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Types of Nails you can get at a Salon

 Types of Nails you can get at a Salon! Nails represent one of the most important aspects of female and male beauty. Decoration for nails and nail paint was present for a long time, since Assyrian Empire. There is nothing worse than seeing a set of nails which haven’t been treated properly. Like any other part of the body, it is necessary for us to keep them clean and hygienic. Normally, women are more attentive to their nails because it represents a part of their overall looks. It is no wonder that different nail salons improved their treatment over the course of years, so nowadays, we have different options when it comes to nails and nail decoration. Given your preferences, you can choose only paint or perhaps even artificial nails. Whatever you pick, it will make you wonderful.

PUNE SPECIAL: My Valentine's Date Night At Euriska

  EURISKA:  The Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant Raise hands if you are an ardent fan of 300 (the movie)... Have heard of Sparta... Are in awe of King Leonidas... No? No? and No? Well ok... Raise hands if you are mesmerized by the pictures of white mud houses on the cliffs overhanging the deep blue sea that describe Greece... Are in awe of Greek Mythology... Are hook, line and sinker in love with the finger licking Mediterranean Cuisine... Still, no? Then this post would do you no good, I am afraid... You may as well check out another post on ISLM... Or wait...

#UseYourAnd Don't Be Labelled with Gillette Venus

  #UseYourAnd Don't Be Labeled with Gillette Venus  I am Pretty AND I am Intelligent I am a Beauty Blogger AND I am a Software Engineer I love to Write Code AND I love to Wear Red Lipstick I am Fun AND I am Responsible I love Football AND I love Cooking Shows I am 30 AND I am 17 I am This AND I am That

Thank You Parachute For Some Easy But Effective Oil Massage Techniques

  Thank You Parachute For Some Easy But Effective Oil Massage Techniques Bollywood diva and model Nargis Fakhri announced the launch of Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre’s Art of Oiling with International massage expert Moses Chundi in Mumbai. The beautiful actor has embarked on a journey to rediscover the fading ‘Art of Oiling’ to bring back this age old practice in a renewed avatar relevant in today’s lifestyle. Nargis was seen talking about the little known benefits and demonstrating certain oil massage techniques to the audience too. In an effort to rediscover this fading art, Parachute Advansed Knowledge Center (PAKC) along with international massage expert- Moses Chundi have developed a signature line of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) massages.

30% Off on Luxola for ISLM Readers

  30% Off on Luxola for ISLM Readers As I take a break from my Ruby On Rails Bootcamp on Day 1 of the Grace Hopper Foundation Conference, I couldn't hold my joy when I received an email from the good people at telling me they were extending a 30% discount for ISLM readers! Oh come on! This must have you all in smiles too :) Now Ships To India! Now Ships To India! I have never been a huge fan of online shopping from sites that are not based out of India. The little Sigma, Sleek and Urban Decay that I have is all thanks to friends and colleagues going abroad, who get them for me... What deters me mostly is the exorbitant shipping costs and heavy custom charges...

Gulabi Pink... Coming Soon

  Gulabi Pink... Coming Soon... Of Dreamy Drapes, Surreal Wraps and Gossamer Folds, 'Gulabi Pink' brings to you an Enthralling collection of scarves, stoles, wraps and dupattas...

DIWALI SALE ALERT! 30% off on All Products on Handlooms Of India

  DIWALI SALE ALERT! 30% off on All Products on Handlooms Of India It is that time of the year when you look forward to beautiful light decorations, yummy sweetmeats, the delicious smell of crackers and an overall sense of happiness... It is also that time of the year when you scramble to get yourself some beautiful diwali outfits and gifts for your loved ones... THE BIGGEST MAKEUP AND SKINCARE SALE – 105 BRANDS – 30% OFF

    Get Glamorous this Festive Season and Save Big - The Great Nykaa Diwali Dhamakaa is Here! THE BIGGEST MAKEUP AND SKINCARE SALE – 105 BRANDS – 30% OFF Mumbai – October 13, 2014: Gear up to splurge, spoil yourself and shop for your loved ones this Diwali. presents the Great Nykaa Diwali Dhamakaa – a three-day shopping fiesta where you can get never seen before discounts on some of the biggest and best beauty, personal care, herbal and grooming brands. Get up to 30% off over 105 reputed brands and 10,000+ products from the 14th October - 16th October.

What’s in your beach bag?

Beach-Bag-Must-Haves   What’s in your beach bag?     Right now, somewhere in the Hamptons a New York fashion photographer is taking pictures of some gorgeous bikini model, walking on the beach. Right now, somewhere in Mauritius a girl is looking through her giant beach bag, trying to find the sunscreen. It must a tough job, because we’ve all been there. 

For Men: Don't Be a Loser by Being a Bar User

    For Men: Don't Be a Loser by Being a Bar User I am sure that many of us have resorted to using a simple soap bar on our face on days we feel that we just want to tumble back into bed. This may be because we had a late night and are now nursing a hangover from hell and have a long day to endure, but please note that by being a loser and being a bar user you have now exposed your skin to the numerous ill effects of bar soaps. 

How to Get the Celebrity Look

  How to Get the Celebrity Look If Jennifer Lopez or Priyanka Chopra wear a certain style dress today and carry it off with élan, you can be sure it is going to be the rage tomorrow with girls and women searching frantically for something similar to give them the same pizzazz and hopefully make heads turn.

My Khoobsurat Moment, Thanks to L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

  My Khoobsurat Moment, Thanks to L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss You know when you are having a dull and drab day at work because of a lot of workload, the stress and strain of meeting deadlines and someone just compliments you out of the blue... Doesn't it feel special? Doesn't it make you look at life in a new light? Doesn't it make a khoobsurat moment that you know you'll look back at with pleasure?

Busting Myths Related to Colouring your Hair

    Busting myths related to colouring your hair I am certain that almost all of us have heard the constant refrain from the older generation- “Your hair is going to get damaged if you colour it!” What utter hogwash!? I am sure that with the chemical dyes that were present in their era that might just be the case, but the advanced semi permanent hair colours that we now find our markets flooded with are incapable of doing so. So rest assured that your recent sojourn with hair colour is not going to have long term harmful effects!

REVIEW: Za True White Toner

  Review of Za True White Toner from the House of Shiseido Remember the time I went to Kiehl's to get a free skin consultation and they told me that even though I had been thinking that I had dry skin for the past 28 years of my life, I in actuality had combination skin! Remember now?

Kiehls Is In Pune!!! Finally...

  Kiehls Launches its store in Pune There was a time when I would keep tweeting Kiehls to open a store in Pune... I mean it was crazy... I was at that time using their Ultrafacial Cream and Glossy Stylist Hair Serum and had become quite the Kiehls enthusiast.. But well their business strategist had other plans and it never came to Pune... As time went by, I gave up and lost all hope of the skincare giant to ever grace the shores of my beloved city... So imagine my glee when the Kiehl's PR called me up the other day and told me that they were finally setting up shop in Pune and to top it all I was invited to a free skin consultation and some Kiehl's goodies :)

CouponMantra's Discount Coupons for your next Shopping Expedition!

  CouponMantra is the answer to all your Shopping related Prayers Let me start by saying that I am positively crazy about online shopping and nothing heightens my pleasure more than coupons that hit the spot! 15%-20% may just be that tiny fraction that might make my father let me go on a huge splurge. Coupons can make your shopping experience very special but it’s just so hard to keep track of so many different ones that might be applicable for your favourite website. That’s where coupon based websites like CouponMantra come in handy!

Ladies Day Out at the IndiBlogger #DovePlay Meet

  How Dove Brought Us Back Together... Hair they say is a woman's crowning glory... Ummm well ok... If that holds true then I sure am no queen... Heck! I can't even qualify for being a princess or for that matter being in line for the throne... Thus is the state of my hair... No matter what I do or what I use or how I use, I can never make my hair listen to me... I sometimes feel that my hair may just be a guy... You know the typical guy, who wouldn't listen, who wouldn't ask for directions and well who just cannot be tied down into a commitment...

Introducing Something Organic This Summer: EcoMartIndia

  Introducing As much as I love the Summer sun as compared to the harsh winters, I am not blind towards the fact that Summers do wreak havoc with my body. With India’s extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, our skin, our hair, our bodies take a beating. Keeping healthy, hydrated and toxin free becomes a chore and I am forever looking for clean, healthy and organic stuff to put in and on my body… And then, I found EcoMartIndia :)

LOTD: A Perfect Look For Saturday Night Clubbing

  Featuring: Lakme Absolute Colour Illusion Eyeshadow "Smokey Pearl" I did this look with a blank mind, I had nothing going on and by the time I finished photographing, I was wondering what I should name it... So I did not do a post on it and just randomly posted it on Instagram and hence Facebook and Twitter... You guys loved it (thank you so much :D) and Bidisha labelled the look as Perfect for a Saturday Night Party Look and thus I got my title for the post :) Thanks sweetheart :) ♥