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TUTORIAL: Easy Purple Eye Makeup

Tutorial For A Simple Purple Eye Makeup  I am in this super excited mode right now. I am going on a vacation in two weeks time and might get to meet many of my Kolkata based blog readers and blogger friends. Plus I am going to Bombay tomorrow and will be meeting up with many of the Bombay beauties. And of course it has now stopped raining here in Pune and the sun keeps playing peek-a-boo with the clouds the whole day... This is indeed my favorite kind of weather :) Yet I know the monsoons have actually just begun and so I still carry an umbrella with me (you know just in case) and I still keep all my hair tied up (I just cannot risk a fit of frizzy hair!). Ha!

LOTD: Cult Favorite With A Gradient Purple Eye Makeup

A Bright Look with a Gradient Purple Eye Makeup and a Fuchsia Lipstick Pune today received it's first shower marking the approaching monsoons and even though I am not crazy about the rainy season, I cannot help but feel excited and elated. Why? Cause monsoons in Pune/Mumbai start in June and that marks that the passing by of one half of the year :) Also well cause June is my wedding anniversary month :) Yayee! Last year for our anniversary we had got a fabulous chocolate cake from Parita , who is a fabulous baker... This year though, Pari is in Singapore (boohoo) and we'll have to make do with a common store baked cake :( Even the pati looked crest fallen when I told him that the cake this year will not be baked by Parita... Ha ha ha! Pari, we love your baking babe!

LOTD: Winged Eye Liner with a play of Purple and Cranberry

You all know how much I have been obsessing over winged liners lately don't you? And before you roll your eyes and say to yourself "oh no not another winged liner look", let me promise you all that nope you wouldn't be bored I promise and though I plan on doing a couple of more of these looks, I can assure you that you all would be far from bored ;) This time I have used Purple and Cranberry eye shadows and created a not-a-very-blended-out look. Rather I have let both the eye shadow colors be very individualistic today and not be blended into a third shade. So in short I haven't allowed by shadows to marry each other and produce a third one of their kind ;) You get what I am saying? LOL. Yup I guess you could attribute this loss of my realistic thinking to #MondayBlues . Sighhhhh... You know now that I am seeing the pics on the blog, I cannot help but feel that this makeup is making me look a bit retro, a bit catty and also giving me a sci-fi look.

REVIEW & LOTD: Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy (Valentine Special)

With Valentine's Day around the corner and we already into Valentine's week, I can't help but like all pinks and purples and you will suddenly find a gush of LOTDs and Hauls with a lot of these shades. Don't be alarmed! It'll pass soon :) Anyways, as you all know we had a Pune Blogger's Meet the other day and I picked up this newly launched sparkly mono eye shadows from Revlon called Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy which is a gorgeous sparkly purple shade that is perfect for a special night out with your guy! Heck! It's actually perfect for night-outs with anyone ;) The shade is a sheer blackish-purple with a lot of Purple chunky glitter in it. Chunky glitter? Yup you got it! Gorgeous but a lot of fall-out and difficult to blend :( Come on let's go through the pros and cons one by one and lastly see the beauty of the shadow and then make your own conclusions ;) Image of The Product Revlon Luxurious Color Diamond