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LOTD & Tutorial: Eye Make-up to Match a Grey Dress

A few days back I did a post about matching or rather complementing our makeup with our outfit. Well in continuation to that post today I plan on doing an EOTD to match a grey dress. Of course if it would have been a look for a night out, I would have gone for a heavy smoky look but as I was interested in doing a look for a daytime event, I settled for a shimmery green look with a slight smoky effect to it. It looks something like this:
The products I have used for this look are as follows:
1. NYX Eye shadow base
2. MAC Peacocky Collection Eye shadow in EGO
3. Coastal Scents 88 Original Eye shadow palette
4. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
5. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara
6. Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in "Coral Crush"

The way to do it:
1. I first primed my eyes with the NYX eye shadow base.
2. Then I dabbed MAC eye shadow in EGO in a dab dab motion with a flat eye shadow brush

3. Next, I took the matte taupe eye shadow from my coastal scents palette and using a F…

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Peacocky Collection Mega Metal Eyeshadow in Ego

When I first started blogging, I was totally swamped by the effect that MAC had or rather has on all beauty bloggers. 99.9% of them drooled and lusted over 99.9% of the MAC products and well I must say, I at the least was intrigued! I scoffed thinking on how was it even possible that MAC was a bonding force for beauty bloggers all over the world. So, not to be left out, I grudgingly walked into the only MAC counter in Pune, which actually is a pop-up store and bought myself my first MAC product... An eyeshadow called NOT Ego but Beauty Marked (well yes that's another story :P)... So anyways coming back to the present, after similar restricted and stupidly cautious purchases, now I can say that I have now upped the statistics of MAC lovers from 99.9% to 99.9009% :D Yay!
Let me say it... I AM IN LOVE WITH MAC... And listen to this... Last night while lying in bed, I told the guy (who else?) that I simply loved MAC. He actually sat up and exclaimed "babe me too&q…