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Preview & First Impressions: Studio West Beauty Products by Westside

Preview & First Impressions: Studio West Beauty Products by Westside

There always is that one thing that can cheer you up instantly... It could be your dog, a cup of hazelnut cappuccino, a loved one, a movie, a song, could be anything... At the risk of sounding vain and shallow let me confess that for me its makeup that is an instant lift-me-up... So nobody is happier than me when a new line of makeup products are launched...
And when they are reasonably priced, my day is just made :)

Kiehls Is In Pune!!! Finally...

Kiehls Launches its store in Pune
There was a time when I would keep tweeting Kiehls to open a store in Pune... I mean it was crazy... I was at that time using their Ultrafacial Cream and Glossy Stylist Hair Serum and had become quite the Kiehls enthusiast.. But well their business strategist had other plans and it never came to Pune...
As time went by, I gave up and lost all hope of the skincare giant to ever grace the shores of my beloved city... So imagine my glee when the Kiehl's PR called me up the other day and told me that they were finally setting up shop in Pune and to top it all I was invited to a free skin consultation and some Kiehl's goodies :)

Lakme Absolute Colour Illusion Range By Rajesh Pratap Singh - A Sneak Peek

New Launch: Illusion by Lakme Absolute

I just made plans with an old colleague and a very dear friend for dinner on Friday. Its exciting and I can't wait for it to be Friday evening already :) Doesn't it feel amazing to meet with old friends and take a walk down memory lane? And that is the exact feeling I get when I use Lakme products... I know that Lakme has revamped itself, gotten an image makeover and glammed up to quite a few notches higher, but I still feel like a little girl rummaging through my mum's dresser, everytime Lakme products come up...