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Tips & Tricks: Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

  Avoid these Skincare Mistakes for Healthy, Beautiful Skin I am not sure if this happens to you too but very often I have wondered about why my skin would breakout or sometimes look dehydrated and patchy when I was using the best of the products and taking care to go through the whole CTM routine every night without fail... I introspected... I retrospected... And then it struck me...

Traditional Engagement Makeup

Indian Bridal Engagement Makeup   Tips & Tricks: Indian Bridal Engagement Makeup I did my own engagement and wedding makeup and even though I am pretty proud of the feat there are no doubt a few things that I would like to change in both of my makeup if I had a chance... And one that tops the list is making my eyes more dramatic and beautiful. I have small eyes and even though I don't care much and very consistently line my eyes (both waterline and tightline) with a black kohl, I still feel I could have done something more elaborate with my eyes at least on my engagement evening... And to illustrate what I mean is why I am writing this post...

Bridal Makeup: Pink Daytime Wedding

  Pink Bridal Makeup for A Daytime Wedding Daytime weddings are very close to my heart. Even though I couldn't have one but somehow I find weddings during the day very very special and well very convenient...My today's Bridal Makeup is about this pretty Pink look that is simple and yet eye catching... I have achieved this look using Maybelline's Instaglam Wedding Edition Box (featured HERE ).

Essential Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Makeup Brushes 101 - Part 2 Choosing the right make up brushes and using them properly can make all the difference to the overall effect of your make-up, but with so many make-up brushes to choose from it can get pretty confusing, even intimidating to the real beginner when they are faced with so many choices. Of course one great idea is to buy a complete make up brush set from somewhere like The Salon Outlet – but then you’ve still got to know what to do with them.

Face Contouring... Pictures... Promise of A Video Tutorial...

  Face Contouring... A Trick To Master! I am a chubby girl... Anyone who has met me in person will vouch for it... And I hate it! I hate being chubby... I hate to put on weight and I totally hate looking cute... Siiigghhhh... But then we don't always get what we like and we don't really like what we have, right? So one needs to look for alternatives and make things work, isn't it?

Makeup Class: Difference Between A Bronzer, A Highlighter, An Illuminator & A Brightener

  Bronzer Vs Highlighter Vs Illuminator Vs Brightener  Very often than not being a beauty blogger I come across the terms Bronzer, Highlighter, Brightener and Illuminator at least a dozen times a day. These terms are everywhere and people use them in their daily conversation with so much confidence that you'd be surprised at how wrong many of them are in their usages. Oh! Yes even I have made mistakes in the past about their connotations and today armed with research, experiments and well just plain analysis I have reached a consensus where I can now confidently put forth the results of my hard work... Yes, today ladies and gentlemen, I shall be clearing all the confusion that prevails behind Bronzers, Highlighters, Illuminators and Brighteners!

A Must Have MAC Eyeshadow - MAC Cork

    Multitasking Makes MAC Cork A Must Have Eyeshadow For Indian Skintones If you have been in the beauty blogging business for a little while, chances are that you would have by now received a query from your readers about must have MAC eyeshadows for Indian skintone, at least once. And it is one question that today after 3 years of bblogging, still leaves me sweating cause honestly what I deem as necessary may not really be a must-have for someone else. Best is to leave such queries open to be answered by other readers, so that everyone can put in their 2 cents and the person asking the query gets to have an opinion of many... This I am sure helps her pick out products more easily :)

Bridal Beauty: Tips & Tricks For Your Engagement/Sagan Makeup

Engagement Makeup Marrying into a North Indian family is like getting a crash course on Bollywood weddings and demystifying the various functions and celebrations that are always a part of a Karan Johar movie. From rokka  to sagan  to chunni-chadhana to  teeka  to mehendi  to sangeet  to jai-maala  to phere  to vidaai , I have been educated about them all...

Multitasking With Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy And Its Uses Don't you just love it when a product can be used in multiple ways? It not only saves you money, it is really travel friendly and it is so much easier to search for one product rather than two when you are like me and your dresser is is the epitome of clutter... So I was really excited when I discovered that the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy could be used in more ways than one and I just couldn't help sharing it with you all (You do know that I love you all so much!) :D

Makeup Masterclass By Natasha Nischol In Association With Lakme Absolute - My Learnings...

  Some Tips & Tricks I Saw At The Lakme Makeup Masterclass As you all might know by now Lakme had arranged for a Makeup Masterclass of sorts to help us bloggers to get to know the intricacies of makeup and what goes behind achieving a classy and a beautiful look. The session was conducted by Natasha Nischol and she worked her magic on the gorgeous Sarah Jane Dias . Natasha showed us how we can easily transition from a day look to a night avatar wearing a Red lipstick and the transformation was really amazing... I wont really get into all the details about the steps and the products used as they have already been blogged about by other bloggers who were there...

Bridal Beauty: Makeup For Pre-Wedding Functions Like Sangeet & Mehendi

  Makeup Tips For Pre-Wedding Ceremonies Like Sangeet Or Mehendi In the excitement of the impending wedding, we often trivialize and in some cases even overlook our makeup for pre-wedding functions like Sangeet, Mehendi , various Poojas and the like. Of course in front of the actual wedding ceremony these little functions mean very little but they do form an important and an integral part of the whole regalia...

Bridal Beauty: Makeup For An Indian (Night) Wedding - Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

Tips & Tricks For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup (Night Ceremony) India is a country of diverse cultures and hence observes myriads of traditions and practices... One that I am going to talk about today is the time of the wedding ceremony ... From the night time festivities of North Indian weddings, to the early morning ceremonies seen in the Deccan region, to the early evening celebrations in the North-East, our country sure knows how to do weddings any time of the day! And lucky for us, I got this brainwave to do posts on Bridal Makeup for each type of Mahurat ...

Bridal Beauty: Should You Do Your Wedding Makeup On Your Own?

  Hire A Bridal Makeup Artist or You Be Your Own Makeup Artist I remember when I was getting married, there were tons of things that needed last minute touch ups... But not my makeup... My Kanjeevaram needed another pin, I needed to change my heels at the last moment, I had to adjust my jewellery, the pallu of my lehenga kept slipping, the potloi that I wore for the pheras needed an extra hand to be carried and the most hilarious of all, the pati's pagdi needed attention almost all throughout the ceremony, it just refused to stay in place! But my makeup stayed true to me... It did not budge, it did not smudge and it did not get washed away... Mind you I got married in June, during the peak monsoon season in Bombay and even the humidity that mother nature bestowed upon me (as a wedding gift?) couldn't undo my makeup... I am extremely proud of that :)

Basics of Eye Makeup: Winged Eye Liner, Types And Tutorial

  How To Master The Winged Liner Look Winged liners have got to be one of the most successful resurgent trends in makeup history and not without merit. It has the ability to glam up your look like nobody's business... Hence, ladies if you haven't yet joined the "revolution", leave everything you are doing right now and jump onto the bandwagon... I hope this Winged Liner Tutorial comes to aid :)

Colours Of India: Bengal Inspired Makeup Look & Tutorial

LOTD: Bengali Makeup Ohe Shundoro Mori Mori Tomaye Ki Diye Borno Kori? If you ask me what I love about India, I will always say "It's cultural diversity"... I am in awe of the fact that so many different cultures co-exist in harmony (almost always) and when it comes to representing our country, we shed our cultural differences and walk forward as one. We have the power to be ONE and yet have the ability to spice things up with our different cultural backgrounds...

The Basics of Eye Makeup - Techniques to Master

Basics of Eye Makeup - Part 1 Makeup is fun. If you find it daunting, then you are not looking at it correctly. Maybe if you tilt your head by say 27 degrees and then look at makeup, you'll see how much fun the whole process is :) Makeup is fun because it weaves magic... Because it can turn you from a white swan to a black one in a jiffy! I personally prefer the black version and hence the analogy btw. It is fun because it makes me feel like I hold the key to a lot of crucial things in life including showing the face I want the world to see one day and then an altogether a different on another day. It gives me that power. And like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. But with makeup there is no responsibility and this is what makes makeup the most fun power to have :)   

The Basics of Eye Makeup

  Tips And Tricks To Master The Basics of Eye Makeup While going through my very early posts on the blog a few days ago, I couldn't help but cringe with embarrassment looking at posts after posts of unblended eye shadows, scrawny eyebrows and uneven liquid liners, so much so that I even contemplated deleting many of them... But then I let them be thinking that going through them again and again will remind me that learning is a constant process and that there is always something new that one can imbibe in their makeup process daily... Isn't it?

LOTD & Tips: Jennifer Lopez Inspired Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Makeup Jennifer Lopez has been my favorite since the day I heard and saw the video for the song If You Had My Love. I started out being hooked to her exotic features, sensuality, her sexy yet managing to be innocent sort of an attitude and well her songs... Later I was smitten by her makeup. Why haven't I ever done any post inspired by her makeup earlier is something that is a mystery to me as well... But then they do say Better Late Than Never isn't it?

READER REQUEST: How To Get A Porcelain/Flawless Look

Tips & Tricks To Get A Flawless and Evened Out Skin A little while ago one of ISLM's readers Preeti asked me to do a tutorial on doing a porcelain finish kind of makeup. Here's what she asked... ...similar is with ayesha takia ..... you muct have seen her wedding pics and she looks like a prcelein doll ... see her make up ... it looks so porcelein so healthy ... glowing with health . how can we accomplish that porcelein make up look ? i am wheatish and just like you i have yellow undertones to my complexion , so will that porcelein look , look good on me ? Makeup is like magic isn't it? It's such a delight to experiment with and discover everyday what works for you and what doesn't :) During one of these experiments I came up with a list of things that can be done to achieve a porcelain-ish skin and well in turn look flawless and radiant.

Tips And Tricks: Dealing With Over-Plucked Eyebrows

Yesterday, after office, I went to this salon to get my eyebrows done. It was almost like an emergency cause I was starting to resemble Kroor Singh  of the Chandrakanta  fame and well it's somehing that just isn't acceptable to me... Not acceptable to a lot of us I presume ;)