatre (my new endeavour :P) as well as the duty of an assistant editor for such an esteemed blog! But i cannot thank my stars enough for making me acquainted with this darling soul Samyukta, who never did once complain for my lack of presence on the blog, and in fact asked me to take a day or two off and relax! I love you sam! So now that I am better, and ready to take the world, why not do it with a dash of super gorgeous lipsticks?

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Undressed Review and Swatches!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Undressed Review and Swatches! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello my cupcakes! How is everyone doing? Summers are at last knocking upon our doors and finally has come up the season for light, no-make up looks once more! You may play with your eye makeup as much as you want, but the search for a good nude lipstick is almost never ending. So does my search for my dream nude lipstick end here or the struggle still continues? Keep reading to know more!

REVIEW & LOTD: Bharat & Dorris Lipstick No. 145

You know how much I love Red lipsticks and so to me it makes a lot of sense that whenever I go hauling to any make-up store, I pick a Red lippy for me randomly . Yes yes you too must try this out and share with me the feeling of exhilaration :P LOL... So anyways while hauling at Bharat & Dorris the other day, it made perfect sense for me to purchase a Red Lippy from there too. I got myself this shade numbered as 145. Here, let me pause my review and again complain about how inconvenient and difficult I find it is to remember and refer to make-up products by numbers rather than shade names. You see these beautiful and some of them downright gorgeous creatures made by God man deserve a lot of affection from us. Therefore they deserve names and not Roll numbers! Now coming back to the review... Shade 145 is a gorgeous Red, which has a tiny hint of Coral in it. The shade is gorgeously bright and really in the face in a good way though ;) The image of the lipstick here shows the

REVIEW: Oriflame STAYglam Lipstick in Caramel Nude

Hello ladies :) It's been a while since I last posted something on my blog and I know it's starting to become a pattern :( But you see I ve keeping extremely busy with a few personal stuff and falling ill :P Every time the weather changes, my best friend called "The Common Cold" never misses from visiting me and well when it comes to stay over, it stays on for a week. So... LOL... Ok enough of horsing around... Let me share with you guys this wonderful product that I got myself from Oriflame :) Well it isn't really news that I have started using lippies extensively and this is now becoming an addiction!!! This time I got myself a lippy called Oriflame StayGlam Lip Color in Caramel Nude. It turned out to be a perfect nude shade for me and I am so in love with it... Here are a pic pics to give you an idea of the shade... Oriflame Stay Glam Lip Color in Caramel Nude The lip color comes in a twin packing... It has a matte lip color on one end and

REVIEW: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Addictive Magenta

As is evident from my previous post, I got myself a Colorbar Haul a couple of days back, which included a Velvet Matte Lipstick as well :) I shall be reviewing it today and will let you guys decide if it qualifies for a good buy or not ;) This lipstick called Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Addictive Magenta is one of the many pinks that I bought within the past couple of months. It comes in a steel and transparent casing which looks really attractive and sits prettily on my dresser. Apart from the shade name "Addictive Magenta", it has also been assigned a code "46P". Am not sure what for though :) The lipstick looks something like this: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Addictive Magenta A swatch for a better idea of the shade: swatch   There is no hiding the fact that I love this shade and have been using it everyday since I bought it :) Though it is matte in texture, it doesn't dry my lips, rather it keeps my lips well moisturized. It has i

My first two Lippies: Maybelline Watershine + Oriflame Giordani Gold Paradise

There comes a stage in one's life when one thinks, retrospects and realizes that life is just rushing past you and you need to try some new tricks to catch on. So I said to myself "Suma... enough attention to the eyes sweetie... let's just do up the lips for a change"... LOL and thus started my quest towards lipsticks! You see I have been blessed with thin lips and so I have always avoided doing them up in a quest to not highlight them. But now I want to adorn them with luscious colors, tempting textures and bright hues. Here are the two lippies that I have got myself as a start... Maybelline Water Shine & Oriflame's Giordani Gold Paradise PURE & Pink Flower On the left is the Maybelline WaterShine PURE in B24 and on the right is Oriflame's Giordani Gold Paradise lipstick in "Pink Flower". The Maybelline lippy is a pretty baby pink that looks really pretty on my lips. It's watery and creamy... extremely moisturizing. the only

CRY FOR HELP: I wanna do Lippies NOW!

 I have always been an "eye girl" but now am kinda getting drawn towards lippies as well... I guess I am growing up ;) Well I wanna start with light pinks, nudes and corals... Dunno which ones should I go for though :'( Any suggestions ladies??? Help me out here!

My Wishlist... droooooool

Lately, I have been going through these Makeup and Beauty blogs for product reviews and have zero-ed in on quite a number of favs. I intend trying them out as soon as I can lay my hands on them and of course as soon as my pocket allows me to ;) So here goes... MY WISHLIST :) ---------------- 1. ColorBar I Glide Eye Pencil: Rs.325/- REVIEW: 2. Urban Decay Primer Potion: NOT AVAILABLE IN INDIA :( REVIEW: 3. Charlie Red by Revlon [Perfume] -> Rs.350/- REVIEW: Very good review and for Rs.350/- I dont mind trying it ;) 4. Pond's Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer -> Rs.215/- REVIEW: 5. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush -> Rs.180/- REVIEW: 6. ELF Mineral Eye Shadow Prime