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Social Media - Yay or Nay?

Social Media - Yay or Nay? ISLM Writer: Sabista In a world full of Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram and many more, should we feel blessed or cursed? An application like Skype can nurture long distance relationships and bring two lovers closer, while an application like WhatsApp or even plain old Messenger can make it so easy and accessible to dump your partner without an explanation. I’ve seen people get married on Skype and break-up on email, I’ve seen people hook up on Tinder and start new romances on Facebook. Is it that simple these days? Can love start with just a friend request? Is it so easy to catch a hold of a one night stand partner, because all you have to do is swipe left or right?

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: To Be Or Not To Be

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: To Be Or Not To Be ISLM Writer: Sabista You spend over one half of your life finding out who you are and what your personality is. Some people are loud and flamboyant, some silent and quiet, some angry and impulsive. Whatever you choose to be is ultimately what you are. Over a course of time, you need to take up responsibilities and new challenges where you are expected to adjust and adapt. Adjusting and adapting is OK but there are certain jobs, responsibilities, duties or people who expect you to change your entire state of being or attitude to fit their needs. Is this right though? Should you change yourself and your personality to fit the requirements or criteria of someone else?

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Are You Ready For The Summers?

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Are You Ready For The Summers? ISLM Writer: Sabista Social issues, social issues and social issues. That’s all we’ve been discussing in our coffee breaks. Let’s take a break and concentrate on beauty for a bit. Here are ten beauty and skin care hacks that will help you survive through the summers and make sure you’re as fresh as a daisy all through!

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: When I Grow Up...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: When I Grow Up... ISLM Writer: Sabista As kids, we have so many dreams and aspirations, to become someone or do something that makes our heart content. Over the years of growing up and taking responsibilities, we forget what truly makes us happy and give into the monotony of life. We forget the passion that drives us and start living life like a chore. We ignore our talents to make a livelihood and get lost in the race of life. This results in unhappiness and living a life of regret. No matter what you do or how much you earn, you never really feel content until you do something that makes you happy. Passion drives a person and quenches the thirst of the soul.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: What It Feels Like For A Girl

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: What It Feels Like For A Girl ISLM Writer: Sabista As a woman, I have a lot of cravings, especially ones that pop up post-midnight and having a husband who loves to snack too, life is amazing in terms of post-dinner meals. The best part about going out to eat at midnight? Street food! You can wear your PJs and hop into the car and eat inside the comfort of your car. It is so perfect, isn’t it? Not really. We live in a place where food can be sold at midnight, but a woman cannot feel safe consuming it, out in the open, at midnight; even if she is accompanied by a man. We live in a day and age where a woman who gives birth to mankind is rewarded by dirty stares and cat calls.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Depression is Real!

Depression Is For Real ISLM Writer: Sabista You fall sick, you get weak, you have headaches, you cannot get up, your head is dizzy, you pass out, you’re taken to a hospital, tests are run, your blood reports are normal… What happens when your whole mental and physical self is falling apart and yet every medical report comes out normal? What happens when the world thinks you’re acting, when in reality, on the inside, your whole being is in turmoil. Everybody thinks you’re the girl who is crying wolf, when in reality, you’re just in a state where your insides are burning up but you have no physical evidence to prove it.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Till Dishes Do Us Apart

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Till Dishes Do Us Apart ISLM Writer: Sabista As a woman, you are automatically assigned the duty of maintaining the perfect balance between home and professional life. Whether married or unmarried, there are certain responsibilities on you, as a woman, to take care of. You’re expected to be in sync with all responsibilities and be harmonized with everything. Basically, you’re supposed to be the happy and cheerful actresses from TV commercials who wash, cook, clean and handle an entire professional career with a smile on their face. And God forbid, if you are ever having an off day and just want to be by yourself or not so cheerful and just want to be left alone, you are considered to be PMSing.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Knew You Were Trouble

    Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Knew You Were Trouble Guest Post By: Sabista So, shame on us! Let’s take a break from makeup, clothes, shoes, bags etc. and let’s talk about the fifth most important thing in a girl’s life; boys! So yeah, boys are important, but they don’t really top our list of must haves (sorry to disappoint you darlings, but we girls have more important things like the perfect pair of boots or the sexiest looking LBD to think of!). This is going to get all gritty and nasty therefore, I suggest you keep your self-esteem aside while reading this because I will be ripping every girl’s self-esteem to shreds (including mine) with this blog.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Miss Moving On!

    Call Me... Miss Moving On! Guest Post By: Sabista There are times when being ruined can leave you devastated and miserable. When all you want to do in life is crawl into your bed and let darkness take over.  You spend your days walking aimlessly around the streets with lifeless eyes and a fake smile, which will later haunt you when you stare blankly into the mirror, trying to practice fake social acknowledgements so that the world and society still consider you sane enough to not be sent away. What we fail to recognise is that sometimes being ruined can give way to build something beautiful in place of the rubble and debris left behind. We forget that until and unless an old building isn’t demolished and torn down to pieces; a stronger foundation cannot replace the outdated architecture that stood there before. 

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Am Cheating On My Boyfriend With...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Have Lipsticks; I Don't Need A Boyfriend... Guest Post By: Sabista OK! So the title is a tiny bit misleading because I don’t have a boyfriend, which means technically I am not cheating, but let’s keep the discussion of my pathetic singlehood for later. Let’s cut to the chase and get straight to the point. If I had a boyfriend, I would be cheating on him, with my obsession for lip products! Oh, don’t act so innocent! I know you’re doing the same. I know you feel an adrenaline rush too, when you apply a swatch of color on your wrist from a tester for that new, sensational shade that has just been launched in the market. I know your heart starts beating like a hummingbird, the moment you imagine that swatch of color on your lips. I know your makeup bag is bulging with cylindrical tubes of color in every shape, size and shade possibly known to mankind. So, it’s a known fact amongst women, that you can never own too many lipsticks at once; b

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Should I? Should I Not?

    Makeup Then... Makeup Now... Guest Post By: Sabista The first twenty years of my life I was a stranger to make up. My initial days, I spent as the fat girl at school and the rest I spent as the awkward and tall girl who shared a wardrobe with hippies. Even though I was teased and bullied in life about my weight issues, one thing that was always constant throughout the years was flawless skin! Unfortunate enough for me, I started working late nights; and don’t let your imagination run wild! By late nights, I mean I started working the BPO circuit. The shifts and dietary switches took some major adaptation but amongst all this chaos, my skin took quite a beating. I developed dark circles under my eyes, and sudden break outs on the face weren’t so sudden anymore. In short, my face turned from a majestic plum to a malnutritioned prune within a year of starting work. I used to think that I had no way out, because I used to hate make up!