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LOTD & Tutorial: Pink & Purple Cut Crease Look

Makeup Tutorial for a Cut Crease Look My daily routine (on weekdays) after I get back from work spells something like this... Get back -> Change -> Hit the Gym -> Cook Dinner -> Do a makeup look/LOTD -> Wait for pati to be back home -> Get his feedback -> Wash face -> Have Dinner -> Blog about the look... Being married to a guy who loves women in makeup is a perk I get to enjoy and hence in turn being married to a beauty blogger is a perk that the pati gets to enjoy... It's like a win-win situation for both of us... Hence, I make it a point to be in my makeup (LOTD for the blog) till the pati is back, so as to get his feedback and only then do I wash off my face... It's like a ritual that we follow almost daily and that we secretly enjoy ;)

Video Tutorial: Soft Eye Makeup with Matte Coral Lips

  Video Tutorial for A Soft Makeup Look with Coral Lips After the disastrous Fast And The Furious 6 , the pati and I have almost lost faith in English movie sequels and while choosing a movie to go for tonight, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani became the obvious choice. However, God had other plans and all the shows for it were sold out... We finally settled for The Hangover 3 , keeping our fingers crossed that it fares at least an ounce better than FF6 :)

Reader Request: Tutorial For Makeup With a Pink and Silver Saree

Makeup Tutorial Poorva says... Hi :) Could you help me out ? I'm wearing a pink and silver saree for an event, and was wondering what kindof eye makeup would go with that? it's a light pink lace saree with silver sequins , thin border n some work here n there- all silver. It.s got a very elegant look so i was thinking would a silver smokey eye look good? or something else? do suggest something as soon as u can ! :) it.s a day event, n in college so nothing too fancy! U know na how engg colleges r :P n also if u could suggest a blush n lippie?  something easily available n affordable? or u could just tell what kind of blush n lippie would look best with the look? basically asking this coz im new to blushes n lippies n IMO everything pink would look odd, no? I have only a few blushes which r mostly similar pinks only! thank you :)

Tutorial: Everyday Glowing Look

Tutorial For An Everyday Glowing Look...

TUTORIAL: Purple Smoked Out Eyes With MAC Trax

Tutorial Featuring MAC Trax

Makeup When I Have The Dreaded Flu...

I have always been extremely susceptible to the Flu :/ I have to have it at every season change. It's almost like a weather forecast that my body does before we embark into what the coming season offers... People keep telling me that this happens because I have weak immunity and that I should have a lot of Vitamin C and all that... Now I am person who has Oranges/Apples/Strawberries and Amla in my diet everyday single day so I doubt I have a Vitamin C deficiency and well as far as a weak immunity is concerned, it's only the Flu that catches up with me... My body seems to be quite immune to other viruses doing the rounds... Well anyways, the post isn't really about the deficiencies in my body but how I actually combat the flu in terms of makeup ;) So going ahead, this is what I do...

TUTORIAL: Easy Everyday Eye Brightening Makeup

You know the time when you have a major presentation at office first thing in the morning and you need to be look really presentable, alert and well awake at the least... But you and your friends decide on a whim to go party all night and come home all sloshed that forces you to wake all groggy, hungover and well disheveled... Sound familiar? It sure is the story of my life... But I worry not and I urge you my friends to not fret too cause I have the ultimate trick in my kitty that not only sees you through your presentation but also gets you second glances for how naturally gorgeous and glowy you look ;) Yes of course coffee does the trick to some extent but I what I really am hinting here is more "cosmetic" in nature ;) Yup! Ladies please welcome the Eye Highlighter :) Now here's a pic with the aforementioned makeup on me that took me like 3 minutes to do... Notice how fresh I look after putting in 10 hours at work, half an hour of gym and an hour of cooking dinne

TUTORIAL/READER REQUEST: Simple Wedding Eye Makeup

Yes yes I am doing a tutorial on a very simple wedding eye makeup today. It was requested by Supriya Pawar as she is getting married in a small town... Though I don't know the venue details but I know it's gonna be a bengali wedding and so I am dreaming of the locale to be the exotic Sunderbans with their tropical mangroves and a rustic setting... Oh! It sounds all romantic and adventurous all at the same time :) Isn't it :) Supriya, I wish you a very happy married life ahead :) Now because of the locale she will not be having any access to any MUA and so she has to do her own makeup! For some it's scary but for me who did her own wedding makeup, I say go for it girl! It'll be fun and it'll be something you'll remember forever :D Fret not! It's your wedding and anything you do will be seen with reverence and awe ;) TRUST ME! Unless of course you have some nagging aunts in the family who don't approve of anyone doing anything ;) So enough of my ra

Hair Tutorial (Video): Three Ways To Pouf Your Hair

On popular demand I am here with my first hair tutorial :) It's a basic tutorial that shows you three ways to pouf your hair and look all glamorous Hollywood style ;) I hope you guys like it and do like and comment on it. And yes please do subscribe to my youtube channel here: And here's the link if you want to watch it directly on youtube :) You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here :)                                           

READER QUERY: Tips For Natural Looking Makeup

Hi Samyukta, Thankyou for your response ! I am a make-up fan, however, don’t like patchy/loud makeup..After seeing your nude make-up, I’ve fallen in love with it and would be keen to learn the techniques…Also, would like an advice on whether it will suit me & what best colours could go with my complexion...I would appreciate if I could be one of the selective few to understand this style from you J Regards Reshma Suri Thank you Reshma for your kind words :) I am so glad you liked my nude/natural makeup look and would like to try it out for yourself too :) I feel honored... Here are a few looks of mine in neutral/nude makeup... If you observe all these looks closely, you'll notice a pattern... Glowing skin, defined lips and healthy glossy lips. So we're gonna see how we can achieve that today... Now before I start with various techniques and pointers to achieve a flawless natural lool here is a list of tools and products that we shall be n

Reader Request: Anushka Sharma's MakeUp in the Canon Ad

Basically, importantly, fundamentally many beauty bloggers have already done this tute like Sukanya and Bidisha but Pranali has been asking me to do this since two weeks now and she kinda gave me an ultimatum to do it on Sunday during our blogger's meet and well I had to oblige :) Sukanya and Bids you did some awesome work on it and I totally "dig" both your tutes... I hope my doing this tute isn't gonna step on any toes :) I will be doing my interpretation of the look :) Honestly? I have taken the picture quadrant from Sukanya's blog "A Few Unnecessary Stuff" :D My Interpretation Anushka's look is actually a very simple, everyday look with well defined eyes and peachy lips. The overall look is crisp and can be worn almost everyday. I am even wearing it to office today :) 1. Let us analyse the eyes first... The eyes as you can see is well defined with kohl in the waterline and no fuss with any nude or white liner to make the eyes s

LOTD & Video Tutorial: A Quick Makeup Look

I told you all last week how my Saturdays are generally spent with my guy going to office and me getting ready and seeing him for lunch :) Well this Saturday was no difference and we went to Cafe Linger On for lunch where we actually won a Quiz contest held by them as well ;) So all in all a Saturday well spent! :D Here's the look I did this Saturday... Nothing too fancy rather a quick one mostly cause I slept in late and well wasn't left with much time to get ready ;) So I did a flat 4 mins look and tell me if you guys like it... Also, as you all know I am lately obsessed with making video tutorials, I have made one for this look too. Its a quick look, makes you look all fresh and girly and hence perfect for a daytime appointment :) Do check out the video as well and "like", "favorite" and do "subscribe" :) This honestly is a flat 4 minutes look and perfect for times when you are in a serious hurry! :D P.S. I have done a similar loo

Video Tutorial: Spring Make-Up

First off, thank you to all of my readers and new "youtube" subscribers for liking my first video tute and hence encouraging me and making me all confident about doing such video tutorials... And so I am here with another ;) The look I have done here is a pretty and a girlie Spring Make-Up... Hope you guys like it. Do check it out on youtube... Comment, Like and Do Subscribe :) Link to the youtube video... Hope you like it :)

READER REQUEST: Tutorial -> Sparkly Purple Eyes and Pink Lips!

Hellllloooo everyone! :) It's a Monday today and a whole new week of "work" looms in front of us :P But fear not! A new week also brings with it new hopes, aspirations and a quite a handful of surprises! :D So anyways, a few days ago if you all remember I did a review on Revlon Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy . Well Shivani that day had asked me to do a tutorial on the look I had done for the review cause she was to attend a cousin's wedding and her saree was of the same color :) So here you go Shivani, the tutorial's all ready :) Products Used: 1. Oriflame Cream Eye Shadow Base Palette in Blues & Lilacs 2. Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy 3. MAC Eye Shadow in Beauty Marked 4. Maybelline Gel Liner 5. Colorbar Water Proof Liquid Eye Liner 6. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara Finished Look Tutorial 1. I primed my eyes with Oriflame Cream Eye Shadow Base in Purple. Applied it over my lids till the crease ar