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Highlighter Wars: MAC Nylon or MAC Ricepaper

Let Me Help You Choose One!

Reader Request: Make-up for a Pink Dress

Garima asks,


Hey samyukta, I am  big fan your blog and spl love d way have given tutorials for makeup.They are extremely helpful for newbies like me..Its a great effort u are putting into it;even tried doing face contouring using your tutorial and also  few eye makeups I needed a lil help of yours. I would be wearing a pink carrotish color suit fr wedding. If you can help me with the make up suggestion. I have small eyes and dark circles too. I am attaching pic of my dress for clarity of color. Thanking you:) loads of love
Email2 I basically fit into medium skin tone nd have just started using TV Paint stick by kryolan in FS28 and FS303 as concealer. If you can particularly help me with the eye makeup part.
Hey Garima :) First off thank you so much for following my bog and liking it so much :) It means a lot... And thank u for recognizing my efforts :D <3 <3 Secondly let me tell you that seeing your pics that you sent me in the follow up emails I totally loved your skin :) Gorgeous sk…

LOTD: Sakura Hanami :) A Spring Look!

One of the most beautiful flowers in this world I find is the Sakura or the Japanese Cherry Blossom. They are these exquisite creations of nature that blossom only during Spring and that too for only a couple of weeks! Can you imagine that and thus Sakura Hanami is celebrated in Japan with such enthusiasm and vigor! :)

Sakuras are beautiful pale pink flowers with tinges on bright pink here and there on a base of white :)

Aren't they just gorgeous? :)

So today I did a look inspired by Sakuras and here it is :) Hope you guys like it :)

 I used MAC Nylon on the inner half, MAC Sushi Flower on the outer half and MAC Mythology on the crease for blending.
Illamasqua Morale on the cheeks and Colorbar Addictive Magenta on the lips :)

How do you guys like the look? What would you pair Sushi Flower (the pink shadow) with?