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REVIEW & LOTD: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Creme Cup 1

Of course you all know that Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks are my favorite... I got myself this new shade called "Creme Cup 1". Its a fabulous shade... The swatches are here for you to decide...

This lippy doesn't really require a review as I have already reviewed a number of Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks namely, Hot Hot Hot, Addictive Magenta and Smokey Rose. And swatches for others such as Brick-O-La and Bare are available here...

What do you guys think of this shade? :)

REVIEW & EOTD: Lakme Absolute Baked Eye Shadow in Day Queen

I have always been an eye makeup person and so it was imminent that if I was to purchase stuff from the Lakme Absolute Range, one of the purchases had to be an eye-shadow. This perhaps is the first time that baked shadows have been launched in India and well it is a sign that cosmetic giants in the world are slowly recognizing us as a potentially big market :) Do you know what this means? It means we can now hope for loads of new product launches :) So, anyways coming back to baked eye shadows, I already own one from Maybelline called the Navy Narcissist. So this is my second baked eye shadow and well I am not really impressed :( Lakme Absolute Baked Eye Shadow in Day Queen is an eye shadow duo in two tones of shimmery green shadow. As you can see, one shade is a pale green while the other is a shimmery Olive Green. As expected the Olive Green shade is more pigmented while the light green is hopeless. Yes I know baked shadows perform better when wet but trust me that didn't really …

REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter

My next in line for review from the Lakme Absolute range was the baked eye shadows but because of popular demand I am jumping to review the Moonlit Highlighter first. When I first approached the Lakme counter, I was in double minds about purchasing the highlighter or the bronzer, but once I swatched both of them I realised that buying the highlighter was a better bet than the bronzer. Why? Three reasons, one is that the darker shade in the highlighter duo is very similar to the lighter shade in the bronzer. Second, the darker shade in the bronzer is really dark for my skin-tone. I am NC35-36 and I dont think I would ever wear the darker shade in the bronzer duo. The lighter shade suits me :) Thirdly, I already own the bronzer from the Lakme Fantasy collection and well didn't want another one from the same brand :P So, anyways coming back to the highlighter in question, I am really very impressed with it. It instantly lights up my complexion and gives a subtle glow to…

Fwd: NOTD: Colorbar Quick Finish Nail Lacquer in Midnight Glam

This is what I am sporting on my nails since yesterday. It is Colorbar's Quick Finish Nail Lacquer in Midnight Glam that I purchased as a part of my Tuesday's Haul :)
Let me know how you guys like it :)

REVIEW & LOTD: Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Classic Rose

With everyone google searching for Lakme Absolute product reviews, it becomes really critical for us beauty bloggers who have indulged ourselves and gotten ourselves some products from this much acclaimed range of cosmetics and for those beauty bloggers who have been fortunate enough to have received samples of this range from the company PRs to post reviews and help the beauty blogging brethren :) So here I am doing my bit... It all started when I had promised myself that I was not going to purchase anything from Lakme as I did not find their product quality up to the mark. Before the Absolute range, I owned only their fantasy range bronzer. So anyways, with their listicks ranging from nudes to mostly browns, I was always put off by the "mature" lip colors that they had to offer. But when they came up with their Absolute range, I couldn't but help myself from plunging into a mini haul and I must say that my apprehensions have been put to rest and I can ea…

REVIEW & LOTD: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Coral Pink

I was going through the posts of my blog when I realized that I hadn't covered the much beloved Colorsensational range of lipsticks from Maybelline. Plus Ansh from Vanity No Apologies asked me to swatch the lippy so am here with a review of this lippy :)

This range of lipsticks is a cult favorite with all beauty bloggers in India and somehow this range is always recommended to the lipstick virgins. Why? Cause in one word they can be described as AWESOME!!!

Image of the Product



Oooohhhss and Aaaahhhhs!
1. They boast of a huge variety of shades that range from neutrals to browns to corals to pinks to reds to maroons.
2. The lipsticks are extremely moisturising and do not dry the lips.
3. They do not cause any reactions and do not end up darkening the lips in the log run
4. They are totally odorless.
5. Decent staying power of about 4-5 hours.
6. Very easily available.

1. They are not really transfer proof
2. They rub off quite easily.
3. They could have made the …

Swatches: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick

We beauty bloggers are known to do one thing for sure that is check out a product review online before buying it. Nowadays, with the advent of online shopping another practice that we have started following (knowing unknowingly) is of checking out swatches of lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes online before buying them online. I for sure do it and thought of giving back to the blogging community ;) How noble of me! :P

Swatches of some of the Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks that I own are here. I shall be adding more to this post as and when I can lay my hands on other shades of the same range :)

Brick-O-La as of now is my Hot Favorite! :D

Have you checked out my fashion blog @

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Long Wear Pencil in Turquoise Blue

You kow you need a break from make-up shopping when while rushing to get ready for office in the morning you cannot decide on which blue eye liner pencil to use! Ha! This happened to me today morning and I told myself "No more blue liner buying babe!". LOL! So in order to help myself "decide" on the blue pencil liner pick of the day, I did what anybody would have done (yeah right!).. I did "eenie Meenie Mynie Mo" :P LOL! Finally Faces Long Wear Pencil in Turquoise Blue won and I wore it to office :)  Faces is one of my favorite drugstore brands in addition to Colorbar and NYX and I find that their Long Wear pencils give a very close competition to Colorbar I-Glide Pencils. I guess that says a lot! I am reviewing Faces Long Wear Pencil in Turquoise Blue and let me tell you guys before hand that I totally recommend it :D And there goes the suspense of my review :P Images of the Product Swatch(es) LOTD
Oooohhsss and Aaaahhhs!! 1. Intense pigmentation 2. Gorgeous s…

REVIEW & LOTD: NYX Round Lipstick in Herades

Like many beauty bloggers, I myself own a lot of NYX products but somehow reviewing them has always been getting shelved and delayed. Well honestly, Colorbar and Faces seem to be demanding more of my attention and well NYX has always been relegated to the backseat... But ladies and gentlemen, not any more... NYX will not be overlooked any more and I will strive to get my NYX collection the focus it deserves.. Ok enough of my "sales pitch"... LOL! First off NYX seems to be really affordable and "cheaper" in the US but somehow us Indians get them quite expensive here. The NYX round lippies that cost a mere $4 in the US, we get them for INR 395/- here but trust me they are really worth every paisa :) Ok so how did I get myself to buy Herades? The story isn't that long, just that I have now hoarded loads of Pinks, Corals and Reds and so the logical next step seemed to be Orange :) I did try a couple of Orange lipsticks before but they simply refused t…

REVIEW & LIP SWATCH: Deborah Milano Lipstick in Atomic Red

Post By: Megha Ladies and gentlemen... May I present to you our second guest post of the day. Megha also hails from "dil dil dilli" and sh is reviewing another brand that has never been featured on "isimplylovemakeup" as yet... Deborah Milano Lipsticks... What the company claims about the Lipstick:
·Lipstick with a luminous, silky finish. Innovative formula produces pure, vibrant color. ·Glides on easily and feels comfortable all day long. Hypoallergenic.*
Price: INR 480
Packaging: Metallic colored casing, to give it a hard and shiny look.
Shade Card: My take on Deborah Milano rossette atomic red lipstick shade 03: Hii… I  am a working girl. These days I have been reading a lot about RED, PEACHES ,ORANGES..All the beautiful colors. Once you wear it,you look beautiful automatically and be it any skin color,You will start glowing itself. So I have been looking for  a nice peachy shade these days to compliment my skin tone as well as with a stay power. In a Delhi mall ,I passed thr…

REVIEW: Bharat and Dorris Cream Eye Liners

Post by: Kannu

Ladies and gentlemen... Please put your hands together for our first guest post and also an entry post for the giveaway :) Btw, have you guys entered the giveaway as yet? No? Really? Why? LOL... You could check out the giveaway here :) So anyways coming back to our guest blogger, let me introduce you all to Kannu Mankatala Wadhwa. She is from dil waalon ki dilli (Delhi) and will be reviewing this professional range of makeup from Bharat and Dorris :)

Applying eyeliner was always a very difficult exercise for me until I started using gel liners. Gel liners are very convenient to use and have a long lasting effect. I went to Pune last week where I discovered this make up brand called “Bharat & Dorris”. Well to be honest I had never heard about this brand before or seen it anywhere in Delhi & NCR. The B&D store was quite huge and attractive so unlike any other girl I got tempted to visit the store. So this was my first visit to a B&D store and I must say I am very …

REVIEW & LIP SWATCH: Colorbar Lip Pot in Coral Crush

Since the time I got to know about the launch of Colorbar's Lip Pots, I have been covetting them and well unfortunately they are just not available in Pune. Therefore I asked my co-sister who was to be visiting us for a while to get me a lip pot in Coral Crush from Delhi. The moment I lay my eyes on it I haven't really been as ecstatic as I had hoped to me. Well I shouldn't really be unfair to the product (or to my co-sister for that matter), but Colorbar's Lip Pot don't impress me much (a-la Shania Twain, if you didn't really get it!) and well i don't think I'll be getting myself another shade in it. No doubt the packaging is really cute (I am a sucker for lil dibbis) and the product swatches wonderfully on my had and the quality is good but that is exactly where the fell-good factor ends.. Am I being too choosy? Well you guys be the judge then :) First off the "dibbi" is really tiny! You get a mere 6gms of product for INR 495/-.…