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Colorbar Bloggers Meet: New Marketing Strategies, Branding & Some New Range Of Products

Colorbar Mumbai Bloggers Meet...

Mumbai Bloggers Meet: Outfit, Pictures, Chatter...

Oh yes, by now everyone knows about the blogger's meet we had in Mumbai last Saturday :) And even though most of the pictures have been posted on FB and Twitter, I will still go on with tradition and document the event as a post on ISLM :) What say? This meet was initiated by Beena that was closely kept on track by Heer... The reason for the meet? Beena is on a vacation in Mumbai from the US and Jinal is also in Mumbai for a fortnight from Delhi, and the rest of us i.e. Heer, Preetha, Neha and I grabbed the opportunity to meet up when Beena initiated it :) I was meeting Beena after almost 6 years, last was when we were in college and as they say we simply picked up from where we had left... That's friendship isn't it :) This time we all met up in South Bombay and went for lunch to Bombay Blues in Kala Ghoda... Ha ha it was FUN for sure... We had lunch for more than 3 hours and the servers there were quite irritated with us for sure :P They would keep coming for taking

Mumbai Bloggers Meet and Haul :) [UPDATED WITH MORE PICS]

Hello everyone... Finally I could get some time and could start posting about my Mumbai trip and the Blogger's meet that we had in two installments :) Got home late last night, then went out for dinner with the "pati" and finally when we were home, I was so sapped out of energy that all I could was think of my bed and some sound sleep :) Oohhh looks like the Mumbai trip did tire me out :) So without much ado, let me just start with all the updates :) Mumbai Blogger's Meet The Mumbai Blogger's Meet was almost in two parts, one in North Mumbai and the other in South Mumbai... In the North Meet, Jinal, Jyoti, Preetha and I met up at Infinity Mall (Malad) where we shopped from Colorbar and Inglot (as was decided)... Like I told you guys before, we met up like we knew each other since eternity and as if I was back from boarding school in Pune and was meeting all my old friends (there goes my imagination!) :P It was so much fun and we were all at such ease with each

Updates from Mumbai :)

Hello yellow to all my friends... Let me first say that i really really miss you all... Sighhhhh.. "yeh dooriyaan" :P LOL... Also, I miss my laptop, which I very "dumbly" left at home in Pune and I miss posting on my blog :( Somehow my camera isn't liking my parent's computer and so it refuses to transfer pictures to it... So the pictures that I took of my Blisscovered Box, of the Mumbai Bloggers Meet and most importantly of my haul cannot be flaunted and I'll need to wait till tomorrow night to post them and share it with you guys... But I'll give you a short description till then :) Mumbai Blogger's Meet Four of us met up... Jinal, Preetha, Jyoti and I :) The others gave is "dhokha" :(  We met as if we were friends since eternity and as if we meet almost every week! Everyone knew everything about everyone. Awesome isn't it? :) And the best part is we ended buying the same "jhatak" pink lipstick from Inglot... All fo

Some Updates

Hello hello hello :) Yes I am very happy as of now... Ecstatic rather! Why you ask... 1. Received my Blisscovered Box today 2. Going to Mumbai tonight! 3. On leave tomorrow 4. Mumbai Bloggers Meet on Saturday 5. Planning to raid Inglot and MUFE :D BUT yes there is a but... 1. Haven't yet opened by Blisscovered Box cause am in office and its at home. 2. Won't be able to post about it till late tonight i.e. once am in Mumbai 3. My posts might just get a bit irregular BUT yes another but... Do keep visiting my blog for surprise posts. Also, do keep commenting, I will surely reply to all the comments though it may be sporadic and not very consistent. But I promise to reply to ALL comments :) Why? Cause I love chatting with you guys :) Ok so now wish me luck for my Inglot and MUFE venture and pray that I get some awesome products and may be even some delish deals :) AND wait for flaunt/haul posts :D And Mumbai beauties... Hope you guys are coming... Venue: Inf