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VIDEO REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Collection Star Red Lipsticks

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Collection Star Red Lipsticks
The Indian Beauty Blogosphere has been since the past couple of weeks gushing, raving and incessantly talking about a range of Red lipsticks from L'Oreal Paris called the Collection Star Red range... I know at least I am ;)

My Skincare Routine Video - Summer 2014

Video - My Summer Skincare Routine & Products
With the summers in full swing and the weather so hot and dry, my skin is very often exposed to a lot of harshness and fluctuating environmental elements. This often leads to dry and patchy skin and many a times, acne... Hence, over the years, I have come to almost master the art of knowing what products my skin is in need of and when... And today I'd like to share with you all a little about such products that constitute my summer skincare routine...

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Simple & Easy Makeup for Work

Simple & Easy Makeup for Work - A Video Tutorial
Makeup for Work need not always be dull, drab or boring... And no I am not asking you to get out of your comfort zones and experiment with Reds and Fuschias at your (if conservative) workplace. What I am saying is using neutral shades like MAC Patina, MAC Cork and L'Oreal Caresse Shine Lipstick in Pretty Woman can be used for a well turned out and understated glamorous look...

And I have a video tutorial for it, for you guys :)

Video: Get Ready With Me For A Quick Winter Makeup Look

A Quick Winter Makeup Video Tutorial
The weather in Pune is getting awesome by the minute... With a slight nip in the air and yet abundant sunshine, it is really hard not to want to laze on your sunny terrace with a mug of Green Tea, some PikWik (strictly chocolate) and an Agatha Christie... Well at least that's how I envisioned spending my Winter vacations... However, closer to reality, I spent the whole sunny afternoon clicking pictures of products one after another till I was so exhausted that I brewed myself a cup of sweet but kadak Indian Chai and watched reruns of CSI Miami...

VIDEO: Get Ready WIth Me and L'Oreal Poptastic Collection...

Get Ready With Me Video Using L'Oreal Poptastic Collection

I am in love with this collection. Period. Of course I cannot stop using the L'Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Stain (review HERE) and I am so hooked to the Eyeshadow palette called Luminous Eyes... But what has held me captivated this time is the gorgeous L'Oreal Color Riche Le Nail Art in Pink Paradise...

Video Tutorial: Soft Eye Makeup with Matte Coral Lips

Video Tutorial for A Soft Makeup Look with Coral Lips
After the disastrous Fast And The Furious 6, the pati and I have almost lost faith in English movie sequels and while choosing a movie to go for tonight, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani became the obvious choice. However, God had other plans and all the shows for it were sold out... We finally settled for The Hangover 3, keeping our fingers crossed that it fares at least an ounce better than FF6 :)

REVIEW: MAC Brush Cleanser

Review of MAC Brush Cleanser
One at times comes across some really rare products that are so precious that they change the way you look at life... Philosophical much? Ha! Well all I want to say is that MAC Brush Cleanser has changed the way I look at the process of cleaning my brushes and has brought about a revolution on my vanity...

For the complete video review go on reading :)