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REVIEW: Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria

REVIEW: Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria
It's so good to be back!
I had been MIA since a couple for a couple of weeks and I have truly missed blogging :)
So the scene right now looks like this...
It's 10:30 pm, I am at my desk at work with a colleague (its called Pair-Programming), we have Roses by The Chainsmokers playing on the laptop speakers (the volume's low), we have just finished doing some changes to the code and are waiting for it to build successfully. If it does then we get to go home but if it doesn't then we are probably stuck here for another hour...
Its been like this since the past 3 weeks now and I am almost at the verge of saturation and so I decided to take a tiny little break from the monotony and get down to blogging... And here I am writing this post on my work laptop. The pictures are on my personal laptop and hence this post cannot go live before probably 1:00 am tonight!