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LOTD: Soft Green Smokey Eyes using MAC Swimming Eyeshadow

LOTD: Soft Green Smokey Eyes using MAC Swimming Eyeshadow
and a promise of a video tutorial...
I created this look accidentally... I mean I was just going through my stash of eye shadows when I dicsocvered many of them that I had not used since a long long time... So I decided to get all of these shadows out of their hiding places and start using them more consciously... And thus this look came to be :)

LOTD: Classic, Vintage Glamour

A Vintage LOTD
I have been itching to go retro and do something of a classic, vintage look replete with Berry stained lips, dramatic eye lashes and a classy side chignon... So tonight, after dinner I set about finding the right instruments in my vanity and produced my version of some Old World Charm...

Snippets From My Last Night's LOTD

Grey Smokey Eyes & Pink Lips!
Last night after a nice, sumptuous dinner, the pati decided to work... On my laptop :/ Now with my laptop engaged, I had nothing to do but to sit at my vanity and experiment with stuff... Not meaning to do anything serious rather having a particular look in mind that I needed to try out before I did a final version of it for the blog, I got down to business...

Rants And A Random EOTD

Prospective Tutorial Candidate...
I have been in a super organizing mode since the past couple of weeks. The pati calls it the "Monica Mode" (Friends-esque). He says I transform into this scary person who doesn't listen to legit explanations (read excuses) or identify with any reason (read laziness) and just go on cleaning, putting things in their "proper" place, discarding stuff we don't use any more and well basically just not let anyone relax... I don't see any harm in it especially since it surfaces only once in two months... But of course the pati has a different story to tell...

LOTD: Glam Up Your Look With MAC Contrast!

♥ Mystery ♥ Glamour ♥ Pizzaz ♥

In The Spotlight: MAC Club Eye Shadow

Welcome to another edition of "In The Spotlight" and today we are featuring MAC Club eye shadow. When you google MAC Club, you come across mixed reviews about this shade and almost negligible reviews from Indian blogs. We Indians are I guess still exploring the possibilities with makeup and tend to walk on the safe path... Especially for products that cost the earth, we like to checkout reviews online extensively and look at swatches after swatches and then finally go with a shade that seems to be the most popular with all beauty bloggers... We all end up with similar shades of eye shadows like Naked Lunch, Mythology, Expensive Pink, Cork, Carbon Black, Folie, Texture, Rice Paper to name a few...

Now this doesn't quite work for me... Why, I don't know but it just doesn't... Now am not saying don't read reviews on beauty blogs, rather if I said that then I would be putting my feet on the "kulhari" myself :P But what I want to tell you all is that re…

EOTD: Red Smokey Eyes... Yes! RED! :P

Red lipsticks are all the rage now and with everyone looking for their perfect Red, it is now become a norm to see a lot of Red lipstick reviews and a lot of Red LOTD posts... Yes I am guilty of quite a few too ;) But last night I thought of trying out Red on my eyes... Something drastic you say? Not really, if you know how to tame Red on your eyes, you are then another bit closer to achieve the know-all of makeup ;) Now who wouldn't want to do that ye? *Yup the "ye" part was an Irish imitation... Am watching a lot of Sons of Anarchy these days ;)*

Here is the look... Your views are really WELCOME! And I would love you guys to be brutally honest with me :D

I paired it with Pink Blush and Nude Lips :)

And this is what I used to create this look... Coastal Scents 88 original palette...

Oh btw if you guys actually like the look, then let me know I'll pakka se do a tutorial on it! :)

EOTD: Soft Smokey Eyes... Double Winged Liners... Et Al

Till maybe yesterday 8:00 pm, I was on a winged liner roll.. I thought nothing could look cooler than the little flick that I did at the end of my liner... But God had some other plans for me ;) While doing an EOTD for the blog, I messed up my liner while winging it and voila I discovered that I had the ability to do a double winged and it looked good on me :D Yay! So ladies... Here goes...

With Instagram Effects (I am so Addicted!)

MakeUp Breakup
1. MAC RicePaper - All over the lid, inner corners as well as a bit on the under eye area.
2. Inglot Matte 378 - Outer V and Crease
3. Maybelline Gel Liner - Lower Waterline
4. Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liquid Liner - Upper Lashline
5. MAC Zoom Black Lash Mascara

So how do you like the look? Do you like the double winged liner trend?

P.S. I am planning on selling a couple of my MAC stuff as some of the shades do not suit me :( Would you be interested in me keeping a sale?

Purple & Bronze Smokey Eyes

Hey everyone :) I had been itching to do a "look" since a while now and though I wasn't really getting any time and was at times feeling lazy, it just kept getting shelved :P But I finally did a look last night and you guys be the judges of how it turned out to be :)

I have used 4 shades of eye shadows to create this look and I feel quite achieved looking at the blending... If you guys want I can do a tutorial for this look as well. Lemme know if you need a pictorial one or a video tutorial :) I will be happy to do either :)

Products Used
1. Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick With SPF 30
2. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia
3. Maybelline Blush in Apricot Flush
4. Lakme Fantasy Collection Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer

1. Inglot DS72 (Sparkly Purple)
2. MAC Folie
3. MAC Antiqued
4. Colorbar Black Tied

1. Colorbar Take Me As I Am  in "Flirtatious Pink"
2. TBS Lip Treatment Gloss in "Beige SParkle"

Yes I have loads of "grey" hair :( Its a heredi…

Smokey Eyes Revisited with MAC Club...

Yup I know smokey eyes aren't trending this season except if done with blue but who really cares? :) Makeup for me is a type of art that I am averagely good at as opposed to the conventional art forms of sketching, drawing and painting ;) The make-up looks that I do is dependent on my mood and doing a look that I am not in the mood of just doesn't come out right... Quite often, I start out with something and it results in something very different...

For this EOTD, I started out with making a cut-crease on me but that just ended up being this gorgeous smokey eye look :) Hope you guys like it as much I did :)

LOTD: Summer Green Smokey Eyes

I love smokey eyes, of course it isn't really a surprise for you guys but you'll notice a pattern shifting in my smokey eye looks lately. You'll notice less heavy lids, less usage of darker shades and minimal use of even black eye shadow. Yes I am adapting my smokey eyes to the Summer season and making it more friendly for the "hot" season (yes pun intended)... I love Summers and nothing makes me feel cooler than certain shades of pink, green and blue :)

Today's smokey look is basically using a Green eye shadow (MAC Humid) over MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure and a little hint of black in the outer V of my lids... Hope you guys like the look and yup a video tute is in the pipeline ;)

Products Used:
1. MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure
2. MAC Humid Eye Shadow
3. Colorbar Black Tie Eye Shadow
4. MUFE Star Powder in Shade 940
5. Colorbar Stick Concealer
6. Maybelline Gel Liner
7. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara

LOTD: Smokey Eyes with MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

You all know I hauled at MAC the previous weekend and one of the products that I bought at that time was MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure... Its a gorgeous product and I can very safely say that it is the best paint pot I have ever seen or used :) It seems to have these chunky glitter particles but when you actually touch it and feel it, the paint pot is really soft and smooth and nope you cannot feel the "chunkiness" :) Its GORGEOUS! :D

I did a smokey eye look with the paint pot and this is how it has turned out to be... I am loving the result :) and I am hoping you guys like it too :)

Btw, if you all like then I would love to do a video tutorial for it :)

P.S. Checkout my messy side-bun... Isn't it chic? ;)

LOTD: Pink Smokey Eyes

I believe there is a fix for everything... Be it a fight with your bestie, an argument with your guy, negative appraisal at work or something mundane like not getting sleep at night... Of course everyone has their own fix, own solution... Mine is make-up :) Buying makeup, doing makeup and even talking makeup :P I wasn't getting sleep last night... Excitement for the weekend... for the new salary... you name it and that could be the reason for my alleged insomnia, so got out of bed and create this look at 2:45am... It started with a pale pink eye shadow from the sleek palette and culminated into my favorite smokey eye look! Haha... How typical :P

Reader Request LOTD: Black Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips

As you all know I am starting to become a Video Tutorial(ist) addict and I am totally loving the way you guys are reacting to this new obsession of mine :) Thank you all for your encouragement, support and the sweet compliments :) Just today I posted a FB status asking everyone if anyone had any particular requests for a video tutorial and you guys gave an overwhelming response :) First to respond was Heer who wanted me to do a Black Smokey and Nude Lips tutorial. You all know how much I love doing smokey eyes and when she asked me for a tute for this classic look, I had to jump in and do it right away :)

FYI the video tute has been recorded but I need some time for editing :) In the mean time I am leaving you with some pics of this look so that you all can tell me if you need anything more out of this look. Heer especially you :)

Hope you all like the look though :)

Video Tute coming up real soon :)