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Preview & First Impressions: Studio West Beauty Products by Westside

Preview & First Impressions: Studio West Beauty Products by Westside

There always is that one thing that can cheer you up instantly... It could be your dog, a cup of hazelnut cappuccino, a loved one, a movie, a song, could be anything... At the risk of sounding vain and shallow let me confess that for me its makeup that is an instant lift-me-up... So nobody is happier than me when a new line of makeup products are launched...
And when they are reasonably priced, my day is just made :)

REVIEW: QESS (Quality Essentials) Magnolia Body Lotion

Outfit Post: A Day Out with Mamma to the First Indian Starbucks

By now everyone knows that Starbucks has finally entered India in alliance with Tata and their flagship store has been set shop in South Mumbai at the Hornimun Circle Area... So this weekend when I went to Mumbai, I knew I had to go brunching with my mom to Starbucks and yay what an experience :) Now of course everyone says that Starbucks is one of the most overrated coffee shops in the world and all that jazz but really I am having a 60 seconds of fame thing going on and plus come on Starbucks is finally in India, is something I really think we as Indians should celebrate :) Foreign investors coming to our country to earn money is like a big deal people!
Isn't it awesome to see the Starbucks sign in Hindi/Marathi? ;)

Here, is what I wore...

Outfit Breakup
1. Electric Blue Denims: WESTSIDE
2. Baby Pink Top: PUNE CENTRAL
3. Nude Ballerina Flats: CATWALK  (this one's for you Sheetal ;) )

My mom's Fashionista moment ;) Isn't she cute? :)

I love her peach denims! I am so gett…