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Elle 18 Color Boost Lipstick In Superlicious Red Review and Swatches!

Elle 18 Color Boost Lipstick In Superlicious Red Review and Swatches! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello Munchkins! The weather in delhi is so crappy at the moment, but there are a certain few things which can always make me smile! One such mood uplifter for me is lipstick, and if the lipstick fares well despite being from a drugstore brand and is actually cheap indeed takes my mood from drab to fab! And by the title you guys must have guessed what today's post is all about, so without much ado let us dig into the details about this littloe gorgeous baby!

Is It Christmas Yet?

Makeup Look & LOTD: Is It Christmas Yet? If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I have recently switched jobs and I have been really busy the past week getting the hang of things at my new workplace. A new team, new teammates, new friends and well new work altogether has kept me busy and I have really missed blogging...

Is L'Oreal Paris Collection Star Pure Rouge Lipstick A Dupe of MAC Ruby Woo

  Is L'Oreal Paris Collection Star Pure Rouge Lipstick A Dupe of MAC Ruby Woo? This is one question that I have been asked repeatedly since almost a month now and hence I thought of doing a post about it and letting you all know the answer once and for all :) So if you've been wondering the same yourself, then go on reading...

REVIEW: Etude House Vivid Pop Stick in Crazy In Love

Etude House Vivid POP Stick in Crazy In Love Review ISLM Writer: Arshi If I had to name one Asian brand that India badly needs right now, then undoubtedly, it has to be Etude House!! Ever since I saw those fascinating Etude House store pictures, I’ve been literally drooling over the store decor and of course, the products as well. Etude house’s pleasing and dollish product packaging synchronises well with the store interiors. The store is luxuriously decorated with plush pink decor resembling a doll house. And oh, they even have a dainty carriage and a gorgeous tiara in the store for customers to complete their fairy tale experience! :-)

LOTD: Karwachauth and All The Jazz

    LOTD: Karwachauth and All The Jazz Things can get pretty crazy when you are hungry, thirsty and not allowed to munch on your favorite snack! And when I say crazy, I am referring to temporary memory loss, doing day stuff on auto pilot without feeling a thing and denting your bank balance shopping for stuff that you realise the next day that you will never need!

#MyDiwaliLook LOTD for #TeamBoldLips

  #MyDiwaliLook LOTD for #TeamBoldLips You know the rage that has gripped Twitter, Facebook and Instagram alike this Diwali? The Selfie Contest that has everyone talking about how they want to look this Diwali? Yes ladies, I am talking about the #MyDiwaliLook contest sponsored by The Body Shop India. If you haven't heard of it yet then you might want to go through this post of mine, first... #MyDiwaliLook Contest - #TeamBoldLips

REVIEW: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Fatal Red

  Review of Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Fatal Red Guest Post By: Priyanka Hey! As far as I am concerned a cat’s eye flick with a retro red lip is the most iconic makeup look. Damned be the fools who think that red lipstick means one is easy! Inspired by Audrey Hepburn I decided to go the classic red lip way when college began. There onwards, there was no looking back. I have owned numerous red lipsticks and every time I go lippie shopping, my eyes are always drawn to that indomitable crimson nestled between subtle browns.

From The Archives: LOTD for Work

  LOTD: Makeup for Work Whatever happens, happens for the good... My mum always told me so and I strongly believe in it too... There are things happening around me that directly or indirectly affect me and my extended family but I am keeping my fingers crossed and pray that everything settles down and miraculously makes everyone who is concerned, happy... That said all I want to do right now is have a bowl of mint milk chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins... Ummm yeah, my mind is fickle like that :/

LOTD: Coastal Scents & MAC Come Together In This Look...

  LOTD: Coastal Scents Eyeshadows and MAC Ruby Woo ♥ Every now and then rather once in a while when I clean up my dresser, I come across lost and forgotten makeup that still have some life in them before they reach their expiry and the product that I invariably always forget only to be reminded of, during such tasks is the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette... It was my first "proper" eye shadow palette that almost all beauty bloggers at that time talked about and so I must say the day it arrived was quite a Red Letter day in my life...

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet

  Review of Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet For the past couple of weeks, the pati and I have been alternating between coding, attending weddings and co-ordinating with weavers. We even ended up making a trip each to Bombay for a friend's wedding and to Kolhapur to give our weavers a clear idea about what we exactly want. So when yesterday after we finished shooting for our first lot of sarees (there are 2 more in the pipeline), the pati and I decided to catch the last show of "Wolf of the Wallstreet"... So the Saturday ended on a happy note and Sunday promises to be better still :)

Video Tutorial: Rihanna Inspired Red Lips & Winged Eye Liner Look

Video Tutorial: Rihanna Inspired Red Lips And Winged Eye Liner Look More often than not Red carpet looks that awe us and leave us spellbound are so difficult to achieve and emulate and require loads of exotic sounding and expensive products. So much so that there was a time when I totally stopped even looking at Red Carpet looks for inspiration... And then I came across this gorgeous makeup on Rihanna that looked so gorgeous and so sexy and seemed so simple and easy to achieve...

LOTD: Featuring Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte Lipstick MAT4

Mini Review & Look Featuring Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte MAT4 Lipstick My face has two sides... Of course we all do... But somehow while on one hand, one side of my face is normal, the other on the other hand is "bitchy"... Nah nah am not saying I am bitchy, what I am trying to say here is that the left side of my face looks bitchy! Somehow it does... No logic there... So you guys'll realise that I rarely ever show the other side of my face... But while taking pictures for this post and then editing them, I decided to show you guys my other side and leave it to you all to come to a conclusion about it :P

Ask ISLM: Contouring Powders and Red Lipsticks for Fair Skin

  Ask ISLM: Red Lipstick and Contouring Powder Suggestions for Fair Skin Pooja asks... Next week 3rd july is my anniversary and i love the way you do face contouring and red lips. I am fair skinned and was wondering if Lakme absolut moonlit highlighter would be a good choice for face contouring?or any other product better than that ?I also love Ruby Woo on your lips ...but i have thick lips that tend to dry...would it be a good pick or you would suggest some other red lipstick for me?Thanks in advance...

Celebrity Makeup: Priyanka Chopra Strays From Her Usual Brown!

Hold your breath ladies cause this is an iconic moment in the history of lip color tales... Priyanka Chopra known for her penchant for brown lippies, has for the first time (is what I suspect) changed it for a *gasps* Red Lippy! Straight from Brown to Red! Wow! What a move! And an awesome that too! Totally loving the Red lips on her :) Lippy Reco: I am guessing it is MAC Chili. The muddy orangey red is very very signature to MAC Chili! What do you think?    Image Source  

Celebrity Makeup: Vidya Balan and Red Lips

Vidya Balan is rarely with the wrong makeup. She stays "safe" but never wrong, hence when I saw this picture of hers I found something amiss. No no it isn't a huge blunder and hence many of you may find nothing wrong with the look... But there is this teeny-tiny gripe that I have regarding the lipstick in this look... The shade of Red in the lippy just feels wrong somehow... I guess rather than going for a "maroon-ish" Red lippy, a brighter and a pinker shade of Red with this particular saree might have done the trick... Maybe like Colorbar Velvet Matte Hot Hot Hot or MAC Red. What do you think?

Mostly Pictures... Red Lips Are So Liberating!!!

Do you know about the "What Does Makeup Mean To You" Contest that is running here on ISLM? If you haven't entered it yet, then go ahead do it... No idea about the link? Here you go... Now this is just a random look I did last night... I was itching to wear a Red lippy and so I did this... Those who follow me on Instagram would have already seen this look of mine last night ;) This is why I keep telling you all to follow me on Instagram people! :P Red Lipstick: Faces Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Claret Review Coming Up Soon... Tell me if you like the look :)

Tips & Tricks: Unique Use of a Red Lipstick

We all have struggled to find our perfect Red Lipstick isn't it? If you have found it, then congratulations but if you haven't then fear not, you will find it one day :) Nowin this quest of finding our perfect Reds we have by now for sure collected a few many Red lipsticks that seem to be of no use to us now right? So what do we do with them? Yup, for one we could use them as a blush can't we... That's a no-brainer right? How about I tell you another use of a discarded Red lippy? Truth be told, the trick that I am gonna share with you guys is not something that I thought of. It was discovered/invented by my little cousin sister and the effect that it has on one's look is just fabulous! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Vijeta, my baby cousin who actually came up with and demonstrated to me this awesome technique... What she does is, she dots the bridge of her nose and her inner-cheek with her red lippy and blends it all outwards. This gives her a natural

Celebrity Makeup: Kareena Kapoor (Again!)

One celebrity who rarely ever gets her makeup wrong in Kareena Kapoor and the best part about her looks are that they are never boring... She doesn't really stick to a particular kind of look and somehow whatever she does looks just so awesome on her... And this look was no different... It was spectacular, went really well with her gold sequined Atsu dress and my my did she look glamorous or what! She went with a subtle black winged liner and pretty Red lips... My kind of makeup for sure! Ok, I really need to give this to her... She has some very obvious arm-candy (read fat arms) but she embraces them... I should pick up a couple of pointers about loving your arm candy for sure ;) Image Source1 Image Source2

Celebrity Makeup: Amrita Puri

My love for Red Lips and Bronzer is common knowledge now and anyone sporting a red lipstick becomes my instant favorite... However the shade of the lipstick on Amrita Puri below with the white blingey saree seems to be a bit off... I love the saree separately and I totally love the makeup if I just see her neck up, so I inferred that the issue lies with the pairing of the saree with the particular makeup! Yup! I have always been good at analytical mathematics :P The makeup alone would look awesome with a western black/royal blue/emerald green gown... With the saree in the picture, I would have gone for a brighter shade of red lippy... Maybe MAC Ruby Woo or Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Hot Hot Hot or even Lakme Absolute in Classic Rose. Btw, I love the way she has her bronzer applied... She totally rocks it! :D Image Source

MakeUp For Office: Red Lipstick To Office? Why Not? :P

Poohkie asked me the other day if I wear Red Lipsticks to Office and well that gave me an idea that I could surely do a "Make-Up For Office" post with a Red Lippy :) Well as you can see I do wear Red lipsticks to office but as a stain.. So basically all I do is dab on some red lippy and then kiss into tissues for a couple of times and Voila! a stained Red Lip is ready for office :) Here's the look :) Here, I am wearing Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Classic Rose So, dare to wear Red?