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Contest Entry: As Beautiful As Your Work

As Beautiful As Your Work... For Mia By Tanishq... A Contest...

Something was not right... The moment our eyes met, I knew she had been crying... I felt guilty for doing this to her... Partly atleast... I asked her if she was really so unhappy and she just looked at me expressionless... Her eyes were blank and her lips quivering... I knew she was going to cry again... She then rushed to her room, leaving me feeling cold... I wished I could make her understand...

A week passed and she seemed better. The crying had stopped but her smile was still missing... My baby sister was miserable and I could do nothing about it...

LOTD: Featuring Soultree Color Riche Lipstick in Java Brown

Makeup Featuring Soultree Color Riche Lipstick in Java Brown

What does one do when you get sent a lipstick as a PR sample in a shade that you don't really wear? Well I was left at the lurch with a similar situation and I was totally out of ideas about what kind of a look should be done with a brown lippy... If you like the ISLM Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, you'd now realise the motive behind me asking you all to help me with eye shadow ideas that would go with a brown lippy... Aha! So thanks to you all for your ideas and thanks to Soultree for sending me the lippy sample, I am now ready to present to yo guys the look :)

LOTD: Featuring Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte Lipstick MAT4

Mini Review & Look Featuring Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte MAT4 Lipstick

My face has two sides... Of course we all do... But somehow while on one hand, one side of my face is normal, the other on the other hand is "bitchy"... Nah nah am not saying I am bitchy, what I am trying to say here is that the left side of my face looks bitchy! Somehow it does... No logic there...
So you guys'll realise that I rarely ever show the other side of my face... But while taking pictures for this post and then editing them, I decided to show you guys my other side and leave it to you all to come to a conclusion about it :P

On The Cover: Alia Bhatt on Harper's Bazaar August 2013

Alia Bhatt On The Cover of Harper's Bazaar India August 2013

During my teenage years and my early 20s, Cosmopolitan was a staple for me every month... It still is... But by the time I hit my mid-twenties, a couple of other mags joined the party and today, no month for me is over until I have read and re-read the month's Cosmo, Vogue, Grazia and Harper's Bazaar. This reminds me I need to get hold of Grazia and Cosmopolitan for this month...

The Cosmopolitan this month is especially a MUST-BUY cause of Cynthia of IndianVanityCase winning the Cosmo Beauty Blog Award and being chosen to be a jury member in Cosmopolitan's beauty panel with Mehak of PeachesAndBlush... Isn't it exciting to see your favorite beauty bloggers reach such new heights? :)

Bridal Beauty: Makeup For An Indian (Night) Wedding - Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

Tips & Tricks For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup (Night Ceremony)

India is a country of diverse cultures and hence observes myriads of traditions and practices... One that I am going to talk about today is the time of the wedding ceremony... From the night time festivities of North Indian weddings, to the early morning ceremonies seen in the Deccan region, to the early evening celebrations in the North-East, our country sure knows how to do weddings any time of the day!

And lucky for us, I got this brainwave to do posts on Bridal Makeup for each type of Mahurat...

On The Cover: SriDevi For Vogue India August 2013

Sridevi on The Cover For Vogue India August 2013

They are calling it "The Ageless Issue" and with good measure after all their cover this month is being graced by the eternally beautiful Sridevi... The Vogue India August 2013 issue surprised us, well at least me by choosing Sridevi to grace their cover and no I am not complaining... I am just wondering if this will start the trend of other fashion magazines following suit and getting ageless and evergreen actresses like Madhuri Dixit, Dimple Kapadia and Neetu Singh to grace their covers next...

Just a thought :)

Reader Request: Lipstick Shades to Suit NC42

Lipstick Shades To Suit NC42

Abidha asks...
Hi Samyukta,

I have been following your blog for sometime now. I really love how you care about girls with low budget and do looks for them.

I do have a question running through my mind for sometime now...I tried to get help from ladies at the counters from maybelline, mac, inglot, chanel, etc.. but they are just interested in making me buy something somehow than help me.

Now to my question: I have only used brownish nude lipstick till now. I want to try some color on my lips like red and pink. I am shade NC42. I always thought red lipsticks are only for fair people. But I read one of your posts where you said red lips are for all. And then I see your pics with such gorgeous lippies (as you call them). I am truly inspired and want to try...but how will I find one if no one will help me..

Please do tell me what colors would suit my skin shade. I would truly and sincerely appreciate your help. God bless

The Week That Was #4: Flushed And Natural Makeup

LOTD: Simple And Easy Everyday Makeup Look

Hola Chicas! I am finally settling into my daily grind once again and I am at last getting over the weekend vacation hangover... In addition this week is going really well with a lot of good news coming in and Pune seeing the sun again! Yayeee :)

CULT STATUS: Repurchases From The Body Shop

My Repurchases: The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream & Intense Moisture Cream
So... I get these pangs to meet my sister on and off... You know how it is with sisters right :) So this time on I planned a weekend trip to Bangalore to spend some quality time with my baby sister and just relax... But God had other plans and we spent the weekend doing all sorts of things...

From an overnight camping trip at the foot of Savanadurga to climbing it (it is one of the largest monolithic hills in Asia), from spending the night in tents to getting lost in the interiors of Karnataka in torrential rain, from eating voraciously to shopping like a maniac and finally ending up missing my flight back home even while arriving at the airport 1 hour before departure, the weekend at Bangalore was FABULOUS! Plus the weather! Wow the weather... You Bangaloreans reading this post are one lucky lot! :D

Celebrity Makeup: Dia Mirza And Her Makeup Mishap

Something Is Not Right With Dia Mirza's Makeup... Can You Spot It?

Dia Mirza is a stunning lady. She has impeccable style. Her smile always shines though. Her makeup is always perfect... Always until today...

Bridal Beauty: Should You Do Your Wedding Makeup On Your Own?

Hire A Bridal Makeup Artist or You Be Your Own Makeup Artist

I remember when I was getting married, there were tons of things that needed last minute touch ups... But not my makeup... My Kanjeevaram needed another pin, I needed to change my heels at the last moment, I had to adjust my jewellery, the pallu of my lehenga kept slipping, the potloi that I wore for the pheras needed an extra hand to be carried and the most hilarious of all, the pati's pagdi needed attention almost all throughout the ceremony, it just refused to stay in place! But my makeup stayed true to me... It did not budge, it did not smudge and it did not get washed away... Mind you I got married in June, during the peak monsoon season in Bombay and even the humidity that mother nature bestowed upon me (as a wedding gift?) couldn't undo my makeup...

I am extremely proud of that :)

REVIEW: MAC Cream Blush in LadyBlush

Review of MAC Cream Blush in LadyBlush
Guest Post By: Rmyah
These days I’m hoarding blushes… So much that I keep forgetting the ones I already have for the ones that are fresh entrants to my kitty. One such forgotten beauty was my dearly beloved first MAC blush… I cannot even believe I forgot about this one.
For many, their first blushes remain cherished, same is the case with me… My love for blushes started with this darling of mine called “Ladyblush”.

Bridal Beauty: LOTD, Basic Questions Addressed and Some Tips & Tricks

Bridal Beauty -  A New Section On I Simply Love Makeup

Till a couple of days back I had no plans of starting this section on Bridal Beauty... I am not really a huge fan of wedding extravaganzas, intricate designer bridal lehengas or huge jadau ornamental sets... I am more of a minimalist where marriage is concerned and hence I am not sure if I would be able to do justice to the to-be brides who are looking for help in beauty and makeup and planning for a Bollywood style wedding ceremony... 

Makeup For The Annual Day Celebrations in College

Makeup Look For The Annual Day Celebrations in College

One of the most enjoyable and hence the most looked forward times during college was the Annual Function we had. It was a week long affair and it meant no studies, loads of timepass, practice sessions (if you were participating in something), loading up on junk food and attending all the fashion shows, orchestras, dramas and a host of other activities... But the most sought after event would be the dance night/evening, when the whole campus turned into a club (of sorts) and DJ mixed numbers would blare out of stacked up speakers and we would pretend to be high on Rasna and lemon squashes and dance the night away...

Tiny MAC Purchases and Rants...

My Tiny MAC Purchases & ISLM Rants

It has been raining here in Pune (and Mumbai) non stop since a month now and we have been left pining for the sun... I have found an escape route... I plan on traveling to Bangalore just for some sun and get back to the daily, rainy grind of Pune all soaked up... Just the thought cheers me up and I am getting this queer urge to start humming Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow ♪♪♫...

But no amount of rain can stop best friends from meeting up and catching up on gossip and some well deserved shopping... Thus this Sunday saw the three of us, two besties (P & K) and me meet up for lunch at German Bakery (newly renovated after the blast) and some MAC shopping :) One of the besties (K) stays in the US and she has a hard time finding MAC foundation shades for herself there... It seems finding NC shades is a little tough there and hence (being a responsible beauty blogger), I took up the whole responsibility of making sure she finds her true shade and …

REVIEW: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart Valentine

Review of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain In Sweetheart Valentine
Guest Post By: Shabby

Well guys if you still don't know about the Revlon kissable balm stains then you are missing a great product big time. This is one product which has taken both the international as well as Indian blog-o-sphere like a rage. These are basically balms with colors but not your average tinted balms these leave a stain your lips and also these are glossy. Interested?

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Find Dove Ads Disturbing...

Why I Am Not A Huge Fan of Dove Ads

I know this post of mine might just whip up a storm but I truly mean what I wrote in the title.

Dove ads are disturbing...

Keeping my fear of creating controversies aside (I just hate confrontations and heartburn), let me delve deeper into my feelings and elucidate on what I am trying to say here...

Back To College: Everyday Makeup For College

College Appropriate Makeup With Maybelline
College days they say never come back... It is for most of us the best days of our lives... And honestly, nothing can beat the fun, the feeling of partial independence, the all grown up feeling and the feeling of finally starting to stand up on our own feet. Add to that friends that you make for life, moments of coy flirting with the guys in the "other" class and the hope and expectations one has from life to come and you have summed up College Life for most of us :)

Basics of Eye Makeup: Winged Eye Liner, Types And Tutorial

How To Master The Winged Liner Look

Winged liners have got to be one of the most successful resurgent trends in makeup history and not without merit. It has the ability to glam up your look like nobody's business... Hence, ladies if you haven't yet joined the "revolution", leave everything you are doing right now and jump onto the bandwagon...
I hope this Winged LinerTutorial comes to aid :)

EOS Lip Balm... I Jumped Onto The Bandwagon Too!

Preview of the EOS Lip Balm...
In my head, temptation strikes in two ways... One where it makes you go "OMG OMG OMG OMG it's so pretty... I want it too..." and the other that makes you squeal "awwwww cheeeeee, that's so cute... I want it too..."
And well the EOS lip balm invariably fell into the latter category.