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EOS Lip Balm... I Jumped Onto The Bandwagon Too!

  Preview of the EOS Lip Balm... In my head, temptation strikes in two ways... One where it makes you go "OMG OMG OMG OMG it's so pretty... I want it too..." and the other that makes you squeal "awwwww cheeeeee, that's so cute... I want it too..." And well the EOS lip balm invariably fell into the latter category.

Photos, Swatches: L'Oreal L'Or Sunset Collection for Cannes 2013

 L'Oreal's L'Or Sunset Collection For Cannes 2013 This year was L'Oreal's 16th year to be associated with the Cannes Film Festival. The festival this year, celebrates 100 years of Indian Cinema and Bollywood took centre stage on the much awaited red carpet. For its 16th year at the Cannes Film Festival, L ’Oreal Paris had the perfect opportunity to showcase the all new makeup collection created especially for the occasion – L ’ Or Sunset, a homage to the beauty of cinema.

PREVIEW: Revlon Royal Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Paint

    Revlon Royal Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Paint Guest Post By: Manu Recently, when Suma “the” Sharma (yes that is how we address each other) came up with her favorite brands for products, I knew we would definitely share the favoritism for nail paints brand. Colorbar it was, for us, to take away the title for ‘Best Nail Paints’!  But we don’t swear buying all the products from our favorites. Do we? I am pretty sure you know the feeling, when you are dying to get that particular shade but you are not able to get it – SIIGH!

Featuring (LOTD): MAC Swimming Eyeshadow

Soothing... Cooling... Refreshing... Temperatures have been soaring like crazy and Pune that rarely sees the harshness of Summers has been cowering in fear of the sweltering sun... Maximum temperatures that are touching 42 degrees don't seem to be backing down and we are all left with improvised ways to battle this heat :( \ My improvisation is of course makeup related :D Duh!

PREVIEW: Orange Galore!

Orange Lip Products From Colorbar Nothing says Summers like the color Orange... Freshly squeezed Orange Juices, a refreshing swig of Screwdriver and a bright Orange lippy is what I associate summers with... So when I received these Orange hued goodies in my mail yesterday, I knew I was going to have an extremely awesome Summer this year :D

PREVIEW: Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner

  Preview of Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner In Tangerine Orange

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PREVIEW & SWATCHES: The Sigma Paris Palette...

Preview & Swatches Of The Sigma Paris Palette...

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