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Featuring: Kryolan Professional Lipstick in LC107

Featuring: Kryolan Professional Lipstick in Shade LC107
It has been raining incessantly here for the past few weeks... We haven't seen the sun in ages and the days are gloomy as hell (I am assuming hell is dull, grey and sad)... Nothing makes me crankier and cribbier than the rains and I am having the toughest time trying to keep from snapping at everyone who tries to talk to me... And thus to keep myself sane and of course the others "safe", I have been indulging in bright pink lipsticks in the hope that it would help me cheer up at least for a tiny bit...

REVIEW: MAC Cremesheen Lipstick Lickable

Review of MAC Cremesheen Lipstick Lickable...
Are you a lipstick girl or an eye shadow girl? Nope am not talking about what you prefer. Rather what I am trying to elicit from you here is which out of the two products do you first get drawn to at a makeup store or a counter? Is it an eyeshadow or a lipstick that you know you are sure gonna walk out of the store with? It's easy for me. When I am at MAC, I am an eyeshadow girl through and through, while at all other stores/counters, it is a lippy that I am partial towards... No logic whatsoever but this is exactly how it has been :)

ISLM Poll Results: Neutrals Are Out!

Surprising... If Not Astonishing...

REVIEW: Maybelline 14 Hours Superstay Lipstick In Eternal Rose

Long Stay... Gorgeous Pink

REVIEW: Radiant Pink from Colorbar True Gloss

Who lovesCandyFloss?
I know I do... I do cause I have an enormous sweet tooth and I love them also cause it brings back childhood memories :) It takes me back to the time when we were on a cable car to Mussoori, then it takes me to the time when we were sitting in the gardens of the Sun Temple picnic-ing in Gwalior then it takes me to the times when we used candyfloss as a prop in one of our college fashion shows... Candyfloss holds a special place in my heart and somehow my latest purchase from Colorbar takes me to this candyfloss induced nostalgia :)

There is something about the Colorbar True Gloss range that just tempts me so much that I have to go and buy newer shades :P Last time I reviewed the much celebrated and much raved about shade called Vintage Rose and today I talk about a lesser known shade called Radiant Pink.

If Vintage Rose was a bright fuschia based shade then Radiant Pink is its Neon cousin who is beautiful on its own but still clamors for more attention... Nope! …

REVIEW & LOTD: Colorbar True Gloss in Vintage Rose

You know the time when you are looking for the perfect HOT Pink lipstick and really cannot find the exact shade that you are looking for? When whichever Pink lippy you pick up is either too pale or too shiny or is just not HOT enough, then ladies it is time to turn your head towards our very own Colorbar ;) I basically remembered to do a review of this particular product when one of my friends' Shamaila, asked me for a dupe for MAC Impassioned... No no this particular shade isn't a dupe for it, it's cousin Radiant Pink is closer but Vintage Rose is one shade that I recommend everyone whoever is looking for a Gorgeously HOT Pink shade :)

This is one shade that flatters all skin tones, it'll be your best buddy irrespective of your complexion ;) The pros that really set it apart from other glosses is that it is extremely pigmented, very opaque, no glitter or frost and seriously stays on for like ever! I apply it in the morning and it is with me till the end of day... aft…

REVIEW: Faces Go Chic Lipstick in Prairie Pink

The word "Prairie" takes me back to school, to the geography lessons where we studied about Prairie grasslands... Now I wasn't really strong in Geography (Maths was my fav subject #NerdAlert) and so I cannot say that the flashbacks that I get are happy and pleasant but after receiving this lippy from Faces, using it almost everyday to office for the past week, I can say that it has changed the way I feel about the word Prairie and yes in a good way :)

The Prairie Pink shade from Faces is almost somewhere between Pink and Coral and is a beautiful and a flattering shade for girls with lighter skintones. It has a satiny finish that stays on for almost 4 hours and then leaves behind a faint but a flattering stain. It doesn't feel dry at all and even though the weather has gotten really dry lately, I am comfortable wearing it without any lip balm underneath... Yup! That's a big deal for me especially int he winters :)

One thing that I really like about these lippies …

Celebrity Makeup: Neena and Masaba Gupta

This is just a one liner post... Ok may be 3 :P

The mother-daughter duo, Neena and Masaba really have a swell sense of style that can be best described as quirky and individualistic but makeup-wise? They really need to get their Pink shade of lipstick sorted. Ladies... go for any any color you fancy but remember to pick out a shade of that color that enhances your complexion and not make you sallow and ill!

Raise hands (ok comment) if you agree :P

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REVIEW: MakeUpForEver Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Shade 34

Nothing spells sophistication like a matte red lipstick (a la Marilyn Monroe?)... And nothing spells feminine and fragile like a pink lipstick... Raise hands if you agree :)

Today I am gonna be introducing you all to my all time favorite pink lippy that I got a couple of months of back and well I have been hooked. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for MUFE Rouge Artist IntenseLipstick in Shade 34. It is a creamy matte lipstick that glides on smoothly on your lips and gives full coverage. It is transfer resistant and well just doesn't budge the entire night. Even though it has a matte texture, it is not drying at all, rather it is quite hydrating. But I love it cause it is a beautiful shade of deep pink.

On the downside, it isn't really a unique shade. It can be duped rather easily, but quality wise it isn't second to anything.

Image of the Product



Oooohhsss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. Is not drying
2. Gives a full coverage to even pigmented lips
3. Tra…

REVIEW: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in "Hooked On Pink"

I knew I was on the right track by banning myself from buying makeup when last Friday, while clearing my dresser, I found a brand new tube of Maybelline's Colorsensational Lippy in Hooked On Pink. Imagine! A brand new and forgotten tube of a lipstick. Yup! I found some more stuff as well but that's for future posts...

Now coming back to this Maybelline lippy, I was so excited of finding it that I have been wearing this lippy everyday since Friday :P And well I love it at the moment :) Its a pretty plummy pink (on my lips), not as bright as the other pinks that I own and still a little brighter than MAC Craving :) Its a super versatile shade that would suit many Indian complexions (mind you I said many and not all) and would be gorgeous in the three seasons that we get in India viz Hot Summers, Cool Winters and well sticky monsoons :P

You all know the moisture extreme range from Maybelline is super hydrating, has a decent satying power of about 3-4 hours and well is easily wit…

My PINK Lipsticks :)

Ever since I purchased the MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Shade 34, I have been obsessed with it. I wear it everywhere I go and I am totally in love with it :) So in order to see if I have any Pink lippies that might be similar to it, I started swatching my favorite Pink lippies side by side. Once I had swatched all my favorite ones, I realized that I could do a post on it very similar to the one I did for Red lippies... So well this was the inspiration behind this post of mine :)

Disclaimer: I have excluded a few pink lippies, included just my favorites as of now :)

Inglot Shade 66
I have already reviewed this shade here. This shade can be described as a nude natural pink and is extremely flattering for Indian Skintones!

MAC Craving
This has always been my most favorite Pink Lipstick, not only cause the shade is gorgeous but also because the texture and the feel of the lipstick is very comfortable and moisturising. It is a muted pink that is perfect for office and a night out eq…