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REVIEW: St D'Vence Moisturiser - Autumn Edition

St D'Vence Moisturiser - Autumn Edition Review of St D'Vence Moisturiser - Autumn Edition (For Dry to Very Dry Skin) To wear my favorite and the most expensive perfume I own to work or not is a debate I have with myself every morning while I get ready for work. The EDP in question here is the Davidoff Cool Water Sensual Essence, the one that comes in the sensual Golden Brown colored bottle... It is my favorite scent because it not just smells beautiful but also because it smells warm and sensual. But then the post is not really about the perfume :) It is about this glorious smelling body moisturiser that eventually ends up winning every single day because it is one of the best smelling bod St D'Vence Moisturiser, Autumn Edition is a thick body lotion that gets absorbed very easily into the skin. It is non-greasy and very hydrating. It is perfect for dry skin and is great for dry winters. y I have come across till date. Simply put, the St D'Vence