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Experiential: Sheer Bliss at the Quan Spa

Experience Sheer Bliss at the Quan Spa, JW Marriott
As I sit here eating a bowl of sprouts and sipping on a cold glass of lemon and ginger water, I immerse my feet in a tub of warm water and sigh at my aching leg muscles. I just got back from the gym and running 5 kms daily on the treadmill has got me craving some soothing massages... I'll probably book an appointment for the weekend...

Have You Spa-ed At The Four Fountains Spa?

My Experience & Review of The Four Fountains Spa

My first spa experience was a couple of years back with my bestie, when we were so burning with curiosity about the whole glitz and glamour attached with a spa experience that we went on without any prior knowledge or even research... Fortunately for us it went so well that we decided to Spa regularly and that opened the doors to the exotic Spa-ing world for us...

What To Wear: For A Visit to A Spa

This post has been long due cause the pictures are of two weekends back... But somehow it kept getting shelved and today while "cleaning up" my laptop's hard drive I came across these and I was like I have got to post this before the monsoons arrive :P Ha ha!

So here goes I wore this partially floral dress for a visit to the Spa with my bestie Prajakta and well I'll let the pictures do the talking now :)

Dress: Globus Flats: Catwalk
I wore minimal makeup with no base...

Eye Shadows: MAC Sushi Flower (Inner Lid), Inglot DS494 (Outer Lid) LipGloss: Maybelline Colorsensational Gloss in Hooked On Pink