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REVIEW: Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong & Abundant Shampoo & Conditioner With Ginseng Root & Oil

Review of Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong & Abundant Shampoo & Conditioner
My this year's secret quest (not a secret anymore) is to find some fabulous drugstore products that can give premium/hi-street brands a run for their money. A long shot you say? I say it'll be difficult but not impossible :) Of course I am really curious to find out if I can get myself a drugstore foundation that will make me give up my MAC Face & Body Foundation. But then I'll need to go through 2014 to actually find that out... 

REVIEW: Ellis Faas Blush In S303 (Soft Bronze) And S304 (Mulled Wine)

Review Of Ellis Faas Blushes S303 And S304
I have never been a blush girl especially during my early blogging days. I always felt that they made me look too "made up". Then gradually I started exploring more and realized that "the made up" look was a result of my incorrect application rather than anything else and needless to say I was smitten for life (I hope!)...

Where ease of application is concerned I have always preferred and enjoyed wearing powder blushes... In short I kinda have more faith in my ability to handle a blush brush rather than

REVIEW: Colorbar Ultimate Makeup Remover

Makeup Removers According To Skin Type!

REVIEW: The Nature's Co Cranberry Exfoliating Body Polish For Dry Skin

Nope! This Isn't A Geography Lesson...

REVIEW: Cosmedic Cerava Quick Relief Therapy Gel

With cold winter winds blowing and dip in the temperature, my skin braces itself for the harsh and dry weather... Inline with my skin's requirements my focus shifts from makeup to skincare every winter and this winter is no different... It is no secret that I have extremely dry skin and come Winter, I slather and almost clog my skin with layers and layers of Olive Oil, Body Butters, Body Lotions and the sundry... Of course my skin fights back to all the "pampering" I shower on it and I keep getting the occasional pimples. Yes! I get pimples in Winters! :/

I have been finding and exploring workarounds to "battle" these bouts of pimples that keep cropping up here and there but had found no permanent solution for it until I received this little wonder from Cosmedic. Now if you are regular with my blog then you'll know a little writeup I had done for them a while ago, but if you are not (Really? You break my heart!), then this is a little refresher link for yo…