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REVIEW: ZA Shiseido True White Two-Way Foundation

  REVIEW: ZA Shiseido True White Two-Way Foundation There are three kinds of people in the world, one with whom we get along with in a snap, the second with whom we want to get along with and we somehow make the friendship work and the third are the ones with whom we just cannot get along with, how much ever we try ... Makeup products are similar... 

REVIEW: Za-Shiseido Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream

  REVIEW: Za-Shiseido Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream Every time I am back from a vacation, my hair and my skin always tell the story of climatic changes and environmental pollution. It wasn't a matter of concern till a couple of years back. But now that I am almost in my 30s, I know I need to start taking a little extra care of my skin :)

CONTEST: Win a seat in the Za-Shiseido Beauty Class

  CONTEST: Stand A Chance to Win a Seat for the Za-Shiseido Beauty Class in your City! The House of Shiseido presents Za Beauty School - an exclusive experience with Za’s high skin expertise of Za and Japanese “Omotenashi” [Hospitality]. At Za we believe beautiful skin begins with understanding your own skin and adopting the right skincare regime. Now with Za Beauty School, Indian Metropolitan women will get a chance to master skincare, the Japanese way! Za Beauty School will be held by one of the most prolific Beauty Experts from the House of Shiseido, Megumi Mitsui who will take the participants step by step from cleansing to moisturizing for that perfect skin. She will also use Shiseido’s patented Skin Analyzer to evaluate the guests’ skin moisture levels, melanin content, texture and skin age.

REVIEW: Za True White Toner

  Review of Za True White Toner from the House of Shiseido Remember the time I went to Kiehl's to get a free skin consultation and they told me that even though I had been thinking that I had dry skin for the past 28 years of my life, I in actuality had combination skin! Remember now?

REVIEW: Za True White Day Cream from The House of Shiseido

  Review of Za True White Day Cream from The House of Shiseido The Indian market perhaps the Asian market is abuzz with loads of whitening products and honestly I give a shit about fairness or whitening products but when you get back to work and see PR samples sitting on your testing table (yup the pati knows to keep my PR boxes on my testing table only) you have no choice but to sample the wares. I generally give reviewing these "whitening" products a miss but I have honestly read so much about Za that my curiosity got the better of me... So I read the product carton back to back and top to bottom and you will be surprised at what I discovered...

REVIEW: ZA True White Night Cream from The House of Shiseido

  Review of ZA (From the house of Shiseido) True White Night Cream Guest Post By: Priyanka Hey! This is my first blog post for ISLM and I sure hope that I am associated with this wonderfully vibrant blog for a very long time! The brand Za is the latest offering from The House of Shisedo in the Indian market. Shisedo is known for its high end skin care solutions while Za is its popular Asian subsidiary. While its launch in the Indian market hasn’t exactly made a huge splash, it is being eyed carefully by its drugstore counterparts.