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TRAVEL: Italia Part 2 - Fiumicino & Roma Termini

When In Rome Do As The Romans Do
If I was asked as to where I'd like to plan my next vacation, I'd say Rome :) And before they raised their eyebrows, I'd hurriedly add "and Southern Italia"... Like I mentioned in my Italia Part 1 post, Sicily, Napoli and Sardigna is something I regret not visiting (due to time constraints) and hence if I ever get a chance to travel again, you know where I will be going :)

TRAVEL: Italia Part 1 - An Introduction

An Introduction to My Italian Vacation
Why Italy?
This was the first question people asked me when I told them that I had planned a 10 day vacation to the ancient land of the Roman Empire.

Why ONLY Italy?
The second most common question that everyone, literally everyone asked me when I let them know that I had applied for a Schengen Visa and I planned to only travel to Italy and no other country... The common logic being, if you are paying for a Schengen Visa then why not cover more countries and do the jaded (Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva) route... The obvious point being, same amount of money, same number of vacation days and you get to cover 4 countries!

ISLM Travel Diaries: Bangalore to Pondicherry - The Road Trip

Bangalore to Pondicherry - The Road Trip
This post has been long due. If you read my first post about my trip to Pondicherry, you'd know that my sister and I traveled did a little road trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry in the first week of September, It being an "only sisters" trip, it was both special and exhilarating.

ISLM Travel Diaries: Bangalore to Pondicherry

A Road Trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry
Road Trips are special and if it is with your sister, then they take a whole new dimension altogether... My sister and I have made a pact that we shall be doing 1 trip every year, just the two of us... No parents, no in-laws, no husbands/boy friends and in the future, no children... This was our first ever trip of this sort and hence it was special... It was after all the Maiden Once-A-Year-Sisters-Only-Road-Trip and no doubt a hugely liberating experience...

Travel Diaries: ISLM Goes To Maipur #2. The journey...

On My Way To Manipur Via Kolkata...
Ok! So the chances are that by the time you guys read this post I would be most likely roaming the streets of this bustling city and showing the pati around, especially little landmarks near where I spent a very significant 3 years of my life... I lived here during the prime of my adolescence and hence there is this special yet unsaid bond that I share with this City of Joy called Kolkata.

ISLM Rants: Travel Friendly Containers Anyone?

Are you into travel friendly containers for toiletries and makeup?
I started with my packing yesterday... If you don't know as to why have I taken up this odious task of
packing up the favorites from my belongings and have started stuffing them in cramped boxes (read suitcases) that are generally stored in the overhead storage spaces, gathering dust and cobwebs, then you should first check this post of mine first... The previous sentence does make it sound like I hate packing doesn't it? Well yeah I do... I abhor packing and then unpacking :/ They are the worst verbs in my English grammar...

So anyways, keeping the post about what it is actually supposed to be... Travel Friendly Containers... Let's move ahead :)

Travel Diaries: ISLM Goes to Manipur #1. A Little Introduction to Manipur...

An Upcoming Trip To My Hometown In Manipur
When people ask me about my hometown I am generally at a loss and I have a hard time deciding in my mind as to which city should I be telling them about... The flip side of being a fauji's kid with genes from a mix of communities, being married into a third community altogether and having settled in another city is this... So my reply basically depends on convenience and often I am seeing naming my hometown as the city that I know will receive a warmer reception ;) Thus my hometowns range from Bombay to Pune to Delhi to Nagpur to Imphal to Kolkata cause in all practicality I do belong to all of the cities mentioned above.