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Cult Status: My Recent Repurchases from The Body Shop And Olay

Recent Repurchases From The Body Shop And Olay
A few weekends ago, while I was in Bombay and meeting up with the girls (Anks, Neha & Raunak), amidst all the food, gossip and parking woes, we did talk some serious talk as well... One of such talks included Neha suggesting that I should do intermittent posts on Products I Repurchase... I loved the idea! I mean what better way to follow up a raving review than with a post that corroborates the fact that I indeed loved a product and recommend it wholeheartedly. And yes ladies, if I am repurchasing something then on ISLM we award it the Cult Status :D

REVIEW: Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cream Plus Serum Duo

Review of Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Cream+Serum Duo
One cannot defy age they say... As much as it rings true I would truly love to defy it... I may sound vain but there is seriously nothing more difficult than making sure that your concealer doesn't settle into the fine lines around your eyes. Sighhhh... What a struggle it will be... Now truly I cannot defy age but I can at least delay the signs of aging no, can't I?

Blast From the Past: Am I old enough to...

I was going through my older articles the other day, when I came across this. I am a year older than when I had written this but I still am yet to act on it... I am sure many of you haven't read this post of mine :) SO here you go and do let me know of your insights :)

A few days ago I turned a quarter of a century old and it gave rise to a very nagging question in my mind... Should I or should I not start using anti-aging products? Well you see I asked around a bit... Asked my friends, my mom, my sisters, my boyfriend's friend's girl friends and even people at work as to what is the right age to start using these "miraculous potions"... The replies were varied and to say the least, they left me with nothing but the thought that I know me best and I could just give them a try for once ;)

I know 25 is not really much but Hullo!! We are talking about lifestyle trends and all that might just cause me to age faster (wtf)... Am I being paranoid here? I mean am I just …