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Valentine's Day Makeup Look - 5 Lip Colors

Valentine's Day Makeup Look - 5 Lip Colors
So this year the pati and I are celebrating a long distance Valentine's Day... If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I visited Delhi for a day on Wednesday... The pati however decided to stay on longer and well hence the long distance Valentine's Day this year...

LOTD: Valentines Day Makeup Look with Maybelline Instaglam Valentine's Gift Kit

LOTD: Valentines Day Makeup Look with Maybelline Instaglam Valentine's Gift Kit
Happy Valentines Day my loves... Its 3:16 am and I am still up working on making last touches to this Valentines Day post... I'd like to say that its my dedication to the blog but in all honesty it has more to do with an insomniac streak than sincerity ;)

LOTD: Valentine's Day Date Night Look in Olive Green & Plum

LOTD: Valentine's Day Date Night Look in Olive Green & Plum
Bored with pinks and reds for Valentine, I wanted to do something different... I mean it is natural to gravitate towards pretty shades of Pink, Purple and Red but with everyone doing the same thing I wanted to do something different. Of course there is quite a huge probability of me going for something PINK on the D-Day ;)

LOTD: Valentines Night Look...

This Year It Wasn't About Pink...

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Paint Pot in IndianWood and a Valentine's Day Look

Of course you all have heard of MAC Paint Pots and of course you have heard of IndianWood as well... But you guys'll need to be patient and hear me out when I say that I love it and I very well intend to make you guys fall in love with it as well if you are already not ;) It is this gorgeous shade of Gold, which is less yellow and more coppery. It is an antique coppery gold with a smooth buttery texture, which dries up real fast and then doesn't budge an inch :) It stays on my oily lids like forever :D

Image of the Product



Oooohhss And Aaahhhsss!!
1. It's a gorgeous shade.
2. It's stays on for like ever!
3. It does not crease even on my oily lids.
4. It can be used as an eye shadow as well as a base.
5. Its smooth and buttery and very easy to work with.
6. At 1100/- some might find it a bit expensive but trust me it is worth every penny and it goes on like forever and just doesn't get over :P
7. It is waterproof and smudge proof. It does not transfer and…

GUEST POST: Valentine's Day Look and Tutorial

Guest Post by Bidisha
You all know that I have a giveaway underway on ISimplyLoveMakeUp where I will have two winners. One winner wins a GlossyBox and another winner will win three of my favorite lipsticks :) If you haven't entered it yet then worry not beauties you can still enter it here. As a part of one of the rules, Bidisha from has very sweetly done a guest post about a Valentine's Day look and a tutorial :) I wont introduce her to you all just yet, for that you'll have to be a little more patient and wait for a couple of more days ;) So over to her for now... Hello everyone...
This is Bidisha here I am so excited today to write a post for my adorable friend suma <3 So today i thought of doing an easy eyemakeup tutorial for you all This particular eyemakeup can be done during day and is also suitable for evening ! In this tutorial I used sponge applicator instead of brushes. So lets get started with the tutorial Here …

REVIEW & LOTD: Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy (Valentine Special)

With Valentine's Day around the corner and we already into Valentine's week, I can't help but like all pinks and purples and you will suddenly find a gush of LOTDs and Hauls with a lot of these shades. Don't be alarmed! It'll pass soon :)

Anyways, as you all know we had a Pune Blogger's Meet the other day and I picked up this newly launched sparkly mono eye shadows from Revlon called Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy which is a gorgeous sparkly purple shade that is perfect for a special night out with your guy! Heck! It's actually perfect for night-outs with anyone ;)

The shade is a sheer blackish-purple with a lot of Purple chunky glitter in it. Chunky glitter? Yup you got it! Gorgeous but a lot of fall-out and difficult to blend :( Come on let's go through the pros and cons one by one and lastly see the beauty of the shadow and then make your own conclusions ;)

Image of The Product


LOTD- Valentine Special!

Oooohhss A…