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Basics of Eye Makeup: Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes

  Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes The other day while shopping for groceries and other household essentials, I popped a bottle of baby shampoo into the grocery cart... The pati looked at me incredulously and winked... Ummm... No I wasn't giving him hints I assured him and told him that the baby shampoo was for me... He looked doubly stunned and asked me as to what made me deviate from my trusted banana shake shampoo (He meant the Body Shop Banana Shampoo , ahem!)... I had to clarify that the baby shampoo wasn't for me per say but for my makeup brushes... He just looked on at me, then shook his head, muttered under his breath "What's next? Toothpaste for your lipsticks?" and then walked towards the adjoining aisle... Ha ha ha... I would have felt pity for me if I hadn't gotten this uncontrollable urge to laugh at his lost and almost defeated expression :P

PREVIEW: Elf 12 Piece Makeup Brushes - Part 1

Review Of ELF 12 Piece Brush Set - Part 1 Guest Post By: Shabby Makeup brushes are one of the important part of good makeup. So investing in good brushes is a must when you are going to be doing makeup on a day to day basis. But it's not always possible to invest in an expensive makeup brush set . But this set we will be talking about hardly cost $20-$25 or even less

TOOLS REVIEW: Faces Blending Brush 106

Smoky eyes as you all know is my favorite form of eye makeup, so much so that I can actually commit the cardinal sin of pairing it with Red Lips as well. LOL!  In order to achieve smoky eyes of any shade one tool that comes real handy and that cannot be compromised with is a BLENDING BRUSH. Like the name suggests, a blending brush is a brush that is used to blend in or out your eye shadows. I personally use and am in love with Faces Blending Brush no 106. I have been planning and thinking of reviewing this brush since a long time now but I finally gave in when Makeup Chic  asked me to review it :) This brush has been my constant companion for doing smoky eyes and it has never failed me :) The brush consists of fluffy natural bristles that do not shed and retain their shape. Image of the Product Faces Blending Brush No 106 LOTD with the brush: Purple Smoky Eyes with Faces Blending Brush 106 Purple Smoky Eyes with Faces Blending Brush 106   Oooohhss And Aaaahhhhss!!

TOOLS REVIEW: Faces Dual Ended Sharpener

I have been lately collecting a lot of eye pencils,  mostly, Colorbar I-Glides and Faces Long Wear ones and it was just a matter of time when I would have to go in search of a sharpener. And well just like clockwork, within using the pencils for a couple of days, I had to get myself a sharpening tool. As I was in Mumbai during that time, I went to Beauty Center and got myself the Faces Dual Ended sharpener as I required a "fat sharpener" for my Colorbar Instant Cover Concealer Pencil as well. Imagine the excitement I was in thinking how lucky I got with dual ended sharpener. Faces Canada Dual Ended Sharpener But Alas! the "fatter" end of the sharpener worked wonderfully well with the Colorbar Concealer pencil, but the "thinner" end of the sharpener refused to sharpen my Colorbar I-Glide pencils one bit. Imagine my horror!!! Then one fine day I read somewhere on one of the blogs that Colorbar sharpeners fit only Colorbar pencils. So using the same