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Top 5 Matte Lipsticks for Medium Skintone

Top 5 Matte Lipsticks for Medium Skintone Hey guys! Its been like forever since I posted anything here and truth be told I have been kind of losing interest in anything makeup related. So much so that I have even stopped wearing makeup on a regular basis. Its just an eyebrow pencil, a little highlight on my nose and a liquid liner and I am kinda good to go... I am not sure what's really going on, it could just be a phase, I sure do hope that it is *crosses fingers*... Anyways, I have however started a new travel blog of sorts. Its called My Infinite Wanderlust and I have been giving it a lot of my time and that could be one reason I have had no energy left to put here... But now that I am writing a post today I feel like I have truly missed writing about makeup and beauty and this may just be the impetus that I need to get my ass right back to being a part-time beauty blogger :)

Top 5 Must Buy Sephora India Products

Top 5 Must Buy Sephora India Products I remember when Sephora first opened shop in India in 2013... It was a grand opening in New Delhi and I felt dejected as ever... I wanted a Sephora in my city too and miraculously my prayers were heard. The second Sephora India store opened in Pune in Jan 2015 and since then I have been slowly but steadily trying their products out...

Top 5 Blushes For Indian Skin Tones!

  Top 5 Blushes For Indian Skin Tones! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello my darlings! All hail summers! Yes, the season of oily, dull looking skin is here and this is the time of the year when I miss my Rosy-Posy cheeks and I crave for those just-pinched looking skin! And the best way to achieve that perfectly rosy cheeks is to get your hands on the best ever blush available in the market and sweep it across your cheekbones and blend it into your hairline and temples. But getting a great blush does not necessarily means you need to shell out a huge investment and we girl, have got you covered here! So in no particular order, let us start!

Top 5 Highlighters In India!

5 best Highlighters Available In India! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello my girlies! The monsoon has already kicked in here in Delhi, and I do not know why but all I could think of while sitting at my porch, hearing the pitter patter of the rain--was highlighters! Maybe it is the romantic weather, or just me being hopelessly romantic--but somehow I always attach rains and makeup highlighters with romance! And I am sure there would be plenty of us who feel the same romanticism towards our beloved highlighters, so why not compile our very own Top 5 best highlighters available for the Indian skin tones! And just so you know, I am a college goer myself and am almost always tight on budget, so again I have tried to include products which are comparatively affordable but have bang-on quality! 

Top 5 Skincare Products Under INR 500 - Oily Skin

5 Best Skincare Products for Oily Skin Under 500 Rupees! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello my angels! How is everyone doing? Summers are about to be here any time now and all of us oily skinned damsels are dreading the upcoming months of profusely sweat glands and perspiring skins--oh, how this gave my shock bumps! But as we say, protection is better than cure and here we have an array of the best-of-the-lot skincare products which are tried and tested on a sweaty pig like me and wouldnt burn a nasty hole in your pockets!

5 Pink Drugstore Lipsticks for Indian Skintone

5 Pink Drugstore Lipsticks for Indian Skintone ISLM Writer: Ishleen Heylo makeup lovers! Some of us really obsessed with makeup, while some of us are obsessed with hoarding it! And if you are something like me, you are most probably than not obsessed with both! You may have 8 pink lipsticks or 12 red lipsticks, but only a true makeup lover will understand that each of our babies have their own special position in our beaming hearts and none of them ever lets us down! And after all, each pink has a different undertone, and even if it doesn’t, we want it anyway! Don’t we girls?

Top 3 Haircare Products To Swear By!

My Top 3 Haircare Products Top 3 Haircare Products That I Love! Its not everyday that I write about Hair Care products on I Simply Love Makeup. I am guilty of getting inclined more towards makeup and skincare and in the process Hair Care suffers... However, the other day while I was going through the motions of organising my dresser (I seriously find it very boring!) I realised that gradually over time hair care was taking more of my grooming time that skincare was and hence I decided to do a post of what I generally do to take care of my hair.

Beauty Tag: My Top 5 Lip Products

My Top 5 Lipsticks Asking a Makeup fanatic to name her favorite product is a sin... It is outright cruel to expect her to choose a favorite out of her many favorites that she has very lovingly collected over a span of time... It is like asking a mother to choose her most special child... Ok, it isn't as dramatic as that but it is pretty close... So when I was tagged by Renji of Makeupholic World  to list my top 5 lip products, I was at a loss! Renji by the way is this gorgeous dusky beauty with large expressive eyes and lip swatches to die for and hence if you haven't been following her blog, then trust me you are losing out on some quality beauty blogging :)