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My Current Winter Skincare Routine

That's me without any makeup My Current Winter Skincare Routine Having lived almost half my life in Pune, I have literally forgotten what cold weather day in and day out can actually feel like. Don't get me wrong, I have seen my fair share of cold climates in Ladakh, Sikkim and even places like Gwalior, however since tthe past 15 years now I haven't really been subjected to long continuous periods of cold weather, if you know what I am saying :) Even though Pune doesn't get very cold, it does get excruciatingly dry and for someone like me who has super super dry skin, this can pose to be a problem... I need to have very different skincare regimens and list of products for various seasons. So today I decided to share my current skincare routine with you all... I would love for you guys to share yours with me and give me a insight into how you handle the cold weather season! Cleansing, Exfoliating and Toning Ground Coffee Beans, TBS Camomile Clea

Drugstore Skin Care Products This Winter #BackToBasics

Drugstore Winter Skincare Products Drugstore Skin Care Products This Winter #BackToBasics 10 more days to go and we will be bidding adieu to 2016... It's been an interesting year alright, professionally, personally and blog wise... 2016 is the year I actually grew up mentally and emotionally... It has been the year of finding myself, doing stupid things and learning things first hand, gaining confidence and getting a perspective about what my priorities are in life... Needless to say 2016 gave me my life's maximum number of ups and downs till date and also is leaving me with a feeling that things are not gonna slow down in the near future... I am kinda bracing myself but at the same time I am pretty excited :)