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How To Smell Like The French

How To Smell Like The French I had always read that a pharmacy in France was not just for medicines but also for some very serious skin care and hair care. And hence when I entered a Pharmacie in Paris for the first time, I expected to be hit by a barrage of a heady mix of fragrances, an amalgamate of something floral with a hint of oriental spice and probably something citrus...

Mascara Mixology/Mascara Cocktail: Tips and Tricks

Mascara Mixology/Mascara Cocktails: Tips and Tricks
I love cocktails as much as the next 30 something standing next to me. But when you add the word mascara to cocktails you have my full and undivided attention.

You see I am one of those many who are left wondering how a mascara can magically transform one's lashes from barely there to va-va-voom... "Blessed" with lashes that refuse to respond to any mascara I have been forever on the lookout for a magical wand that would show some semblance of fluttery lashes. It took me a while to realize that one mascara would never do the trick for me and so I turned towards Mascara Cocktails...

7 Fab Makeup Tricks to Rock the Summers!

7 Fab Makeup Tricks to Rock the Summers
Whether you are dressing up for a party or every day at work, you want to look fresh and pristine. Even a light layer of makeup can make a big difference to your appearance. However, the scorching heat is playing up merry hell for makeup lovers and fashionistas. Putting on makeup can be a tricky affair in the peak summer months. Cakey or patchy skin, running mascara are common makeup debacle that happen when the mercury soars. However, with the right technique and using the right products one can put an end to these makeup woes. So ladies, we bring you the following seven makeup tricks and product choices that will make sure you never fall victim to a bad makeup day (or night)! 

5 Untrue Acne Myths You’ve Been Told

5 Untrue Acne Myths You’ve Been Told Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, and thanks to its prevalence, there are plenty of myths regarding its causes and treatment. Unfortunately, many of these myths are simply untrue, and following the advice given by well-meaning but misinformed people can actually make your skin worse. Check out the top six myths about acne below, and learn the truth about your breakouts.

LOTD: Intense Smokey Eyes & Chit Chat about Undertones!

LOTD featuring Intense Smokey Eyes & Chit Chat about Undertones!
All I know are sad songs, sad songs
All I know are sad songs! I have been obsessed with this song the whole day today! I know I posted videos with this song playing in the background umpteen number of times on Snapchat today and I can imagine how irritating it must have gotten for those of you all who are not a fan of it :P

Bear with me please :)

LOTD: Quick Glowing Makeup Look for Rushed Monday Mornings

LOTD: Quick Glowing Makeup Look for Rushed Monday Mornings
My relationship with Mondays can best described as complicated. It's complicated without a doubt. I want to hate Mondays because my Instagram and Facebook feeds tell me to, you know the blah blah about Monday Blues and all that jazz but my mind tells another story :) I find Mondays to be full of hope, hope of new things to come, changes, hope of a productive week at work and a hope of getting time to clean my house...

Nonetheless, my Mondays are always rushed!

I invariably sleep late the night before, I snooze my alarm in the morning for more times than is healthy, you get the drift... And hence when I am finally done with my shower and other necessary morning rituals, I get almost no time to do my makeup... So I take shortcuts that I decided to share with you all today and if you have dry skin and oily lids like me, you might even incorporate it in your rushed Monday Morning makeup rituals ;)

5 Beauty and Skincare Advice I Would Give My 20 Year Old Self

5 Beauty & Skincare Advice I Would Give My 20 Year Old Self
There is no defying age... It has a way of sneaking up to you when you least expect it to... And hence it is imperative to prepare yourself a little in advance so that you are not taken off-guard and not left high and dry when age strikes...

5 Makeup Hacks For Rushed Monday Mornings!

5 Makeup Hacks For Rushed Monday Mornings!ISLM Writer: Ishleen
Hello Darlings! If I ask you about one thing which you hate, what would it be? If you ask me, I know what to say--I hate mornings! And more than mornings, I hate monday mornings! And why should I not? All those lazy weekend moments have left me craving for that last hit of snooze button! And the hideous monday mornings comes as a prick which bursts my weekend fantasies, and as a result I am in no mood to wake up early or go to college! But priorities, and you need to get them straight in life! So when after the 10th snooze, I finally wake up, I wake up to the shock that I am not left with ample time to get ready! And those are the moments when the below stated 5 makeup hacks are what I swear by!

Wearing Makeup to the Gym

Wearing Makeup to the Gym
Before the skincare Nazis descend upon me let me just say that I don't recommend wearing makeup to the gym but well for some of us, no makeup just can't do :) I am talking about the times when you need to impress that hottie in the gym or when you want to catch the instructor's eye or when you just want to wear makeup to feel good about yourself... Whatever the reasons trust me I have been there and hence I have come up with my Gym Makeup Kit that does not compromise on my skincare and yet makes me look all put together when I am sweating it out :P

Prep Your Skin for the Summers

4 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for the Summer
Preparations for summer typically mean scheduling vacations, hitting the gym to trim down and tighten up, and purchasing the trendiest bathing suit to flatter your body type. Sure, these are all great ways to prepare for a fun-filled summer, but we mustn’t forget about the importance of gorgeous skin. There’s something about smooth, glowing, sexy-looking skin that makes anything you put on in the summer look so much better.

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Gloss Application—Tips and Tricks!

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Gloss Application—Tips and Tricks!
ISLM Writer: Ishleen
Lip gloss is a staple for every make-up bag; from 18 to 80, every woman can and should wear it. Lip gloss adds a luscious shine to your beautiful pucker, and I am sure each one of us craves for shiny lips which look plumper. Yes, lip gloss does give the illusion of Plumper and FULLER lips without the actual usage of painful fillers. (Well, that’s an entirely different story).

10 Best Foundation Tips

10 Best Foundation TipsISLM Writer: Sanchita
Hello marshmallows!
Foundation is something which can either make you look like a drop-dead gorgeous diva or a simple white ghost with the base makeup ‘gone-horribly-wrong’. Firstly, shade plays an important role, which I am sure, you must heard a zillion times. However, if you get the undertone (yellow, peach, pink, neutral) right, there’s still a fading chance that you can make the foundation work with a lighter shade if you failed to get the right match. Application is something you have to learn a lot and foundation isn't something to be applied with fingers. So, as a person who has failed a numerous times while applying foundation, here are my top 10 tips on foundation application, which took me a lot of time to learn. Scroll down for more on the topic.

Top 3 Tricks to Master the Art of Colored Eye Liner

Top 3 Tricks to Master the Art of Colored Eye Liner

It’s a year for colour in India’s fashion scene! Last year’s fashion season shattered a long trend of muted neutrals and black-and-white blocking with a return to the pop sensibilities of 1960’s Mumbai, and this season brought a wave of bright, dreamy colour the Times of India dubbed ice-cream pallets: lilac, mint, lemon yellow, and sherbet orange in a blend of citrusy and creamy colours.

Tip Of The Week: Using Oil for Shaving Dry Or Sensitive Skin

Tip Of The Week: Using Oil for Shaving Dry or Sensitive Skin
Fall is officially here. I know it because of the month. My skin knows it because it is starting to get very dry. My skin at the first hint of lack of moisture starts to get itchy, cracked, very dry and I even start to get cuts all over... In this situation hair removal is a bitch!

My Top 8 Makeup Tips to Look Gorgeous in Spectacles/Glasses

My Top 8 Makeup Tips to Look Gorgeous in Spectacles/Glasses
This post has been long due! I have been wanting to do a makeup post for people who wear spectacles (comme moi!) but it just kept getting shelved mostly due to my laziness... But I have finally decided to get this post out and I hope the spectacle wearing brethren finds it helpful :)
So lets just get right into it!

5 Everyday Makeup Tricks for Looking Naturally Beautiful

5 Everyday Makeup Tricks that Won't Make You Look OT
Who doesn't like getting dolled up every now and then? Who doesn't like wearing makeup for important occasions and functions? But when it comes to wearing makeup everyday, most of us tend to shy away... The thing is I love makeup so much that I wear it everyday, even for mundane tasks like running errands and my today's post is about how to look naturally radiant and effortlessly chic everyday using makeup without looking OTT or over-madeup!

Epilating & Shaving: Alternate Ways of Hair Removal for the Woman on the Go!

Epilating & Shaving: Alternate Ways of Hair Removal for the Woman on the Go!
Every time I need to get ready for an event or a function I cringe inwardly cause it means I require to plan a trip to the salon and if the event happens to be on a weekday then its a double whammy cause I not only need to plan an appointment at the salon but also take some time off from work to make it for the appointment. Waxing sessions especially are a bane of my existence...

How To Shave and Other Shaving Tips & Tricks

How To Shave and Other Shaving Tips & Tricks
Hey guys! I just got back from Manipur on Tuesday and now I am preparing for another trip... We are doing a road trip to Goa. We leave early tomorrow morning, a group of 12 people in 3 cars and just get away for the weekend...

3 QUICK TRICKS: Mastering Red Lipsticks!

3 QUICK TRICKS: Mastering Red Lipsticks!
Women tend to shy away from Red Lipsticks... The reasons are innumerable... Some find Reds too jarring and bright, some think they give out the wrong message while some just simply feel that it will not suit them... The latter reason was why I shied away from Red lipsticks...

TUTORIAL: Simple & Easy Daytime Winter Makeup Look

TUTORIAL: Simple & Easy Daytime Winter Makeup Look
Winters are here and even though it doesn't really get cold here in Pune, there is a persistent chill in the air and the evenings and nights and get really cold! The late mornings and afternoons on the other hand are beautifully pleasant with the bright sun shining and a chilly breeze blowing...