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My Birthday, Updates, Back From Being MIA... Rants In General

Happy Birthday To Me!
My mom always told me that a person can be judged by the birthday wishes he/she gets... Of course I always scoffed it off thinking about how easy it was for people to wish others on their birthdays in the era of Facebook, which does not let you miss out on anybody's birthday... However, this birthday I realized the true meaning of my mum's words and realized that it wasn't the number of wishes she was talking about but the way, the means and the sentiment behind each wish :)

I feel truly blessed today...

ISLM Rants: Which Has Been Your Favorite Fashion/Beauty Magazine in 2013?

Which Fashion/Beauty Magazine Is Your Poison In 2013?

Just when I have like a plethora of LOTDs and EOTD tutorials lined, I get the urge to not do an LOTD post but just rant away to glory... Of course I blame it on Friday, pumping me with unusual bursts of energy that wants me to go on chattering at the top of my voice at breakneck speed... Or could it be the lack of caffeine cause I am trying my best to reduce my coffee intake to 3 cups... Ummm yeah that's the reduced number... Or again it could be due to the excitement of having my birthday just around (not that I have huge plans) or simply still I feel totally high on life (a secret project is underway, ssshhhhh!)...

Clubbing Night LOTD: Shimmery And Smoked Out Eyes... Severe Plum Lips!

Plum Lips, Matte Face, Shimmery Eyes... Look Of The Day!

The past couple of weeks have been really busy for me. I feel like I have only been rushing from event to event, home to office, office to event, event to meet-ups and well meet-ups to other meet-ups. It's a good thing no doubt cause I always prefer being busy rather than having nothing to do, however this time I think I am going to have a burn out like really soon. And so this should call for a vacation. But sadly, thats out of the question too as my coming months are booked to the core and I am not really sure when would I be able to squeeze in a break!


REVIEW: Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon

Review of Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon

Just when I thought I had "mastered" neutral and natural looking makeup and I had all products that I would ever need to execute the perfect natural makeup, Maybelline comes along and treats us to these delightfully cute looking Cheeky Blushes... Of course it comes in a plethora of shades but the one that I could get my hands on is this gorgeous shade called Creamy Cinnamon...

Let's get to know this shade a little better :)

Multitasking With Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy And Its Uses
Don't you just love it when a product can be used in multiple ways? It not only saves you money, it is really travel friendly and it is so much easier to search for one product rather than two when you are like me and your dresser is is the epitome of clutter...

So I was really excited when I discovered that the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy could be used in more ways than one and I just couldn't help sharing it with you all (You do know that I love you all so much!) :D

Have You Spa-ed At The Four Fountains Spa?

My Experience & Review of The Four Fountains Spa

My first spa experience was a couple of years back with my bestie, when we were so burning with curiosity about the whole glitz and glamour attached with a spa experience that we went on without any prior knowledge or even research... Fortunately for us it went so well that we decided to Spa regularly and that opened the doors to the exotic Spa-ing world for us...

Cointreau And Cointreauversies... At The Cointreauversial Women Party At Kue Bar, Westin! (Picture Heavy!)

Pune's Own Cointreauversial Party at Kue Bar, Westin!

Anything and everything about Dita Von Teese fascinates me! Her quintessential matte Red lip, her jet black hair coiffed in a retro chic way, the exaggerated winged liner and even the little black mole that she paints on her face, everything has me awed. And hence when I received an invite for a Cointreauversial Party that they were throwing in Pune, I was ecstatic and immediately accepted it!

Celebrity Makeup: Raveena Tandon and Her Makeup Woes

Why Does Raveena Tandon Do This To Herself?

There is makeup gone wrong and then there is deliberately not caring enough if your makeup goes wrong... Which is the case with Mrs Raveena Tandon Thaddani is something I'd really like to know! With her beautiful and expressive features you expect her to be at the epitome of beauty every time she steps out fo the house. However, some things are not meant to be and her makeup is one of them...

Bridal Beauty: Preparing Your Bridal Beauty Trousseau

What Should You Include In Your Bridal Trousseau

Marriage has a different meaning for all of us... The reasons we get married are numerous and varied... What varies the most though, is the way we get married, the different traditions, beliefs, practices and cultures... But one thing that runs common amongst all brides (the world over) is shopping and preparing their bridal trousseau... Today on Bridal Beauty we shall be discussing and listing out beauty products that are a must have for your bridal trousseau.

LOTD: Adieu Spring/Summer

Last Looks For Summer & Spring

I love September... Not just because it is my birth month (I know I know you've heard for the 2756432th time) but seriously not just because its my birth month, but because once September starts, the rains stop, the sunshine resumes and the weather just gets more and more awesome! It's sunny with a cool breeze and ladies and gentlemen we welcome Fall/Autumn with open arms :)

REVIEW: Kryolan Ultra Foundation

Review of Kryolan Ultra Foundation: Perfect For Dry Skin Beauties Looking For Medium to Heavy Coverage
I had always been scared of foundations... I had this uncanny fear of looking "artificial" or "made up" with foundation on and hence even though I had embraced eye shadows and blushes and lipsticks, bringing foundations into my inner-circle of makeup products took me a long time... If you look at it technically, I had to get married to finally be comfortable with foundations! Yup! True that!

Bridal Beauty: Tutorial For A Bridal Eye Makeup That Goes With Everything

LOTD & Tutorial: Indian Bridal Eye Makeup
Marriages they say are made in heaven. Weddings on the other hand are a result of conspiratorial planning, procrastination, deep analysis and a balancing act of keeping all parties concerned placated. Trust me when I say that I speak out of experience! My wedding had three communities involved and myriads of people directly or indirectly being affected. As a result for me my wedding was somewhat like an Annual Day function in school wherein I was rushing off to my dressing room every hour to change. I changed 3 outfits during my wedding ceremony in 4 hours flat! 

Bombay Shopping...

My Tiny Shopping From Bombay

My trips to Bombay have always been special... There is something about the city... But last Saturday when I was on my way to the Metropolis, I couldn't help but feel a little shudder... The city that I once knew to be safe for it's women was now somewhere lost in the gruesome crime that was committed on Thursday... I wasn't really sure if I would feel the same for the city anymore and I knew for sure that I would be on high alert every time I crossed Parel/Mahalaxmi...

Makeup Masterclass By Natasha Nischol In Association With Lakme Absolute - My Learnings...

Some Tips & Tricks I Saw At The Lakme Makeup Masterclass

As you all might know by now Lakme had arranged for a Makeup Masterclass of sorts to help us bloggers to get to know the intricacies of makeup and what goes behind achieving a classy and a beautiful look. The session was conducted by Natasha Nischol and she worked her magic on the gorgeous Sarah Jane Dias.

Natasha showed us how we can easily transition from a day look to a night avatar wearing a Red lipstick and the transformation was really amazing... I wont really get into all the details about the steps and the products used as they have already been blogged about by other bloggers who were there...

The Week That Was (LOTD & Tutorial): I Am So Loving Nudes & Neutrals...

The Week That Was: My Regular Makeup From Last Week...

Ladies... I have had the most fabulous weekend ever all thanks to Lakme for arranging a superb session of makeup masterclass with Natasha Nischol and Sarah-Jane Dias and of course to my amazing and uber-cool fashion blogger friend Abhilasha of LookingGoodFeelingFabwho personally knows Sneha Arora (yup the designer!) and hence got us some front row seats for her show at the Lakme Fashion Week. But more about it later...

Reader Query: Blush Recommendations For NC42 (Warm & Medium/Indian) Skintone

ISLM Recommendations for Blushes that suit Medium (NC42) Skintone

Lydia asks,
Hello Ladies,
I m in love with blushes these days. Can you recommend some for NC42

Blushes transform your look and has the ability to brighten up your face and take your look from a mere 5 to a sizzling 10... I realized their significance a little late in life but since the day I did, I haven't looked back...

Bridal Beauty: Makeup For Pre-Wedding Functions Like Sangeet & Mehendi

Makeup Tips For Pre-Wedding Ceremonies Like Sangeet Or Mehendi

In the excitement of the impending wedding, we often trivialize and in some cases even overlook our makeup for pre-wedding functions like Sangeet, Mehendi, various Poojas and the like. Of course in front of the actual wedding ceremony these little functions mean very little but they do form an important and an integral part of the whole regalia...

Experiments: Another Go At Neutral Makeup & My Struggles With My Canon Ixus...

My Experiments With My Canon Ixus 255 HS And Neutral Makeup

You know what is the most frustrating thing that can happen to a beauty blogger? At least to me? Take all the time in the world to choose an outfit, accessories, do your makeup that actually turns out beautiful and then your camera fails you! Yes it simply fails you... The worst part? It even tricks you!

Review: Anne French Tender Care Creme Hair Remover

Review of Anne French Tender Care Creme Hair Remover

Imagine this... You just got a call from your bestie on a Saturday night telling you that your ex has been rumored to be seen with his current at this uber awesome club and that you should also make an appearance to you know scope out the scene... You slam the phone down and open your wardrobe to look for something slinky and hot and yet something that spells casual and chic... You zero onto your black, lace shorts from Zara that you got the other day and find a sheer, cream top to go with it...

Experiments: My No Kajal No Eyeliner Look!

Eye Makeup With No Kajal & No Eyeliner

A few days ago, leafing through glossy pages of a fashion magazine, I came across this look there the model had a no-makeup look on... I mean it was apparent that she was wearing makeup but the obvious tell tale signs of kajal, eyeliner, bronzer, lipstick was missing... Instead her eyes were defines using nude shades of eyeshadows, her cheeks had a natural rosy flush and her lips were made to look gorgeous all thanks to nude lip liners and transparent glosses...