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TRAVEL: Italia Part 2 - Fiumicino & Roma Termini

When In Rome Do As The Romans Do If I was asked as to where I'd like to plan my next vacation, I'd say Rome :) And before they raised their eyebrows, I'd hurriedly add "and Southern Italia"... Like I mentioned in my Italia Part 1 post , Sicily, Napoli and Sardigna is something I regret not visiting (due to time constraints) and hence if I ever get a chance to travel again, you know where I will be going :)

TRAVEL: Italia Part 1 - An Introduction

The Duomo in Florence An Introduction to My Italian Vacation Why Italy? This was the first question people asked me when I told them that I had planned a 10 day vacation to the ancient land of the Roman Empire. Why ONLY Italy? The second most common question that everyone, literally everyone asked me when I let them know that I had applied for a Schengen Visa and I planned to only travel to Italy and no other country... The common logic being, if you are paying for a Schengen Visa then why not cover more countries and do the jaded (Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva) route... The obvious point being, same amount of money, same number of vacation days and you get to cover 4 countries!