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Reader Query: Foundation Recommendation for Oily/Acne Prone Skin

Reader Query on Foundations for Oily Skin

READER QUERY: Lipstick Recommendation To Brighten One's Face

Hey Samyukta,
My 45 yr old friend and neighbour needs your help. I have been trying to tell her that she needs a go-to lipstick that's versatile enough to wear both during the day and for a casual evening out that will brighten her face. But the  lady insists on taupes, browns and maroon-browns that make her look older than she is.( Needless to say she has a haul fit to put a cosmetic counter to shame)
She has fairly good skin and for want of an exact description of her skin tone, I''ll ask you to imagine a totally make-up free Bipasha Basu,but half a shade duskier. Can you help with a chioce of a shade that she will be comfortable with ? Her fave brands are Maybelline and Chambor. She might be more attentive to your advice as she's aware that I subscribe to your blog. (Hmm...I'm being sneaky and not at all apologetic about it !)
Thanks, Samukta and keep up the good work. I look forward to your post.
Thank you for them.

First off Usha, I must say that you are a swe…

TUTORIAL/READER REQUEST: Simple Wedding Eye Makeup

Yes yes I am doing a tutorial on a very simple wedding eye makeup today. It was requested by Supriya Pawar as she is getting married in a small town... Though I don't know the venue details but I know it's gonna be a bengali wedding and so I am dreaming of the locale to be the exotic Sunderbans with their tropical mangroves and a rustic setting... Oh! It sounds all romantic and adventurous all at the same time :) Isn't it :) Supriya, I wish you a very happy married life ahead :) Now because of the locale she will not be having any access to any MUA and so she has to do her own makeup! For some it's scary but for me who did her own wedding makeup, I say go for it girl! It'll be fun and it'll be something you'll remember forever :D Fret not! It's your wedding and anything you do will be seen with reverence and awe ;) TRUST ME! Unless of course you have some nagging aunts in the family who don't approve of anyone doing anything ;)

So enough of my ramb…

Reader Query: CTM products for Combination Skin

Nafisa asks,
hi i have a combination skin and with two kids around i hardly have any time for skin care. but ur skin just made me sit back and think that i really DO need sometime out for my skin . plz do suggest some good exfoliators any thing related to it. i use cetaphil cleansing lotion as my face wash coz my skin gets really bad after a regular face wash and thats it no moisturiser coz of my dry cheeks and oily t help....

I myself have super dry skin and hence I have presented Nafisa's questions in an open forum, so that any of the readers who have experience with Combination skin can help her out :)

Reader Query: Light Makeup for an Indian Wedding

Jayde asks,

Hey Samyukta, I've got my brother's wedding coming up and I'm not a big fan of heavy make-up and only ever use nivea lipbalm on my lips. But one of my Bhabhi's (sister-in-laws) decided that we are all going to get dolled up! 
I have incredibly fair indian skin and have been burdened with quite thin lips. I want quite a natural look rather than walking in looking like a clown, so no typically bright colours. What natural colours and make up brands would you recommend to enhance my lips? P.S.  Yeah, I live in the UK unfortunately. We are mixed race - my mum was Spanish and my Dad is Indian Gujarati. However, my dad's features turned out to be more dominant, so I have deep dark brown curly hair and brown eyes with fair skin.
My brother will be having a traditional Gujarati wedding ceremony based in London, so what would you advise? Nothing too bright? I'll be wearing a turquoise Saree if that helps in any way .. 
Hey Jayde, first off I just can…

Reader Query: How to Get a Glow for Dry Skin

I keep getting a lot of queries for getting glowing skin, but this I guess is the first time I got one that sounded really earnest... So rather than rattling out "my" skin care regimen and products, I decided to do an in-depth post about it. I analysed and researched a LOT and I finally came up with this...

Do read on... And btw this is what Vani asked :)

Hey Suma :)

First thing Kudos to you and your blog... I just love you and your cute face.... and yes you have a wonderful smile :)

Keep doing this good job..

My query is I apply moisturizer (fab india green tea) and then I apply maybelilne BB cream but somehow I feel my skin is not glowing from inside. I feel that I am missing somewhere... I am always confused when should I use sunscreen (though maybelline BB cream has SPF 21+) and also do I need to apply loose powder. I have dry skin and after applying the BB cream my skin looks bit oily. I have dark circles as well so please suggest me what cream should I use to make my skin…

Reader Query: Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Ladies and gentlemen, let me forst introduce Shweta to you all. She is a very good friend of mine, my neighbor and the wife of the "pati's" best friend from college :) She has been asking me to help her with her eye makeup and I have been promising her that I will but the lazy bum that I am, I as usual keep shelving it ;) So she got herself to write to ISLM and get her queries answered ;) Sooo sorry Shweta, next time we come to your place, I am coming all armed with make-up ;)

Shweta asks,
"Heya....I think now all my make-up queries will be answered ...hehe
Suma ,I have small eyes and love to put on kajal and liner on my eyes but oooo it turns to be a disater ...Can you please suggest some everyday eye make-up tips for small eyes...

First off, let me tell you that there are two ways to do make-up on small eyes. One way is to do it in such a way that your eyes appear bigger, the other way is to not give importance to the size of the eye but just emphasize on defining i…

READER QUERY: How To Apply Makeup on Darker Lids

Dimpal asks...

hi Suma,
i want ur help .. i have duskier eyelids.. colors just refuses to show on my eyelids... i use nyx eyeshadow base and garnier anti dark circle roll on too but thy r nt much help...
thnx n Luv

A lot of us have this issue of having darker eye lids due to which eye shadows do not show up with as much pigmentation as it does on others. But fear not :) Like I always say MakeUp is like magic and it can help you achieve any look you covet and so makeup has a solution for this problem too :) Did I sound very dramatic here? :P

There are three things you can do...
1. Apply a good eye primer before you apply your shadow but you already do that and it doesn't help right? So you'll need to follow steps 2 and 3 :)

2. Use a good concealer, which I am assuming will be 2 shades lighter than your lids and a similar shade to your face. Apply it generously on your lid area till your brow bone. This will ensure a clean and an even canvas to start with your eye makeup. If yo…