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LOTD: Using MAC Humid, Contrast & GoldMine

  MAC LOTD: Wish I Had Better Pictures Kinda Post  Life's tough! And it gets tougher when you are a beauty blogger! I mean of course there are perks of being one especially with the awesome samples that you receive and the love you get from your followers and subscribers... But then we've always got to be on our toes, not only with the latest launches, amazing new products and belting out Earth shatteringly beautiful LOTDs but also with good pictures.

LOTD: Glamorous Diwali Makeup

   Glamorous Makeup Look For Diwali Yes I am obsessed! Obsessed with Diwali, obsessed with the promise of festivities during this time of the year and obsessed with anything that is even remotely connected to motichoor laddoos . The smell of crackers, the bokeh effects of diwali lights, gorgeously decked up women and dapper men and the soothing chants of the various aartis and poojas, I am looking forward to them all... With so much on my mind, it is but natural that all my makeup attempts would center around this festival of lights and ladies, hence this post of mine is about yet another makeup look you might want to try this Diwali...

REVIEW: MAC Eyeshadow Patina

Review of MAC Patina Eyeshadow You know what I really love about MAC? Their eyeshadows... Of course I adore their lippies too and I simply cannot live without MAC's Paint Pots but MAC eyeshadows in particular hold a special place in my heart... You know why? Cause most of them do not smudge and crease on me... And that's huge! Trust Me :) Plus of course who can ignore the array of colorful little pans that are kept on display that catch your eye much before anything else does in the store... It is that display array at the MAC store that tempts me to buy at least a couple of eyeshadows every time I visit the store... However, the one that I had been looking for quite a while had always been out of stock! The eyeshadow in question is  MAC Patina ... I had been looking for it high and low and it had been out of stock in Pune and all Mumbai stores... So much so that it seemed like a mirage to me and I had surrendered to the fact that I may never get to use the eyesh

LOTD: Adieu Spring/Summer

  Last Looks For Summer & Spring I love September... Not just because it is my birth month (I know I know you've heard for the 2756432th time) but seriously not just because its my birth month, but because once September starts, the rains stop, the sunshine resumes and the weather just gets more and more awesome! It's sunny with a cool breeze and ladies and gentlemen we welcome Fall/Autumn with open arms :)

Bridal Beauty: Tutorial For A Bridal Eye Makeup That Goes With Everything

LOTD & Tutorial: Indian Bridal Eye Makeup Marriages they say are made in heaven. Weddings on the other hand are a result of conspiratorial planning, procrastination, deep analysis and a balancing act of keeping all parties concerned placated. Trust me when I say that I speak out of experience! My wedding had three communities involved and myriads of people directly or indirectly being affected. As a result for me my wedding was somewhat like an Annual Day function in school wherein I was rushing off to my dressing room every hour to change. I changed 3 outfits during my wedding ceremony in 4 hours flat! 

The Week That Was (LOTD & Tutorial): I Am So Loving Nudes & Neutrals...

The Week That Was: My Regular Makeup From Last Week... Ladies... I have had the most fabulous weekend ever all thanks to Lakme for arranging a superb session of  makeup masterclass  with Natasha Nischol and Sarah-Jane Dias and of course to my amazing and uber-cool fashion blogger friend Abhilasha of  LookingGoodFeelingFab   who personally knows  Sneha Arora  (yup the designer!) and hence got us some front row seats for her show at the  Lakme Fashion Week . But more about it later...

Experiments: Another Go At Neutral Makeup & My Struggles With My Canon Ixus...

    My Experiments With My Canon Ixus 255 HS And Neutral Makeup You know what is the most frustrating thing that can happen to a beauty blogger? At least to me? Take all the time in the world to choose an outfit, accessories, do your makeup that actually turns out beautiful and then your camera fails you! Yes it simply fails you... The worst part? It even tricks you!

Experiments: My No Kajal No Eyeliner Look!

  Eye Makeup With No Kajal & No Eyeliner A few days ago, leafing through glossy pages of a fashion magazine, I came across this look there the model had a no-makeup look on... I mean it was apparent that she was wearing makeup but the obvious tell tale signs of kajal, eyeliner, bronzer, lipstick was missing... Instead her eyes were defines using nude shades of eyeshadows, her cheeks had a natural rosy flush and her lips were made to look gorgeous all thanks to nude lip liners and transparent glosses...

LOTD: Cut Crease Look Featuring MAC Patina & MAC Antiqued

  Cut Crease Makeup Look With MAC Patina & MAC Antiqued Oh I have so missed doing LOTD posts all this while. No doubt my vacation was simply Earth shattering, however nothing beats the thrill of doing a full face of makeup, clicking pictures and then seeing how they finally turn out to be on a big screen... Ok having mamma ke haathon ka kheer trumps all of that but then you do know what I mean right :)

LOTD: Asian Eyes And Blood Red Lips

  Asian Eyes And Blood Red Lips Courtesy of MAC Eyeshadows and Ellis Faas Milky Lips It is no secret that I am no fan of the monsoons... Ok that's putting it lightly... I extremely abhor the rains and cannot wait for the season to pass over. Imagine, if this is my plight when staying in a city that is to the leeward side of the monsoons, what would I be doing if I was living on the windward side... I even shudder to think of it...

My Anniversary LOTD

LOTD With A Cut Crease Look And Red Lips While our wedding anniversary is something we have been looking forward to for the past two years, it is our relationship's anniversary that is closer to both the pati and my heart. Maybe cause it's a bigger number or maybe cause it's the day that actually marks the beginning of our togetherness. Whatever the reason may be, these two anniversaries in a year is a fun reminder to us that even though it's been 7 years of our togetherness, there still is a long way to go...

LOTD & Tutorial: Pink & Purple Cut Crease Look

Makeup Tutorial for a Cut Crease Look My daily routine (on weekdays) after I get back from work spells something like this... Get back -> Change -> Hit the Gym -> Cook Dinner -> Do a makeup look/LOTD -> Wait for pati to be back home -> Get his feedback -> Wash face -> Have Dinner -> Blog about the look... Being married to a guy who loves women in makeup is a perk I get to enjoy and hence in turn being married to a beauty blogger is a perk that the pati gets to enjoy... It's like a win-win situation for both of us... Hence, I make it a point to be in my makeup (LOTD for the blog) till the pati is back, so as to get his feedback and only then do I wash off my face... It's like a ritual that we follow almost daily and that we secretly enjoy ;)

LOTD & Tips: Jennifer Lopez Inspired Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Makeup Jennifer Lopez has been my favorite since the day I heard and saw the video for the song If You Had My Love. I started out being hooked to her exotic features, sensuality, her sexy yet managing to be innocent sort of an attitude and well her songs... Later I was smitten by her makeup. Why haven't I ever done any post inspired by her makeup earlier is something that is a mystery to me as well... But then they do say Better Late Than Never isn't it?

MAC Ruby Woo Makes Everything Right!

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Does It Agian! Ever wanted something so so so badly that even though you knew it was bad for you, your passion for it made it alright? Ever did something really really bad, so bad that it became right? My last night's makeup experiments took me underground where there were temptations everywhere, so much so that after a while everything started feeling right and non-evil :P

LOTD: Mermaid Inspired Makeup

Mermaid Inspired LOTD A few days back, I had the good fortune to be a part of a very professional photo shoot (details later!). There, the Makeup Artist did this really beautiful, ethereal looking makeup for one of the girls... Apart of the fact that it was so Summery, it made the girl look so beautiful, so innocent and so vulnerable! Just like a mermaid...

Featuring (LOTD): MAC Swimming Eyeshadow

Soothing... Cooling... Refreshing... Temperatures have been soaring like crazy and Pune that rarely sees the harshness of Summers has been cowering in fear of the sweltering sun... Maximum temperatures that are touching 42 degrees don't seem to be backing down and we are all left with improvised ways to battle this heat :( \ My improvisation is of course makeup related :D Duh!

LOTD: Valentines Night Look...

This Year It Wasn't About Pink...

LOTD: Glam Up Your Look With MAC Contrast!

♥ Mystery ♥ Glamour ♥ Pizzaz ♥

A MishMash with Humid, Folie, Antiqued, Club & Ricepaper

I went on a MAC rampage last night... Not doing any creative makeup since the past couple of weeks kinda like gave vent to the goulash that I created last night and I must I quite loved the effect :) Take a look...

MAC Lipstick in 'Ruby Woo' & An Attempt at The Pin-Up Girl Look

I have been itching to wear my Ruby Woo since the day I got it and well even though I haven't been getting an opportunity to wear anywhere outside, I just keep applying it on me at home... So it was natural that I would want to do a post about it. Now the thing with MAC Ruby Woo is that it is no ordinary Red lipstick. It is a cult Red Lipstick and in order to honor the "Retro Matte" part of it, I had to a special look... and well what better than an all American Pin-Up girl look ;) Yeah yeah I am no model-shodel but then a girl can dream can't she? Especially in the confines of her own home? ;) Ha ha! So anyways without much ado, ladies and gentlemen I present you THE look :D For those who keep asking me to post the "other" side of my face ;) I have Asian eyes with an almost absent crease and hence I have done a "cut-crease" technique here in order give some depth to my eyes and give an illusion of a crease... Products