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7 Fab Makeup Tricks to Rock the Summers!

7 Fab Makeup Tricks to Rock the Summers
Whether you are dressing up for a party or every day at work, you want to look fresh and pristine. Even a light layer of makeup can make a big difference to your appearance. However, the scorching heat is playing up merry hell for makeup lovers and fashionistas. Putting on makeup can be a tricky affair in the peak summer months. Cakey or patchy skin, running mascara are common makeup debacle that happen when the mercury soars. However, with the right technique and using the right products one can put an end to these makeup woes. So ladies, we bring you the following seven makeup tricks and product choices that will make sure you never fall victim to a bad makeup day (or night)! 

Top 6 Ways to Save Your Makeup During Sweaty Summers

Top 6 Ways to Save Your Makeup During Sweaty Summers
Even if you have started using your primer, waterproof mascara, and even you’re your favorite powder, summers can actually ruin whatever makeup you have applied. It is tough since women have to take a gamble when their skin gets exposed to the summer’s steamy temperatures.

5 Untrue Acne Myths You’ve Been Told

5 Untrue Acne Myths You’ve Been Told Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, and thanks to its prevalence, there are plenty of myths regarding its causes and treatment. Unfortunately, many of these myths are simply untrue, and following the advice given by well-meaning but misinformed people can actually make your skin worse. Check out the top six myths about acne below, and learn the truth about your breakouts.

Changing Trends: Online shopping for beauty products becoming a rage

Changing Trends: Online shopping for beauty products becoming a rage
Changing trends indicate women especially of the 18-35 age group, are turning to online shopping for beauty products. Some of the reasons are that online stores are trying their best to bridge in the gap with increased customer satisfaction.

5 Coral Lipsticks That Complement Indian Skin Tone Perfectly

5 Coral Lipsticks That Complement Indian Skin Tone PerfectlyGuest Post
Red is the colour of the season, ladies! After that short red lace dress and those luring red pumps, it’s time to stock on some ravishing red lip colour. Here are 5 haute red (and shades of red) lipsticks, well-suited for the Indian skin tone, which you must have in your beauty kit this season. Check’em out before the girl next door grabs them all!

Tips & Tricks: 6 Make Up Essentials Every Beginner Must Have

6 Make Up Essentials Every Beginner Must Have
Makeup can enhance the way you look and help you feel a lot better about yourself. However, if you are a beginner, applying makeup can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many different products out there, and it can be tough to know which ones to use. Here are some makeup essentials every beginner must have.

We Need To Know: Breast Cancer Awareness

We Need To Know: Breast Cancer Awareness
As October and Breast Cancer Awareness comes to an end, you might be suffering from an overdose on everything pink.  However, even if you feel like breast cancer awareness is getting played out, breast cancer awareness is actually more important than ever- and here’s why. Now Ships To India! Now Ships To India!
I have never been a huge fan of online shopping from sites that are not based out of India. The little Sigma, Sleek and Urban Decay that I have is all thanks to friends and colleagues going abroad, who get them for me... What deters me mostly is the exorbitant shipping costs and heavy custom charges...

Gulabi Pink... Coming Soon

Gulabi Pink... Coming Soon...
Of Dreamy Drapes, Surreal Wraps and Gossamer Folds, 'Gulabi Pink' brings to you an Enthralling collection of scarves, stoles, wraps and dupattas...

DIWALI SALE ALERT! 30% off on All Products on Handlooms Of India

DIWALI SALE ALERT! 30% off on All Products on Handlooms Of India
It is that time of the year when you look forward to beautiful light decorations, yummy sweetmeats, the delicious smell of crackers and an overall sense of happiness... It is also that time of the year when you scramble to get yourself some beautiful diwali outfits and gifts for your loved ones... THE BIGGEST MAKEUP AND SKINCARE SALE – 105 BRANDS – 30% OFF

Get Glamorous this Festive Season and Save Big - The Great Nykaa Diwali Dhamakaa is Here!
Mumbai – October 13, 2014: Gear up to splurge, spoil yourself and shop for your loved ones this Diwali. presents the Great Nykaa Diwali Dhamakaa – a three-day shopping fiesta where you can get never seen before discounts on some of the biggest and best beauty, personal care, herbal and grooming brands. Get up to 30% off over 105 reputed brands and 10,000+ products from the 14th October - 16th October.

What’s in your beach bag?

What’s in your beach bag?
    Right now, somewhere in the Hamptons a New York fashion photographer is taking pictures of some gorgeous bikini model, walking on the beach. Right now, somewhere in Mauritius a girl is looking through her giant beach bag, trying to find the sunscreen. It must a tough job, because we’ve all been there.

CouponMantra's Discount Coupons for your next Shopping Expedition!

CouponMantra is the answer to all your Shopping related Prayers
Let me start by saying that I am positively crazy about online shopping and nothing heightens my pleasure more than coupons that hit the spot! 15%-20% may just be that tiny fraction that might make my father let me go on a huge splurge.

Coupons can make your shopping experience very special but it’s just so hard to keep track of so many different ones that might be applicable for your favourite website. That’s where coupon based websites like CouponMantra come in handy!

Introducing Something Organic This Summer: EcoMartIndia

As much as I love the Summer sun as compared to the harsh winters, I am not blind towards the fact that Summers do wreak havoc with my body. With India’s extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, our skin, our hair, our bodies take a beating. Keeping healthy, hydrated and toxin free becomes a chore and I am forever looking for clean, healthy and organic stuff to put in and on my body…

And then, I found EcoMartIndia :)

Sponsored: Every wedding is one of a kind

Florida Beach Weddings Are Different!
The great thing about all the weddings is that all of them are magic just because of their essence, which consists in the love, as the primary reason for organizing such an event. The celebration of the marvelous feeling that two people share is always unique because there are no two identical couples in this world so there are no two identical weddings. Even if the location, the resort and the cake are the same at two weddings, anyway there is no way these two celebrations are going to be the same. 

Sponsored: Gorgeous Designer and Fashion Jewellery Online At Benna

Mesmerizing And Beautiful Fashion Jewellery Online At Benna

Let's be honest... However much we swoon over the latest Jimmy Choos, feign sickness to get off work to be a part of the first day sale at Zara or keep checking for the launch of the latest Limited Edition collection at MAC, the only thing (Ryan Gosling is an exception!) that has the power to make us go weak in our knees is jewellery. Classic, statement, designer, vintage or even thrifted, jewellery in all forms and under whatever category it falls in, is an instant attraction...
So don't blame me when I tell you about my latest find in shopping for jewellery online and you too fall for it hook, line and sinker...

Sponsored: A Wardrobe Makeover With TFNC London

Get Yourself a New Wardrobe From TFNC London!

Come October and all I can think about is the promise of festivities... Diwali to New Years Eve, this quarter spells PARTY with a capital P. While shopping and getting my wardrobe ready for Diwali and the wedding regalia sees me doing umpteen visits to the local markets, for western wear I turn towards online shopping. So while going through the popular international online shopping sites, I chanced upon TFNC London and well I was blown away by their collection!

Unveiling The Mystery Behind #Just5Mins With NIVEA

Wait For A Surprise At The End of the Post!
You know how you ask someone for a favour or ask them to do something for you, however small it is and they say #Just5Mins as if you'd believe that! The phrase itself is a synonym to "I'll take some more time" today... Isn't it? So when NIVEA promised to give me 5 benefits in #Just5Mins, all I did was roll my eyes at them... Until I actually tried the product...