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How To Smell Like The French

How To Smell Like The French I had always read that a pharmacy in France was not just for medicines but also for some very serious skin care and hair care. And hence when I entered a Pharmacie in Paris for the first time, I expected to be hit by a barrage of a heady mix of fragrances, an amalgamate of something floral with a hint of oriental spice and probably something citrus...

REVIEW: Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist

Review of Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist Guest Post By: Raunak Okay ladies, as a friend was flying down from us and I recently became obsessed with bath and body works here is another mist review from them as god knows how many mists I purchased. Umm 11 or 12. Ooooppsie! Okay, all jokes aside the mists smell awfully good and come cheap and sometimes in offers like but 3 get 2 free. I used them and got these travel sized bottles.

REVIEW: The Body Shop Satsuma Eau De Toilette

  Review Of TBS Satsuma EDT Summers I Love You... Summers I Adore You... Summers I Wait For You... Yup I am a Summer lover... Of course to many of you all it's almost equivalent to a crime especially for those who come from cities that have the most unbearable Summers :P But there is something about tanned arms, aam pannas, chilled orange juices, Iced teas, swimming pools, shorts and chappals that hold so much romance for me that makes me a warm weather lover through and through...

REVIEW: Bath And Body Works Black Amethyst Fine Fragrance Mist

Review of Bath And Body Works Black Amethyst Fine Fragrance Mist Guest Post By: Raunak A new fragrant saga by the house of Bath & Body Works is dedicated to a gem,black amethyst and presented through the fragrant composition of the new perfume Black Amethyst which belongs to the Signature collection. It was announced as the sexiest edition so far, made of a mixture of sensual flowers, exotic sandalwood and intoxicating spices. Perfumers enriched this perfume with a breath of Italy with sparkling citruses in the top, bergamot, mandarin, tangerine, juicy fruit and water melon juice. The heart awaits us with Lily of the valley, Magnolia, Gardenia, Freesia, Peony petals and Camellia flowers. The base notes include patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, musk and vanilla. Bath & Body Works Black Amethyst has also their accompanying program besides the fragrance in the amount of 75ml (2.5 oz) EDT. The collection encompasses shower gel, body cream, bath, body splash

Perfume Review: Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege For Women

Subtle And Understated

REVIEW: The Body Shop Perfume Oil In Indian Night Jasmine

You know people are known by the kind of clothes they wear, or the kind of makeup they wear or even the kind of accessories they favor? Come on, we all have our favorite friends who dresses a bit to risque or someone who prefers and always dons really chunky statement jewellery or someone who is only seen with Red Lips :) I personally would love myself to be known by my Ahem! signature scent ;) No no I haven't yet worked out my signature scent (It is a tough task I tell ya!) but I have been successful in zero-ing in on atleast the type of scents I like... Something like everyone has a favorite genre in music, same way everyone of us prefers a kind of fragrance... Some like it fruity, some like it floral, some like it musky, the options one has is endless :) Which is the kind I like? I prefer my scents to be warm, woody and somewhat spicy... Something Oriental and something that gives a cozy-ish feeling... I absolutely abhor heady and overwhelming smells and hence likes of Nina

FRAGRANCE REVIEW: Playboy Play It Spicy

Yoohoo everyone :) Today starts a new week of hopes and aspirations and with the previous week ending so brilliantly (India winning over Pak in cricket of course!), this week promises to bring in more excitement and hopefully revelry (only if India meets Pak in the finals and then we win again :P). Also personally my past week ended really well cause you all liked my black smokey eyes tutorial and I myself got a sense of satisfaction after seeing the YT video :) So all in all a fulfilling week :) This week needs me to really tie up laces, pull my pants up and do the following chores... 1. Send my giveaway prizes to Megha and Bidisha (I know I am so irresponsible and Lazy) :( 2. Send my 2999th prize to Parita (ok stop raising your eye brows) 3. Get myself a hair cut. Holi screwed my hair and I am planning to get my hair cut real short. 4. And of course do loads and loads of video tutes and other reader requests. And I am starting with Nimisha's request for reviewing the Pla

REVIEW: The Body Shop Love Etc... Solid Perfume

I am not a fan of "heart shaped" anything.. Pendants, earrings, pillows, balloons.. No missy they are not for me :) But I got myself a heart shaped solid perfume and so you ask why? It's because I love small and tiny "dibbis" (containers) and the little tiny dibbi that the solid perfume came in totally won over the repelling heart shape it had... Though I must say that a fragrance called "Love Etc" would obviously come in a heart shaped container now wouldn't it? Its only natural. So ladies and gentlemen, without much ado let me introduce you all to The Body Shop Solid Perfume called Love Etc... Romantic? Yeah obviously... Cute and Pretty? Oh you bet! :D As you can see in the images below, the solid perfume comes in this cute heart shaped PINK tin container with a white lid. It is the most convenient perfume to carry in your purses (obviously) and its mild floral and feminine Vanilla + Jasmine notes makes it an instant favorite. It has a sweet

REVIEW: TRUE RED edt by Marks and Spencer...

My first ever purchase from a Marks and Spencer store was True Red and a red satin clutch and I have regretted neither :) I had ventured into Marks and Spencer looking to find a signature scent for myself and I found True Red. True Red by Marks and Spencer is a chypre floral fragrance for women. Top notes are orange and pineapple; middle notes are sage and jasmine; base notes are patchouli and musk. Description: Courtesy What I personally think of True Red? Well for starters the moment I took the first whiff of the tester, I was mesmerized! My mood perked up suddenly and I knew I had found what I was looking for. I first purchased it's 50ml bottle for Rs.450/- and have just been using it ever since.A lot of blog sites have described it to be a floral fragrance, but personally I have found it to be more fruity than floral. The smell of Pineapple and Orange engulfs me and keeps me smelling yummy all through