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UPDATE: #SubscribeToSmooth with Gillette Venus - Week 2

UPDATE: #SubscribeToSmooth with Gillette Venus - Week 2
Its raining in Pune today! Even though I am not a huge fan of rains or the monsoons it brings with it a welcome drop in temperature... It has been sizzling in Pune since the past couple of weeks and now it's finally cooled down a bit...

Met Up With Fellow Bloggers At The Gillette Venus Event & Subscribed To Smooth

Met Up With Fellow Bloggers At The Gillette Venus Event & Subscribed To Smooth
I have been waxing since I was 16. You name a part of my body and I'll probably tell you that I have waxed them all... Its a habit now... its like a tradition... I don't even have to think about it. Its second nature to me...

REVIEW: The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Serum

REVIEW: The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Serum
Have you ever bought something on a whim? Have you ever bought something without giving it much thought? Have you ever bought something just because you were tempted to? Yeah so I bought this TBS Nutriganics Smoothing Serum on one such occasion. I bought it because it was on a 50% discount sale...

REVIEW: Just Herbs Silk Splash Neem-Bitter Orange Rehydrant Face Wash

REVIEW: Just Herbs Silk Splash Neem-Bitter Orange Rehydrant Face Wash
Some things are just not meant to be... Like today I was supposed to give a live demo of a tool that I had developed to one of the senior managers visiting us from the US... But my tool refused to work properly in front of him and I ultimately gave... But once I was back to my desk I realised in my nervousness I was executing the non-production version of the tool and hence it was working as was expected...

REVIEW: Za-Shiseido Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream

REVIEW: Za-Shiseido Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream
Every time I am back from a vacation, my hair and my skin always tell the story of climatic changes and environmental pollution. It wasn't a matter of concern till a couple of years back. But now that I am almost in my 30s, I know I need to start taking a little extra care of my skin :)

Tips & Tricks: Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these Skincare Mistakes for Healthy, Beautiful Skin
I am not sure if this happens to you too but very often I have wondered about why my skin would breakout or sometimes look dehydrated and patchy when I was using the best of the products and taking care to go through the whole CTM routine every night without fail... I introspected... I retrospected... And then it struck me...

My Skincare Routine Video - Summer 2014

Video - My Summer Skincare Routine & Products
With the summers in full swing and the weather so hot and dry, my skin is very often exposed to a lot of harshness and fluctuating environmental elements. This often leads to dry and patchy skin and many a times, acne... Hence, over the years, I have come to almost master the art of knowing what products my skin is in need of and when... And today I'd like to share with you all a little about such products that constitute my summer skincare routine...

Haul: The Body Shop & Maybelline

My TBS & Maybelline Haul and some rants!
So while my skincare routine video is getting uploaded to YouTube (it takes ages for some reason!) I am sitting here staring at my laptop screen 3 am in the morning and wondering how to start this post... So I guess I'll just get right down to the core of the subject... And that is skincare... Skincare for the 30s skin...

Off late I have been noticing a lot many fine lines around my eyes and even though I know I can still get away with it, I in my mind know that I am approaching 30... So of course however much I try my best, age will one day surely catch up with me and my skin...

REVIEW: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture Sunscreen with SPF50+ PA+++

Review of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture Sun Block SPF50+ PA+++
Every one of us has at least one deep, dark secret that they don't want the world to ever know... Of course, you too have one... And yes I too have well not one but many... But today, since I am feeling a little risque, I have decided to divulge one of my best kept secrets... So here goes...

I never wear Sunblock. Well, rather, until now I never wore Sunscreen... Yes that's true... Despite being a beauty blogger for over 3 years, I have always steered away from Sunblock...

REVIEW: FabIndia Charcoal Face Pack

Review of FabIndia Charcoal Face Pack
I love visiting FabIndia... It is one store in the world that I never ever get tired of visiting. Really! I find it even more attractive than the MAC store :) The jewellery at FabIndia, the candles, the home decor stuff, the sarees, everything is just so beautiful. So on my last visit to the store I got these earrings and a jar of Charcoal Face Pack!

REVIEW: Nivea Lip Butter In Raspberry Rose

Review of Nivea Lip Butter In Raspberry Rose
I have gotten pretty late (almost all bloggers have reviewed these yummy looking lip butters) and yet I wanted to jump onto the bandwagon and try out these pretty little tins of lip butter that Nivea has come up with. There is something so endearing about these sleek tins of yummy flavoured butters that I just couldn't help pick one up. And of course the fact that they promise you sensationally soft lips is an added bonus :) So on one of my grocery shopping trips earlier this month, I purchased a tin in a flavor called Raspberry Rose.

Skin Care: My Favorite Moisturisers, Creams, Lotions and Other Potions This Winter!

My Top Creams & Moisturizers This Winter
My dresser is a mess... My cupboard is a mess... My bed is not made... My kitchen feels cold and sterile... My laundry basket is full... All this because of no sun... Come winters and the winter sun just doesn't do it for me any more... Without the Sun I am irritable, lethargic to the point of being a sloth, my house becomes a mess and my skin and hair just go for a toss! I feel lifeless without the sun and so the pati calls me "jadoo", you know of the Koi Mil Gaya Fame... Ummm yeah... No surprise there!

Slow Down Signs of Aging with Antioxidants

Antioxidants And Their Role In Anti-aging         
Guest Post By Nicki Anderson

Although antioxidants have been around for a number of years, many people are unsure of the real benefits. You’ve likely purchased products that promote antioxidants. However, you may wonder if you’re actually getting any benefits at all? The truth is antioxidants offer numerous benefits and can easily be obtained through a healthy diet.

REVIEW: Chambor Hydra Max Eye Renewal Cream

Chambor Hydra Max Eye Renewal Cream Review
Guest Post By: Raunak
With all the beauty bloggers and you tube gurus telling us how we can keep our under eye area healthy and TRY to keep wrinkles away is by taaking care of the area from our early 20s on, I have used an eye cream since I turned 21 and plain castor oil even before that age.
I still go back to using castor oil for North Indian winters or break a capsule of Evion 200 or 400 and apply it under and over my eyes and around my nose.
The best what I have found to work for my skin, eye lashes growth and eye brow growth is castor oil but it gets very messy to apply because castor oil is the thickest oil have ever come across.

CULT STATUS: Repurchases From The Body Shop

My Repurchases: The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream & Intense Moisture Cream
So... I get these pangs to meet my sister on and off... You know how it is with sisters right :) So this time on I planned a weekend trip to Bangalore to spend some quality time with my baby sister and just relax... But God had other plans and we spent the weekend doing all sorts of things...

From an overnight camping trip at the foot of Savanadurga to climbing it (it is one of the largest monolithic hills in Asia), from spending the night in tents to getting lost in the interiors of Karnataka in torrential rain, from eating voraciously to shopping like a maniac and finally ending up missing my flight back home even while arriving at the airport 1 hour before departure, the weekend at Bangalore was FABULOUS! Plus the weather! Wow the weather... You Bangaloreans reading this post are one lucky lot! :D

Product Releases: Lakme Clear Pores Clean Up

This monsoon, enjoy a hot cuppa without having to worry about your skin. No matter how much we love the monsoons, the humidity in the air often creates havoc for our skin. The moisture laden air makes our skin prone to breakouts, blemishes, clogged pores and a constant oiliness that refuses to go. Enriched with green tea extracts, the newLakmé Clear Pores CLEAN UP range is a salon-like cleanup giving you clear, matte skin.

REVIEW: Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen - Oily to Normal Skin Variant

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Lacto Calamine!
It feels like since the day I was born, Lacto Calamine has been around... My earliest memories have always included the likes of Boroline and Lacto Calamine Lotions. We (my sister and I) were always told about how it makes the skin clear. As we grew up into young teenagers, we started understanding our skins and I having dry skin embraced Boroline as my night cream while my sister who has oily skin embraced Lacto Calamine with vigour and that's how Lacto Calamine came to be a staple in our household decades ago :)

REVIEW: Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm In Sweet Narangi Juice

Review of Forest Essentials Lip Balm In Sweet Narangi Juice
If you are a fauji kid, the first thing that'll pop into your head when you hear the word Narangi is not the color Orange and neither will it be the fruit Orange but a little army station outside Guwahati called Narangi :) I swear it's called Narangi... Why? Your guess is as good as mine :D

But honestly that isn't the reason why I picked this little beauty up... I bought it for its extraordinarily gorgeous packaging! And you know what a sucker I am for pretty packaging :)

REVIEW: NIVEA Pure Effect Total Face Cleanup

A Face Wash, A Scrub, A Mask!
Nothing and absolutely nothing relaxes me more than a session of Face Cleaning at my favorite salon. Of course I think I should finally get my facial but the owner of my salon simply refuses to give me a facial and insists that I only go for a cleanup... She says I don't need it and well I am happy as long as it's saving me money ;) Now apart from being relaxing and soothing, the main reason for me to be a ardent believer of face cleanings is the fact that they leave me with a sparkling clean skin that's as good as new... But it isn't always possible for me to book an appointment every fortnightly Saturday and spare a minimum of 2-3 hours in a day...

My Skincare Routine: Dry Skin

My Dry Skin Regimen
This post is long due, and for some, long awaited. I apologize for taking so long especially when I was getting a lot of requests for it. I just got plain lazy and wasn't really sure as to what should I pen down... Why? Cause honestly, I really don't have a very complicated routine... To be very honest, I don't even use any hi-fi stuff, just some basic stuff...
Now before I begin, lemme reiterate that I have very dry skin and hence this post on skincare is going to be essentially for dry skin only.