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REVIEW: New Maybelline 36H Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black

Review of Maybelline New 36H Lasting Drama Gel Liner

Are your New Year Resolutions in place as yet? If you ask me then let me say I am toying with the idea of resolutely following "No Cooking in 2014". But that wouldn't really be politically correct now would it? I don't enjoy cooking is putting mildly and hence instead of torturing myself with cooking dinner every other night, I might as well promise myself to get a cook (finally!) and free my precious time for other important things in life like blogging :P

Entry1 (Cotton Candy Eyes) For VanityNoApologies' Makeup Contest

Heylo people :) Here's me participating in an eye makeup contest organized by L'Oreal and VanityNoApologies :) The link for the contest is here

I have done a sparkly pastel eye makeup that is fun and fancy at the same time :) It reminds me of cotton candies :) I have used pastel pink, green and blue eye shadows to give it a cool yet ethereal feel to the whole look :)

Quoting Anshita: "Come up with an eye look that involves bright and colourful shades. Make sure the look is wearable so all the people here get some nice ideas to try out next time."
This look is wearable and I myself wore it yesterday! So here's the look :)

The products that I have used are as follows:
1. Eye shadows from Sleek iDivine "Original" palette.
2. Maybelline Gel Liner in my waterline.
3. Sleek Black eye shadow as a liquid liner using Inglot Duraline on my upper lashline.
4. MAC Zoom Fast Lash Mascara
5. MAC Ricepaper as highlighter.
6. MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as base

Hope you guys …

Reader Request: Anushka Sharma's MakeUp in the Canon Ad

Basically, importantly, fundamentally many beauty bloggers have already done this tute like Sukanya and Bidisha but Pranali has been asking me to do this since two weeks now and she kinda gave me an ultimatum to do it on Sunday during our blogger's meet and well I had to oblige :)

Sukanya and Bids you did some awesome work on it and I totally "dig" both your tutes... I hope my doing this tute isn't gonna step on any toes :) I will be doing my interpretation of the look :)

Honestly? I have taken the picture quadrant from Sukanya's blog "A Few Unnecessary Stuff" :D

My Interpretation
Anushka's look is actually a very simple, everyday look with well defined eyes and peachy lips. The overall look is crisp and can be worn almost everyday. I am even wearing it to office today :)

1. Let us analyse the eyes first...
The eyes as you can see is well defined with kohl in the waterline and no fuss with any nude or white liner to make the eyes seem bigger and stuf…

LOTD & Tutorial: Eye Make-up to Match a Grey Dress

A few days back I did a post about matching or rather complementing our makeup with our outfit. Well in continuation to that post today I plan on doing an EOTD to match a grey dress. Of course if it would have been a look for a night out, I would have gone for a heavy smoky look but as I was interested in doing a look for a daytime event, I settled for a shimmery green look with a slight smoky effect to it. It looks something like this:
The products I have used for this look are as follows:
1. NYX Eye shadow base
2. MAC Peacocky Collection Eye shadow in EGO
3. Coastal Scents 88 Original Eye shadow palette
4. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
5. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara
6. Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in "Coral Crush"

The way to do it:
1. I first primed my eyes with the NYX eye shadow base.
2. Then I dabbed MAC eye shadow in EGO in a dab dab motion with a flat eye shadow brush

3. Next, I took the matte taupe eye shadow from my coastal scents palette and using a F…

The Gel Liner Wars... MAC vs Inglot vs Maybelline... The culmination...

I am today finally ready to give my verdict on the Gel Liner wars and well it's been a tough week deciding on which was better and which could ve been better. You see what made it all the more difficult was the fact that I heart all three of them and well a mommy cannot really choose a fav out of her babies now can she? Ok weird analogy! Its the marriage thing... It's gotten into me and has been making me say all these crazy stuff and give all such lopsided analogies! LOL! I'll get over it soon I promise :P

Ok so coming back to what I was saying, I was saying all three products featured in this post are just simply awesome and well it would be totally unfair to pick out a winner out of them three... So I have decided to dedicate one section to each of the liners and then you guys pick yourself a winner according to your requirements and my experience with each one of them! Phew! You'll soon realize it's a tough job! :D
So here we go...


LOTD: Spanish Flamenco Dancer Inspired

I have been planning to do this look i.e. a look inspired by Espaniol Bailarines De Flamenco since a long time now, but the final trigger was the song "Senorita" in the movie "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" :) After watching the movie, I just knoew I had to try it out and so here it is :) Now a word of caution... You guys'll have to be really kind with your criticism here :P LOL The aim behind doing this look was to look a bit OTT and yet depict the powerful sensuality that Spanish women are known to possess and that flamenco dancers liberally ooze out with their every tapping step... So here goes... As you can see here, I have kept my face a bit shiny or rather glowy and have gone with red lips, which is signature to Spanish Flamenco dancers. I have also tied up my hair in a side roll and attached a flowery accessory to it. The eyes of course are heavily done up. I have gone with a golden smokey look here, in order to make my eyes look more slanted :) And…

LOTD & Tutorial: Soft Peach and Pink Smokey Look

Yoohoo.. It's been so long since I did a tutorial and well to think about it, there was a time when I so enjoyed putting up my random LOTDs and titorials. But now being wrapped up with product reviews (well yes I have been a hoarder!) I totally forgot about doing some of my favorite tutes :) Just yesterday someone told me how she hated when beauty bloggers flaunted their superbly done makeups and EOTDs and LOTDs but not give an insight on how to chieve them. Ahem! Well needless to say I was left wondering if she was talking about me! No! I am not claiming that I do just "perfect" make-up but then you guys do get the drift! LOL! So now I came up with this ridiculously easy LOTD and I am so hoping that you guys try it out and share your results with me. I will be deeply honored :) Honestly! Here's a sneak peek at what we are gonna be achieving by the end of this tutorial. It's a soft peach and crimson smokey look: I wanted to do a look with my Coastal Sce…

The Gel Eye Liner wars... MAC vs INGLOT vs MAYBELLINE

Well here I am with another review and this review ladies is not just another review... It is a review that attempts to bring Maybelline Inglot and MAC at par where there gel eye liners are concerned. Well you see, I haven't really been a gel liner girl... I started out with pencil kajals and liners and then graduated to liquid liners and have been really loyal to them ever since... But recently I ve been smitten with these gel eye liners thanks to all beauty blogs doing the rounds in the blogosphere and well I am HOOKED!!! You see when I say hooked I mean hook, line and sinker hooked, I mean not look at any other liquid liners and pencil liners hooked, I mean even scoff at non-gel users hooked!

Yes I am guilty of shifting my loyalties out of liquids and pencils to gels! I started out with Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner and was so impressed with gel liners that I actually continued using it for 5 straight months... Then I wanted to try out a …

Indian Wedding Makeup

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! I have had so much fun over the past three weeks and I have been dying to get back to my blog and share all my experiences with you guys...
For those who don't know, I got married a couple of weeks back and then had crazy fun on my honeymoon in Maldives... Pictures of the honeymoon later! This post is solely dedicated to my bridal make-up and the make-up I did for the various functions that were a part of the wedding celebrations :D Oh and ladies, I did all of my make-up myself and I had a blast!

A lot of blogs and articles warned brides to be to hire a professional make-up artist so as to avoid adding more stress to your already strained out mind, but I say if you are confident then you go girl! Get yourself some good foundation, some excellent brushes, a few traditional wedding colored eye shadows and some really bright lipstick and you are ready to ROCK! ;)

You see, mine was a traditional Indian wedding resplendent with bright colors, lots of…

EOTD: Aqua

I will not be lying when I say that I am obsessed with my new Coastal scents 88 eye shadow palette and that even though it does have its flaws like a few shades having less pigmentation or some shadows that aren't easily blendable, but I still love it... Just the way it is :)

Well in my previous post I did an EOTD that turned out be pretty sober, so today I wanted to do something that totally rocked and was extremely colorful and bright! And my roommate Manu suggested this :)

So here goes...