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REVIEW: Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Super Black

Review of Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Super Black
My mind is blank! I have been sitting, staring at my laptop screen for the last 35 minutes and I cannot come up with something to start my review... Wow! Do bloggers get writer's block too? OMG that sounds so obnoxious... I am no writer... But I swear I am blocked!

Top 10 Kohls Available In India

Top 10 Kohls Available In India ISLM Writer: Sanchita
Kohl or Kajal is such an essential item that can actually bring a whole new magical difference to your look. Be a smoky look, subtle tight lining, thick lining or winged lining, it is something that will define the eyes beautifully, giving a veil of sultry, seductive and mysterious look. We love coloured eyeliners and liquid liners but every girl would agree that there isn't any substitute for jet black kajal. Indian market is flooded with a lot of options but today, I have short listed 10 best of the best kohls, for that smudge-proof, water-proof and long lasting look. So, scroll down to see the list of best kajals.

ISLM Poll Results: Everyone Seems To Dread Panda Eyes!

This Is What Everyone Is Looking For In Their Kohls...
This really didn't come as a surprise now did it... Majority of us preferring a smudge-proof kohl to a blackest black kohl... The Panda-eyes Phobia I call it... If you have a better name for it, do share :)

Some recommendations for Kohls (black) that give you

REVIEW: Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner In Black

Review Of Kryolan Gel Liner Pencil - Black

ISLM Poll: What Do You Look For In Your Kajal?

Your Dream Kajal... Black Or Smudgeproof?

REVIEW: Lakme 9 to 5 Intense Shine Eyeliner in Green

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this before but I am a huge make-up addict. The OTTness has just recently surfaced but you see these things don’t happen just suddenly or so I believe and hence, I know that this addiction has been brewing up since a long long time now, just waiting to rear its Er… pretty head and make its presence felt. You see, it isn’t that I buy whatever I need, its just that I simply buy what I want :P Like I said I am addicted.
So anyways, while I was on one of my these shopping binges, I went to the Lakme counter (Er.. Yes Lakme) in order to check out the new Gypsy collection. I had heard so much about it that I had to had to check it out… So there I was at Mumbai’s Health & Glow browsing through the eye shadow quads that are a part of the much famed Gypsy Collection. Not happy with anything I was just doing a glance over of the counter, when my eyes caught this cute little thing…
Yes Yes! It is the Lakme 9 to 5 Intense Eyeliner in GREEN!!! Yes! Jewel …

REVIEW: L'Oreal Kohl Minerals Eyeliner

I went cosmetics shopping over the weekend in Mumbai and ended up buying a lot of L’Oreal products. One product that I had on my wishlist since pretty long was the Kohl Minerals Powder and so I picked it up with great enthusiasm in Meteorite Blue. I used it this morning for office and have had a mixed feelings experience.
What the site says Whether you're going for dramatic smokey eyes, or a softer romantic 'barely-there' look, Mineral Kohl makes achieving perfect eyeliner easy. In 3 mineral inspired shades the gentle mineral eyeliner is 95% from minerals and perfume, preservative and talc free. The gentle formula is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe making it suitable for the delicate eye area. It has no Perfumes and no preservatives and contains mineral pigments for gentle definition.
My Experience I purchased it cause it looked different, had a novel packaging and I simply loved the shade of blue that was on offer… Meteorite Blue! Here's a swatch... Packaging Like I already s…

Eye Makeup for Diwali: Smokey Golden Eyes

Hey everyone... First of all, here's wishing you all a very Happy Deepavali :) Hope you have all had a very joyful and a fun Diwali... Mine was awesome and I would like to share a few pics of the eye make-up I had done for today's festivities... So here I go... Excuse my unruly eye brows though! LOL...

The products I used for this look are:
maXfactor kajal: BlackELF liquid Eye Liner: blackELF Brightening Shadow: #03 Drama L'Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro: Azur BlondeOriflame Air Soft Powder The procedure is as follows:
1. First, I readied my lids for make-up by dusting loose powder on them. For this I used the Oriflame Air Soft Powder.
2. Next, I applied my kajal thickly on the lower water line and the upper lash line.
3. Then, using the darkest shade in the Drama quad of the ELF shadow, I blended the kajal thus applied in order to achieve a soft look. Do note that the I extended the shadow till the crease.
4. Then, I applied the Golden shade ffrom the L'Oreal trio and ap…

Eye Make-up for Diwali: Golden & Blue Look

With Diwali just a couple of days away, we are all gearing up to look our best for the festival of lights. New clothes, new make-up… It's like you are in paradise :D

The first look that I have tried out for this Diwali look series is a blue and golden eye makeup look.

The products that I have used for this are:
1. L'Oreal Paris ColorAppeal Trio Pro eye shadow: Azur Blonde
2. maXfactor kajal: black
3. ELF liquid eyeliner: black
4. Oriflame Air soft Powder
5. Revlon Waterproof Mascara

The steps are as follows:
1. First, I prepared the base of my eye makeup by dusting some Oriflame Air Soft powder over my lids and also under my eyes. This will delay creasing due to oily lids.
2. Next, I apply the golden shade of shadow over the whole of my lids.
3. Then, taking the midnight blue shadow, I blended it with the golden shadow on the outer 2/3 of my lids. Blending is important here as it will give a finished and a smokey appearance.
4. Then using an angled liner brush and dipping it …

Smokey Eyes for Everyday Wear

Smokey eyes have been IN since a long time now and the make-up trends for Fall Winter 2010 have also been "forecasted" as smokey eyes and bright lips. So, I thought why not go for a smokey eye look that is subtle and can be worn everyday... even to work. And so, I have come up with this look and hence a tutorial to share with you guys :)

The look goes something like this...

Well... For this look I have used the following products:
1. maXfactor Kajal: Black
2. ELF Brightening Eye Color Quad: Drama
3. ELF Liquid Eyeliner

Here go the steps:
1. First of, I use the kajal pencil to line my waterline and the upper lid thickly. It need not be neat, it should just impart a thick black line over the lid.
2. Next, choosing the darkest grey of the shadow quad, smudge it on the kajal that was applied on the upper eye lids and blend them together.
3. Next line the upper lash lines with the liquid eye liner and using a blending/smudging brush smudge the liquid liner on the lids.
4. Then l…

Jai Kajal ki Jai Ho!

On Friday I ran out of my Revlon kajal :( Just to refresh your memory, it was the one that has the perfect "jetness" of black and is extremely smooth as described in my previous post at:
So anyways, now that I had run out of it, the only logical solution seemed to be was to go in search for it. And since I was travelling to Mumbai the next day, I needed it really fast. But of course you don't always get what you want and Murphy's Law struck... My "blackness" personified Revlon was not available anywhere! They were all out of stock... (Hey! Is everyone out there buying it?). And it is 9:30 in the evening with all stores shutting down!

So, out of sheer desperation I go to "Hanuman Stores". It is you know a "kirane ki dukaan" as in a General store selling groceries, cosmetics and the like. I apprehensively go and ask "Bhaiya aap kajal rakhte hain kya" (Bhai…


Kajal, Kohl, Surma... Call it whatever but today, women world over swear by it. Traditionally used since some infinity years in South Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa, the credit of making it a popular cosmetic perhaps goes to CLEOPATRA.

Cleopatra may have used kohl to protect her eyes from the sun's glare but today it has become an essential in every woman's vanity pouch. I for one cannot let a single day go by without kohl-ing my eyes.

We may use it for varied purposes, but the main purpose for a kohl to serve as a cosmetic is to emphasize and dramatize the eyes. I have been using kohl since the past 9 years now (yes I started young and no I am not old!) and can say for sure that I have finally found the method of application that suits me best!

Yes ladies... you all heard me right! It took me 9 long years... And no I am not slow or dumb. I have always liked the effect that kohl has had on my eyes but I could never find a way in which I was actually satisfied with its effe…