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Reader Query: How to Get a Glow for Dry Skin

I keep getting a lot of queries for getting glowing skin, but this I guess is the first time I got one that sounded really earnest... So rather than rattling out "my" skin care regimen and products, I decided to do an in-depth post about it. I analysed and researched a LOT and I finally came up with this... Do read on... And btw this is what Vani asked :) Hey Suma :) First thing Kudos to you and your blog... I just love you and your cute face.... and yes you have a wonderful smile :) Keep doing this good job.. My query is I apply moisturizer (fab india green tea) and then I apply maybelilne BB cream but somehow I feel my skin is not glowing from inside. I feel that I am missing somewhere... I am always confused when should I use sunscreen (though maybelline BB cream has SPF 21+) and also do I need to apply loose powder. I have dry skin and after applying the BB cream my skin looks bit oily. I have dark circles as well so please suggest me what cream should I use to make

Reader Request: Kareena Kapoor's Makeup For Tanned Skin

Ms Nyx asks, Hey Samyukta, Let me begin by telling you that I have spent hours checking out your blog. Love the effort you put in and although I'm a new follower, I'm hooked. I have 2 requests. 1. I love how Kareena's makeup is usually a soft eyeliner, with blush and it looks like she hasn't used bronzer to sculpt her face here and here - my prob is every time I use peachy blush like her I end up looking more tan than I am. Are there any alternatives except for pink? I don't want color to drain off my face. Please, could you do a Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup tutorial for tanned skin? 2. What's your take on mineral blushes for the summer? My powder blushes just disappear during the day and cream blushes ain't for me cuz it makes my skin oily.  It'll be really nice to hear from you. Keep up the great work! Love, Ms. Nyx of Bak Bak Queen First off thanks so much Ms Nyx for liking my blog so much :D and appreciating

Video Tutorial (Reader Request): Face Contouring

Manali says... i would like u to help me out with face contouring...i really love the way u do it...a video tute would be really helpful.. and if possible use lakme absolute moon lit highliter to do the tute i have my farewell next week...n i plan to do my make-up on my own...also if u can suggest some makeup tips(specially blush,e/s, lippie) for a dark navy blue would be an early evening function FYI....and yeah i have fair to wheatish complexion with yellow undertone(sorry for this kinda description but i dnt know my NC/NW number)...i can mail u a pick of mine(please let me know)...thanks a lot Manali did mail her and her saree's pic and I must say that she is gorgeous :) First off Manali your saree is a beautiful Navy Blue with a lot of golden detailing work right, so I would suggest you to stick with a dark blue and golden combo itself. Plus you say that its an early evening function, hence a smokey look or even a simple dark blue shadow would be quite ou

READER QUERY: How To Apply Makeup on Darker Lids

Dimpal asks... hi Suma, i want ur help .. i have duskier eyelids.. colors just refuses to show on my eyelids... i use nyx eyeshadow base and garnier anti dark circle roll on too but thy r nt much help... thnx n Luv A lot of us have this issue of having darker eye lids due to which eye shadows do not show up with as much pigmentation as it does on others. But fear not :) Like I always say MakeUp is like magic and it can help you achieve any look you covet and so makeup has a solution for this problem too :) Did I sound very dramatic here? :P There are three things you can do... 1. Apply a good eye primer before you apply your shadow but you already do that and it doesn't help right? So you'll need to follow steps 2 and 3 :) 2. Use a good concealer, which I am assuming will be 2 shades lighter than your lids and a similar shade to your face. Apply it generously on your lid area till your brow bone. This will ensure a clean and an even canvas to start with your eye makeu

Video Tutorial (reader request): Purple Blue Look

As you all know Zara had asked me to do a tutorial for a blue and purple makeup look, which she wanted to wear for a friend's reception. A few posts earlier I had shared the finished look with you all. Here is the video tutorial now :) Products Used: Face 1. TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact 2. Illamasqua Blush in Morale 3. Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highter 4. MUFE Star Powder in shade 940 Eyes 1. NYX Eye Shadow base 2. Inglot Eye Shadow DS72 on the lid. 3. Matte Blue Eye Shadow from Sleek Bad Girl Palette for the crease 4. Blue Eye Shadow from L'Oreal Azur Blonde Trio 5. Revlon Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy 6. Maybelline Gel Liner 7. Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Liner 8. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara I hope you like the video :)  

Video Tutorial (reader request): Black Smokey Eyes

I am starting with a series of video tutorials based on my reader requests and this look is the first of the lot requested by Heer. She wanted a classic black smokey eye look with Nude Lips. Products Used   Face 1. TBS Extra Virgin Mineral Cream Compact Foundation 2. Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter 3. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fuscia  Eyes 1. MAC Painterly Paint Pot 2. Faces Kajal as base 3. Inglot Eye Shadow in M378 (Taupe shade) 4. Black Eye Shadow from Sleek "Bad Girl" Palette 5. Maybelline gel liner 6. Colorbar waterproof liquid liner 7. Maxfactor false lash effect mascara Watch "Makeup Tutorial: Black Smokey Eyes" on YouTube

Video Tutorial: Wearable Orange EOTD

As promised earlier in the morning, I am ready with a video tutorial for the EOTD I did with while reviewing Ingot eye shadow DS 51. Like I mentioned earlier today in my review, this eye shadow is a gorgeous warm Orange shade that seems to be flattering to all skin tones. Let me now go ahead with the tutorial :) Products used: 1. The body shop extra virgin minerals cream compact foundation<br> 2. Colorbar blush in floral fuscia<br> 3. Make up for ever star powder in 940 4. Ingot eye shadow in DS 51 5. Ingot eye shadow in Pearl 421 6. Maybelline gel liner in black 7. Colorbar water proof liquid liner 8. Nyx eye shadow base Video tutorial Mobile Phone Compatible Cannot be viewed on a cell phone :(

LOTD & Video Tutorial: A Quick Makeup Look

I told you all last week how my Saturdays are generally spent with my guy going to office and me getting ready and seeing him for lunch :) Well this Saturday was no difference and we went to Cafe Linger On for lunch where we actually won a Quiz contest held by them as well ;) So all in all a Saturday well spent! :D Here's the look I did this Saturday... Nothing too fancy rather a quick one mostly cause I slept in late and well wasn't left with much time to get ready ;) So I did a flat 4 mins look and tell me if you guys like it... Also, as you all know I am lately obsessed with making video tutorials, I have made one for this look too. Its a quick look, makes you look all fresh and girly and hence perfect for a daytime appointment :) Do check out the video as well and "like", "favorite" and do "subscribe" :) This honestly is a flat 4 minutes look and perfect for times when you are in a serious hurry! :D P.S. I have done a similar loo

Video Tutorial: Spring Make-Up

First off, thank you to all of my readers and new "youtube" subscribers for liking my first video tute and hence encouraging me and making me all confident about doing such video tutorials... And so I am here with another ;) The look I have done here is a pretty and a girlie Spring Make-Up... Hope you guys like it. Do check it out on youtube... Comment, Like and Do Subscribe :) Link to the youtube video... Hope you like it :)

READER REQUEST: Tutorial -> Sparkly Purple Eyes and Pink Lips!

Hellllloooo everyone! :) It's a Monday today and a whole new week of "work" looms in front of us :P But fear not! A new week also brings with it new hopes, aspirations and a quite a handful of surprises! :D So anyways, a few days ago if you all remember I did a review on Revlon Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy . Well Shivani that day had asked me to do a tutorial on the look I had done for the review cause she was to attend a cousin's wedding and her saree was of the same color :) So here you go Shivani, the tutorial's all ready :) Products Used: 1. Oriflame Cream Eye Shadow Base Palette in Blues & Lilacs 2. Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy 3. MAC Eye Shadow in Beauty Marked 4. Maybelline Gel Liner 5. Colorbar Water Proof Liquid Eye Liner 6. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara Finished Look Tutorial 1. I primed my eyes with Oriflame Cream Eye Shadow Base in Purple. Applied it over my lids till the crease ar

GUEST POST: Valentine's Day Look and Tutorial

Guest Post by Bidisha You all know that I have a giveaway underway on ISimplyLoveMakeUp where I will have two winners. One winner wins a GlossyBox and another winner will win three of my favorite lipsticks :) If you haven't entered it yet then worry not beauties you can still enter it here . As a part of one of the rules, Bidisha from has very sweetly done a guest post about a Valentine's Day look and a tutorial :) I wont introduce her to you all just yet, for that you'll have to be a little more patient and wait for a couple of more days ;) So over to her for now... Hello everyone... This is Bidisha here I am so excited today to write a post for my adorable friend suma <3 So today i thought of doing an easy eyemakeup tutorial for you all This particular eyemakeup can be done during day and is also suitable for evening ! In this tutorial I used sponge applicator instead of brushes. So lets get starte

LOTD & TUTORIAL: Fun and Flirty Eyes with Coastal Scents Original :)

Though my guy runs a software firm, he doesn't really believe in IT's 5 days a week working policy. So every Saturday sees me sleeping in late while the guy rushes to office early morning. And so our Saturday lunch rituals are generally in his office and this gives me an opportunity to doll up and then meet him for lunch :) hehehe... So today I took this blue flared skirt of mine with some white embroidery and a Red top :) And since the look was all girlie, fun and summery I took out my Coastal Scents Original palette for its plethora of colors and created this EOTD :) Hope you guys like it! Top and Skirt from Westside     EOTD with 3 shades of eye shadows Hope you guys liked the look :) Products Used 1. Coastal Scents Originall 88 Eye Shadow Palette 2. Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter 3. Inglot Lip Pan in Shade 41 4. Colorbar Blush in Plum Brown 5. Maybelline Gel Liner 6. Colorbar Water Proof Liquid Liner 7. Maxfactor Lash Effect Masc

TUTORIAL & LOTD: Soft Shimmery Green Eye Makeup

You all know what a s*cker I am for smokey eyes, which is often not very wearable and inappropriate for very many occasions especially Indian wedding related. For example what if there is an engagement ceremony during lunch. What we often do is end up patting some golden/copper eye shadow and a nice Red or a Pink lipstick and we are ready to go. My today's look is for one similar occasion and the best part is that it is really simple to do :) Here's the look! Products Used: Products Used Face I have not udes anything, but you are obviously welcome to use your favorite products :) Eyes 1. Faces Sparkle Dust Stack of loose pigments 2. Faves Kajal 3. MAC Painterly Paint Pot 4. Maybelline Gel Eye Liner 5. Maxfactor Fake Lash Effect Mascara 6. Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Lips 1. Faces Rouge Lipstick in Catherine Cheeks 1. Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter (Bronzer Shade) Procedure 1. First prime your lids with a