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Changing Trends: Online shopping for beauty products becoming a rage

Changing Trends: Online shopping for beauty products becoming a rage
Changing trends indicate women especially of the 18-35 age group, are turning to online shopping for beauty products. Some of the reasons are that online stores are trying their best to bridge in the gap with increased customer satisfaction.

Ask ISLM: Suggestions for Online Shopping Portals for Buying Makeup Brushes

Suggestions for Buying Makeup Brushes Online
Saba asks...
Hi, I love reading your reviews. I have a query. I live in j&k and I want to buy some really good brushes online. Please suggest me some quality brushes and how to buy them.

Guest Post: Could online shopping spell the end for shopping malls?

The idea that online shopping poses a threat to traditional shopping malls and supermarkets is old news, and the number of people in the UK who go straight to the internet to search for bargains rather than hunting along the high street must be growing every day.

So it’s no surprise that property experts at the recent MIPIM trade fair in Cannes, France stressed the need for malls to fend off their virtual competition by diversifying what they offer. Their advice might even seem old-fashioned; shopping centres have included cinemas and restaurants for several decades, and being able to do your dry cleaning or get a haircut at the supermarket isn’t unusual.

Today, however, some retailers are going further and introducing a whole range of new services, including health care centres and spas, in order to prise customers away from their computers. Now you can look for your perfect dress while you wait to see a doctor, instead of flicking through out of date magazines, and receive a massag…

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