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What To Wear: To A Blogger's Meet...

Not many of you know that we had a mini Pune Beauty Bloggers Meet this Sunday and though neither of us took any pics I thought I would still tell you all about it :) 5 of us met up i.e. Parul, Zara, Pranali, Parita and I at the MAC store in Park Plaza Koregaon Park where we spent almost 2 hours, trying out each and every eye shadow and lipstick shades on display :P LOL! The SAs know us very well by now and just let us be on our own trying out stuff and experimenting :D It's almost like a second home to us now :D he he...

Then Parul left us cause she had guests at home and the rest of us proceeded towards the food court to fuel up ourselves for the next course of the journey :D We next went to SGS Mall on MG Road and scoured through Staples to pick up stuff for reorganizing, then raided TBS and finally Westside :D What all did I buy? You'll need to wait for the next post for that :P

This post is essentially an outfit and makeup post and so here's what I wore :)

Makeup Break…

LOTD: Summer Green Smokey Eyes

I love smokey eyes, of course it isn't really a surprise for you guys but you'll notice a pattern shifting in my smokey eye looks lately. You'll notice less heavy lids, less usage of darker shades and minimal use of even black eye shadow. Yes I am adapting my smokey eyes to the Summer season and making it more friendly for the "hot" season (yes pun intended)... I love Summers and nothing makes me feel cooler than certain shades of pink, green and blue :)

Today's smokey look is basically using a Green eye shadow (MAC Humid) over MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure and a little hint of black in the outer V of my lids... Hope you guys like the look and yup a video tute is in the pipeline ;)

Products Used:
1. MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure
2. MAC Humid Eye Shadow
3. Colorbar Black Tie Eye Shadow
4. MUFE Star Powder in Shade 940
5. Colorbar Stick Concealer
6. Maybelline Gel Liner
7. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara

LOTD: Smokey Eyes with MAC Genuine Treasure Paint Pot

You all know I hauled at MAC the previous weekend and one of the products that I bought at that time was MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure... Its a gorgeous product and I can very safely say that it is the best paint pot I have ever seen or used :) It seems to have these chunky glitter particles but when you actually touch it and feel it, the paint pot is really soft and smooth and nope you cannot feel the "chunkiness" :) Its GORGEOUS! :D

I did a smokey eye look with the paint pot and this is how it has turned out to be... I am loving the result :) and I am hoping you guys like it too :)

Btw, if you all like then I would love to do a video tutorial for it :)

P.S. Checkout my messy side-bun... Isn't it chic? ;)

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Paint Pot in IndianWood and a Valentine's Day Look

Of course you all have heard of MAC Paint Pots and of course you have heard of IndianWood as well... But you guys'll need to be patient and hear me out when I say that I love it and I very well intend to make you guys fall in love with it as well if you are already not ;) It is this gorgeous shade of Gold, which is less yellow and more coppery. It is an antique coppery gold with a smooth buttery texture, which dries up real fast and then doesn't budge an inch :) It stays on my oily lids like forever :D

Image of the Product



Oooohhss And Aaahhhsss!!
1. It's a gorgeous shade.
2. It's stays on for like ever!
3. It does not crease even on my oily lids.
4. It can be used as an eye shadow as well as a base.
5. Its smooth and buttery and very easy to work with.
6. At 1100/- some might find it a bit expensive but trust me it is worth every penny and it goes on like forever and just doesn't get over :P
7. It is waterproof and smudge proof. It does not transfer and…

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Sparkle Dust in Gold (Shade 2)

This post has been long due from my side and I have somehow always shelved reviewing this product even though it is my HG loose pigment in a golden shade. Whenever I need to use a golden eye-shadow I automatically turn towards it, it is such a favorite of mine :) This product is called Faces Sparkle Dust in Shade 2... It is beyond me why Faces refuses to name their shades... Remembering numbers and co-relating them to shades is like quite difficult :( I bought it when I was preparing, collecting and buying cosmetics that I needed to do my wedding make-up. You know how Indian weddings are with glittery lehengas, sarees, "glitterier" jewellery and of course "loud" make-up to go with it all, don't you? Indian brides are literally transformed into a Goddess :) So then obviously I needed a golden eye-shadow for my make-up :) And it just couldn't be any shade of Golden!!! It had to be a bright, glittery and very sparkly golden. But you see I am not real…

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

This is one product that I just cannot live with out and well let me tell you that without these beauties doing my make-up would be worthless and totally redundant (Drama Queen? I know!) MAC launched this product with a dual purpose. What they I guess had in mind was a creme eye shadow that would dry instantly when applied on the eyes and then would not budge or smudge till one took it off at night. Also, due to its non-creasing and non-smudging effects people all over were urged to start using these as eye-shadow bases as well! What genius! :D And well this is exactly what you get when you buy a MAC Paint Pot... A creme based eye-shadow that stays on like forever and an eye-shadow base, which I think is the best invention in the make-up world after long stay lipsticks... You see I am all about durability and long stay ;)
I initially bought the Paint Pot in Painterly to solely use it as an eye-shadow base. I do wear it as an eye-shadow but it is too pale for my skin ton…

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Peacocky Collection Mega Metal Eyeshadow in Ego

When I first started blogging, I was totally swamped by the effect that MAC had or rather has on all beauty bloggers. 99.9% of them drooled and lusted over 99.9% of the MAC products and well I must say, I at the least was intrigued! I scoffed thinking on how was it even possible that MAC was a bonding force for beauty bloggers all over the world. So, not to be left out, I grudgingly walked into the only MAC counter in Pune, which actually is a pop-up store and bought myself my first MAC product... An eyeshadow called NOT Ego but Beauty Marked (well yes that's another story :P)... So anyways coming back to the present, after similar restricted and stupidly cautious purchases, now I can say that I have now upped the statistics of MAC lovers from 99.9% to 99.9009% :D Yay!
Let me say it... I AM IN LOVE WITH MAC... And listen to this... Last night while lying in bed, I told the guy (who else?) that I simply loved MAC. He actually sat up and exclaimed "babe me too&q…

Just a random LOTD :)

Hello all my gorgeous readers :) I am back with an LOTD (yes the background process of trying out MAC fluidline is on and no I haven't forgotten bout my reviewing it :P)...
Well as the title suggests it to be just a random LOTD but well if truth be told this wasn't any random LOTD but a well thought out look that I wanted to do for a special occasion :) Well you see 12th was our 1 month wedding anniversary and we went out for sizzlers :D Yum yum yum :)

So cutting short to the chase, this is how I looked...

My make-up breakup (LOL) is as follows:
1. MAC Paint Pot in Indian Wood
2. Eye shadow from Coastal Scents 88 original palette
3. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Craving
4. A random lip palette from Oriflame used as a blush :)

Ok and what was I wearing? Well you see in all the excitement I forgot to take any pics of my outfit but I shall still describe it to you guys :)
Black skirt from Mango
Peach crochetted lace top from Forever New
Black open stilettos from Inc.5

Let me k…

My MAC and INGLOT Haul!

Hello people :) I have been on a major make-up rampage since the past month and I ve been hoarding on make-up like a maniac! Yes! The hauls are all coming post by post. For now I am posting my MAC and INGLOT Haul! The products are just beautiful and are sooooo different from each other!!! :D

From MAC I got myself the following:
1. MAC Paint Pot in IndianWood
2. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Touch
3. MAC Mega Metal Shadow in Ego

 Each reviews would surely follow through but for now here are the swatches :) The paint pot as you can see is a gorgeous golden-ish shade and I am soooo in love with it! :)
The eye shadow is a part of the Peacocky collection and is a limited edition. This shadow when used with IndianWood as a base looks downright awesome!
The lipstick is a lovely nude, perfect for heavily made-up eyes!

From INGLOT, I got myself the following:
1. Freedom System Lip Palette of 3
2. Inglot Eyeliner Gel Matte, shade number 83

 The swatches are here...

I don't remember the names of t…

Indian Wedding Makeup

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! I have had so much fun over the past three weeks and I have been dying to get back to my blog and share all my experiences with you guys...
For those who don't know, I got married a couple of weeks back and then had crazy fun on my honeymoon in Maldives... Pictures of the honeymoon later! This post is solely dedicated to my bridal make-up and the make-up I did for the various functions that were a part of the wedding celebrations :D Oh and ladies, I did all of my make-up myself and I had a blast!

A lot of blogs and articles warned brides to be to hire a professional make-up artist so as to avoid adding more stress to your already strained out mind, but I say if you are confident then you go girl! Get yourself some good foundation, some excellent brushes, a few traditional wedding colored eye shadows and some really bright lipstick and you are ready to ROCK! ;)

You see, mine was a traditional Indian wedding resplendent with bright colors, lots of…