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TUTORIAL: Easy Purple Eye Makeup

Tutorial For A Simple Purple Eye Makeup  I am in this super excited mode right now. I am going on a vacation in two weeks time and might get to meet many of my Kolkata based blog readers and blogger friends. Plus I am going to Bombay tomorrow and will be meeting up with many of the Bombay beauties. And of course it has now stopped raining here in Pune and the sun keeps playing peek-a-boo with the clouds the whole day... This is indeed my favorite kind of weather :) Yet I know the monsoons have actually just begun and so I still carry an umbrella with me (you know just in case) and I still keep all my hair tied up (I just cannot risk a fit of frizzy hair!). Ha!

The Basics of Eye Makeup - Techniques to Master

Basics of Eye Makeup - Part 1 Makeup is fun. If you find it daunting, then you are not looking at it correctly. Maybe if you tilt your head by say 27 degrees and then look at makeup, you'll see how much fun the whole process is :) Makeup is fun because it weaves magic... Because it can turn you from a white swan to a black one in a jiffy! I personally prefer the black version and hence the analogy btw. It is fun because it makes me feel like I hold the key to a lot of crucial things in life including showing the face I want the world to see one day and then an altogether a different on another day. It gives me that power. And like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. But with makeup there is no responsibility and this is what makes makeup the most fun power to have :)   

The Basics of Eye Makeup

  Tips And Tricks To Master The Basics of Eye Makeup While going through my very early posts on the blog a few days ago, I couldn't help but cringe with embarrassment looking at posts after posts of unblended eye shadows, scrawny eyebrows and uneven liquid liners, so much so that I even contemplated deleting many of them... But then I let them be thinking that going through them again and again will remind me that learning is a constant process and that there is always something new that one can imbibe in their makeup process daily... Isn't it?

EOTD & Makeup Break-up: Pink and Taupe

It's been a while I did any EOTDs for the blog... And I promise this time it wasn't laziness ;) The thing is as Winters start setting in and the weather becomes dry, I start getting dry patches over my lids and below my chin :( And though I do use an ointment for it, it does take time for them to heal completely... So last night while washing my face after the gym, when I noticed that the dry patches had started to heal, I for my brushes and my MAC and Inglot palettes out and did an EOTD... It felt so good :) So here it goes... With Flash Without Flash Makeup Breakup 1. MAC Sushi Flower (Light Pink) - Inner 3/4 of the eye 2. Inglot M363 (Taupe) - Outer V 3. Inglot DS51 (Sparkly Orange) - In the crease for blending 4. Maybelline Gel Liner - Lower waterline 5. Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liquid Liner - Upper Lashline (Winged) 6. MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara Hope you liked the look :) The pictures below are with Instagram Effects...   ♥

REVIEW & LOTD: Bad To Bronze from Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Tattoo Range

Yes yes yes... Another review on yet another Maybelline Eye Tattoo... But this time it is Bad To Bronze... And well I wore it to office... Yes it is a very wearable to office color on its own but can be made dressy with either pairing it with a dramatic colored eye shadow or using it as a base underneath a more shimmery shadow... On its own it subtle and well very flattering is what I finding out as the day progresses. Honest to God, I am really getting a lot of appreciative second glances and well even thinrd and fourth and I must say it is totally feeding my Ego ;) Yeah I know Ego is a bad thing and all that jazz but just sometimes feeding it some fodder can do wonders to your self confidence especially if you have a HUGE PRESENTATION lined up later in the day ;) So anyways, this shade isn't really bronze-y but is rather like a pale champagne color on my lids and no my lids are not pigmented. They simply blend with my lid color giving it a subtle glow... I love it :) And if I

Entry2 (Sunset In The Orient) For VanityNoApologies Makeup Contest

Hellloooooo people :) Last night I wasn't getting any sleep (Friday Fever I guess) and so I got out of bed and did this look, which in the morning I decided to send as my second entry to VNA's eye makeup contest :) I started out with Yellow and then tried to mellow it with Orange and somehow it turned out to be like sunset :) Plus it made me look totally Oriental and so I cal this look of mine as Sunset In The Orient! This look has been done using Inglot eye shadow shades DS51 and S400 :) Hope you guys like the look :) Here's the link to the contest btw :)

My Entry #1 For Beauty Diaries' Electrifying Eyes MakeUp Contest

Of course I am participating in another eye makeup contest. This time it is being organized by Kimi of Beauty Diaries in collaboration with L'Oreal (again). Yup! I am so trying my best to win the L'Oreal goodies hamper ;) haha... So anyways... This is my first entry for this electrifying contest and I am calling this look as Purple Smoke :) P.S. Swati Murti asked me to do a less "shiny" or rather a matte look and babe this look is dedicated to you :) I would love for you all to suggest me some looks for both these contests :) The contest link is here

READER REQUEST: Tutorial -> Sparkly Purple Eyes and Pink Lips!

Hellllloooo everyone! :) It's a Monday today and a whole new week of "work" looms in front of us :P But fear not! A new week also brings with it new hopes, aspirations and a quite a handful of surprises! :D So anyways, a few days ago if you all remember I did a review on Revlon Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy . Well Shivani that day had asked me to do a tutorial on the look I had done for the review cause she was to attend a cousin's wedding and her saree was of the same color :) So here you go Shivani, the tutorial's all ready :) Products Used: 1. Oriflame Cream Eye Shadow Base Palette in Blues & Lilacs 2. Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy 3. MAC Eye Shadow in Beauty Marked 4. Maybelline Gel Liner 5. Colorbar Water Proof Liquid Eye Liner 6. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara Finished Look Tutorial 1. I primed my eyes with Oriflame Cream Eye Shadow Base in Purple. Applied it over my lids till the crease ar

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Mineral Eye Shine Trio In BeechWood

There are times in one's life when we need to veer from our comfort zones, our traditional choices, our favorites and do something unexpected or try something that you know just isn't you. I am not saying change for others but if you watch Dexter then you'll know when I say that sometimes you need to blend in ;) So what is the unexpected that I recently did? haha well, instead of buying a smokey palette or bright shades, I go out and get myself a neutral eye shadow palette. Yup that is what counts as "unexpected" for me :P I am sure many of your girls know what I mean :) Why did I get it? The reason is as simple as wanting something "appropriate" for office ;) How do I like it? Well I feel that I am in Neutral Heaven and well I am totally enjoying this new palette of mine :) The shadows are all various shades of brown but are as different as they could be. The dark brown and the highlighter shades are matte while the medium shade is satin. They have

My best friend's wedding

Hello everyone :) My best friend got married yesterday and the week long celebrations have finally come to an end :) Lemme share some pics with you all... Bride's Mehendi After the haldi :) Me with the bride to be :) On the wedding day... Just arrived at the venue She let me do her make-up :) She actually let me do her make-up :) The bride with her mom She actually let me do her make-up for a couple of functions and wow did I feel elated or what :) I'll do a post about what I wore and what make-up I did for the wedding reception... Stay tuned :)